Video Home Tour: Mud Room, Garage, Backyard Patio

Continuing on with my video home tour, in this my 4th installment, I show y’all our “Mud Room” which is my little catch-all room and the one we breeze through when entering through the garage.  I then move on out into the garage for a bit of commentary–I don’t linger too long in either place. 🙂  Then I move on out to the backyard patio.  I explain a bit about the patio in the video, but, I wanted to share with y’all the original design drawing that we were given–the patio was created exactly to these dimensions and matches this design except that we opted to only have one exit off of the patio as opposed to the two that you see depicted in this picture.  PROJECT DESIGN LAYOUT

If you’d like to read about the entire process and see pictures of this patio in its varying stages of construction, here is my Backyard Patio entry.  Also, in the video I speak about how we hosted a family reunion here; I thought I’d give you a link to my Family Reunion Decor and Craft Projects  blog entry–My colors were red and white accenting with red and white gingham, gerber daisies, and mason jars. 🙂

Also, you’ll see our sweet Gracie at the end of this video, and I tell you that she had to have a procedure done on one of her eyes.  Let me lament a little further on that statement here.  She had been diagnosed with Glaucoma in her left eye and we had been aggressively treating it with several different eye drops–meant to reduce the pressure in her eye. I’d been taking her to the vet for regular eye pressure checks and despite all of the eye drops, her eye pressure was still up pretty high; she was not acting as if she was in pain, and even though she was on daily pain medication for her arthritis, she still *might* have been feeling poorly (research likens the pain of Glaucoma in dogs to the pain one might feel from a migraine…As a migraine sufferer, I know first hand how that feels and I didn’t want her to have that pain daily). So, we decided on a procedure called “Chemical Ablation of the Cilary Body” (instead of having her eye removed). This procedure involved a Gentomycin injection into the affect eye that required mild sedation.  Gentomycin is toxic to the ciliary body and it in effect ‘kills’ the eye, which in turn decreased the intraocular eye pressure thus taking any pain that she might have been feeling completely away and it resolved the glaucoma.  Gracie did beautifully through the procedure and we now know that she is no longer in any pain, her eye may look a little funny, and she is definitely blind in that eye, but, she gets around wonderfully well and is such a blessing to us. 🙂 ❤


Here she is before that procedure, you can see that her left eye is quite swollen and bulgy. 😥


And here she is now-a-days, I took this picture a couple of weeks ago, her eye is much less swollen–As you can see, she is a happy girl and we now know for sure that she isn’t in any pain because of Glaucoma. ❤


ANYway <~~~Another one of the words that I use A LOT in my videos..erg…haha, here is my little home tour video, I managed to stay comfortably under 15 minutes with this one. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤


**Here is a link to the next installment**:

Video Home Tour:  Master Bedroom, Upstairs Landing, and 3 Guest Bedrooms


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