Meet the Pups

Hi All,

To say that I am a better person because of my dogs, well, that is a no-brainer.  They love me unconditionally each and every day, they are never in a bad mood, they think that all of my opinions are right, they don’t judge me, they don’t mind if I spend all day crafting or reading or just sitting–which I never do, but they wouldn’t mind if I did.  They are as sweet as sweet can be…honestly, there is not a mean bone in any of their little (well big) bodies. ❤

So here we go…

IMG_1896This is Gracie, she is a Golden Retriever and she is 9 years old.   She is a special girlie who can do every trick in the book and then some.  She is as smart as a whip, no kidding, this girl can learn a new trick in minutes. She can “close” doors–doesn’t matter what kind of door, cabinets are her favorite thing to close, she can sit pretty, give a high-5, and a high-10, speak, spin, roll over, fetch, stay (for hours), come when called (thank goodness); I’m sure I’m forgetting some of her tricks, but, the girl is amazing!  The Newfs adore her and they all play and live together beautifully.  Gracie loves her toys and still tries to play tug-o-war with Samson. She has started to have a few health problems, but we watch her closely and care for her lovingly when she isn’t feeling her best.  She is an wonderful little lady…Miss Gracie Mae….yes, indeed, just wonderful! ❤

IMG_1552IMG_3792 IMG_1691


IMG_6830This is Sophie, she is a Newfoundland, and will soon be 9 years old.  Her big personality matches her physical bigness, she weighs 161 lbs. and is 32″ at the withers (yes, she is bigger than the “Standard” Newf…more to love in my humble opinion). 🙂  This girl was quite an ornery puppy, in fact, there was the one time that while trying to retrieve a ball from under a couch, she literally pulled said couch away from the wall and into another room in order to capture the ball again <~~~ That is a true story! lol She has calmed down in her older age, although, she is still as agile as can be, she runs like the wind, and is as animated as the day is long. When we were building this house, we’d let her ride along with us over here every day so she got accustomed to her ride (you know we went *just* for her…<~~ in her mind anyway), so now-a-days at 2pm every single day, without fail, I take her for a little ride around our neighborhood—no, I do *not* spoil my dogs… <~~~ I just told a big fib! lol 😉 But, Sophie gets so much joy out of that little ride each day, I just can’t deny her. 🙂  This girl doesn’t have any health issues!  Her white muzzle and eye lashes and brows are the only way that one can tell she is getting up in age.  She is as strong as an ox and I feel as if she will be with us for many years to come. ❤

IMG_6635 IMG_4891 IMG_4890 IMG_0198 IMG_8807 1V4A2763

IMG_1571This is Samson, he is also a Newfoundland, he will be 6 years old soon, and he is a very special fella.  Yes, he is huge, he weighs 148 lbs. and is 30-1/2″ at the withers (exactly what the “Standard” calls for).  Samson has a sweetness about him that is undeniable, this boy has never met a stranger and has put many smiles on many peoples faces.  His favorite pastime is laying his head in peoples laps when they tell him to “Come say hi”. ❤  My Mom, who passed away a few years ago, was in a nursing home for the last several years of her life (Alzheimer’s–hate it).  Whenever I would go and visit her, I’d take Samson along with me, trust me when I say that this boy was much loved in that nursing home; his very nature was meant to help people feel better. Here are a few pictures of him at the nursing home, he was amazing:

IMG_8218 DSC_0349 DSC_0352 DSC_0295

Now-a-days, Sam spends his time lounging, playing, and enjoying folks around town when I take him out and about. I do not take him to nursing homes any longer…too tough for me honestly.  BUT, he still puts plenty of smiles on plenty of peoples faces. 🙂  He is very healthy, yes, he does have a few joint issues, but we are supplementing him for that, a few skin issues now and again, we are managing those as well.  All in all, he is a very special pup that I feel was meant to be in our family. ❤

IMG_7434 IMG_2321 IMG_7458 IMG_0187 1V4A0466 IMG_87871V4A2678

I would be totally lost without these pups in my life, yes, I’m a crafter, but, I’m a Mom first and foremost…to my human girls yes, but also, to my pups. They enrich my life in so many ways; they calm me when I’m not having the best of days, they put a smile on my face every day, they make me giggle when they are romping around and playing, or running in the snow…they make me happy when I see how they make others happy when they greet them exuberantly. Well, they make my life whole. Yes, I am one of *those* dog Moms…haha. 😉

IMG_6619 1V4A2770 1V4A2930 1V4A2941 1V4A1188 (1) IMG_6329 IMG_1646 IMG_1638 1V4A2935


3 thoughts on “Meet the Pups

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  2. lydia d. mcclendon

    You have brought me to tears — but in a good way! I try to craft ( in my free time – yea right), live on a working farm, and work full time as a nurse, wife, mother to dogs, cats ,chickens, and cows.But I so admire you and your craft corner. Just found you by accident. Love your work and just had so send an email. Merry Christmas and keep doing what you do so well. We have 7 dogs, nothing like your brood. but each loved and is part of the family. May God Bless!


    1. Hi Lydia—You are so sweet girl, thank you so much!! It sounds like you are one very busy lady there what with working full-time as a nurse and taking care of all of your animals. 🙂 Thank you so, so much for all of your lovely words, you’ve just made my day!! Merry Christmas to you and all of yours too, and God Bless! 🙂 ❤


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