Hawaiian Cruise – Kauai: Spouting Horn & Waimea Canyon

Our 3rd port of call was Kauai, I was really looking forward to this day as I had the 2 previous days because each day of this cruise had been an adventure and I was looking forward to whatever might come our way on this day.  The hubby was out doing his morning walk and taking pictures of the sunrise while I pulled myself together for the day’s activities (“pulling myself together” takes a little longer these days, so the hubby busied himself each morning as I primped…haha…;) ).  Anyway, this is what I saw when I opened the drapes of our mini-suite that morning:

IMG_1423And here is the outfit that I chose to wear on this day.  Now, remember, I had purchased those fancy pink shoes…IMG_1695

And I wanted to wear them on this day because I knew that we had a good bit of walking ahead of us, so this is the outfit I chose.  I’ll lament further on those orange pants a little later. :


The very first thing that I noticed about Kauai was that it was windy as all get out when I went out on the balcony to try to take a selfie…Note those orange pants don’t look too bad…Y-E-T…;)  The hubby ended up taking this picture…or tried to take this picture…I gave up after a while…lol…


ANYways, enough about those silly pants for the moment…

Little did I know that while I was pulling myself together, my hubby had caught some gorgeous pictures of us coming into port and of a lovely rainbow!

1V4A40911V4A4095There’s the rainbow!! 🙂1V4A41041V4A4122

And check out this gorgeous sunrise, the prettiest one we’d seen up to this point:1V4A4112

Here is the Princess Patter for that day (Nawiliwili is the name of the Port *in* Kauai*…

PP Kauai 1PP Kauai 2PP Kauai 3PP Kauai 4

Here is a description of the excursion that we had planned:

Kauai - Waimea Canyon Description

We disembarked the Star Princess and met our mode of transportation for the day, this motor coach:


Our bus driver was the nicest fella, quite full of information (and of himself…he was a hoot).  We started our 2 hour drive to Waimea Canyon with him narrating the entire way–He was full of stories and jokes.  Kauai was a gorgeous island and I was thrilled to be hearing about all of the old stories about its beginnings and its people as we meandered around and through lovely little towns.  Again, Princess does a phenomenal job when choosing these excursion guides/bus drivers/narrators…They are all excellent.  I know some people feel that they can save a plethora of money by NOT using Princess to book their excursions, but, honestly, it is worth it to us to go ahead and use them, especially on this trip, this was our first time doing this particular cruise and we truly would have had no earthly idea of where to begin to choose off the ship excursions if it weren’t for Princess’ guidance.  Shoot, even when we’re in Alaska (we’ve cruised there 4 times) we still use Princess…most of the time.

So, our first stop on the way to Waimea Canyon was here at Spouting Horn (and for a potty break if needed).  What was the first sign I saw when I got off of the bus?  This…LOL:


Really? Feral cats and chickens?  Well I didn’t see any cats, but there were a couple of roosters strutting around…haha.


This was a lovely little lookout type place, the water was so blue and just gorgeous, the grass was green and lush, we definitely felt like we were in the tropics:




And here is Spouting Horn:


Wow, that was pretty neat, I really enjoyed our little stop there.  It was time to climb back on the bus and head on up (literally…WAY up) to Waimea Canyon…


There were two ways that could be utilized to get up the the Canyon’s lookout, one was a set of stairs that yes, I traversed, and also there was a large winding pathway/ramp type thing that those with physical problems could use…Here is a picture of that pathway, as you can kind of see, it winds its way back and forth so as to reduce the pitch of the climb.


As you probably read in the description of this excursion ^^^up there^^^, we were getting ready to gaze upon what Mark Twain had dubbed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.  It was an amazingly gorgeously, ridiculously stupendous place.  I think the pictures will speak for themselves, so I’ll hush now and just show you the beauty that *is* Waimea Canyon:

1V4A41751V4A41761V4A41801V4A41821V4A41871V4A4190 (1)


To give you a sense of the sheer size of this canyon, the white blip in the picture below is a helicopter! 🙂  Goodness gracious!1V4A4211

Another couple was nice enough to take this picture of the hubby and I:


YES, it was e-x-t-r-e-m-i-l-y windy! lol


AND those stupid orange pants that I had on had now expanded to a VERY large size…What in the world?!  They stretched out SO much…I needed SUSPENDERS…NO kidding, I really needed suspenders!!! Sheesh…I was a mess for myself!  I know I’m a big girl, but, I do NOT fill up those pants in this picture!! I’m lucky I didn’t get picked up by that wind and whisked away down into that canyon…Well, if that had happened, those pants would have served as a parachute and I would have landed safe and sound on the bottom. 😉  (A girl has to laugh at herself once in a while…lol):


Okay, enough of my ranting and raving about those stupid pants…LOL…We headed back down to our motor coach.  They had a fruit stand set up beside the parking lot with fresh pineapple and candies and all sorts of yummy snacks and more of that fruity canned juice that we had had in Hilo:


And there was another rooster here and he was strutting himself around all over the place…;)


Here is our motor coach driver blowing into his conch shell giving us our 5 minute warning–it was time to get ourselves back to the bus…I’ll tell you, he really was a funny fellow.


And back to the ship we traveled being entertained the entire way (2 hours).

Check out what was waiting for us right before we climbed back onto the ship–The Princess folks did this every single day…Those cloths were damp and scented…ahhhhh, did they ever feel good!!


The hubby and I were very hungry and we headed to the Buffet for something to eat…I changed my outfit though, I’d had enough of those stupid parachute pants!! Here was my outfit for the evening hours…Notice my feet were getting better though because I’d worn those spiffy pink shoes. 🙂


After we got back to our room, we kind of hung out in there for the rest of the evening…Well, we really hung out out on our balcony because sail-away was kinda fun to watch.  The dock workers unhitched us…And the side thrusters started to do their job…


As I’ve mentioned ohhhh once or twice in this entry, it was really windy on this day and I guess it was so windy that we needed a little assistance from a tug boat to get us out of the harbor.  I had such a good time watching this little (relatively speaking) tug boat protect us from hitting the dock–as far as I know though, it never had to touch us, it was just there as a back-up if needed.


Our room must have been right at the pivot point because the tug boat stayed right below our room for quite some time as we made our way out of the harbor…



Once we got out far enough, the tug boat left us and we fended for ourselves to maneuver around and through those buoys…


We skirted the shoreline for a while on our way out of this cove and we came to this point.  I saw this golf green right on the edge of a cliff…Haha…My 80 year old Dad is an avid golfer and has had 8 holes in one in his lifetime–he is a “scratch” golfer (doesn’t carry a handicap for you non-golfers out there).  I know he would have loved to play *this* golf course…and particularly this hole…he loves a challenge. 🙂


Check out where the Pin is…Goodness!


Our day in Kauai had come to an end and as the hubby and I sat out on our balcony and enjoyed the warm tropical breezes while watching the sun set, we lamented once again at how lucky and blessed we felt to be able to do this awesomely beautiful cruise.  We felt so relaxed and were just loving being right there at that moment in time….Memories were being made that we’d hold in our minds and hearts forever. ❤

We were steaming toward Maui, and of course, that is what I’ll be writing about next.  Here is a sneak peek and link:

Hawaiian Cruise: Maui – Tendering & A Bit of Shopping


OH one more thing…I am going to insert some links in here just in case anyone might want to look back on my earlier posts that I’ve written about this cruise.  I’ll also include a link to my video (very detailed) that I took and narrated of our Mini-Suite (D620 on the Star Princess).

Here goes:

Hawaii Cruise Wardrobe Choices

Hawaii: Packing, Traveling, Dinner With Dear Friends, & Embarkation

Hawaiian Cruise: First Day On Board & 10 Sea Days

Hawaiian Cruise: Hilo – Waterfalls & More

Hawaiian Cruise – Honolulu: Arizona Memorial & Mighty Mo

And here is a link to that Stateroom Tour of Mini-Suite D620 on the Star Princess

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

***One more thing. 🙂  Here is a video that I created of our day in Kauai after I had finished writing my Hawaii Blog—I also have a YouTube Travel Channel (Arlynn’s Travels):

13 thoughts on “Hawaiian Cruise – Kauai: Spouting Horn & Waimea Canyon

  1. Eva

    Really enjoying your writing….you have a wonderful talent and by reading your blogs I feel I have been on the cruise with you. Great information for those considering a Hawaiian cruise, me being one for sure! Looking forward to more!


  2. Claire

    We did the Movie tour of Kauai, really enjoyed it. Our tour guide was a character and kept us entertained, as well as informed. I wish we could have done two tours, that canyon looks awesome. I know what you mean about the wind, I gave up combing my hair while we toured the islands 😉 Looking forward to your write-up on Mauai. Did you have the adventure (and not in a good way) of trying to get off the Tender back at the ship?


    1. Ohhhhh the Movie tour Claire!!! I would have loved to have done that! 🙂 I think all of the tour guys must have to be a “character” to be hired…Honestly, our fella kept us in stitches…:) AND oh that tender…LOL…I think you’ll get a chuckle out of my experience…remember, I’m not the most “steady on my feet” girlie. lol 😉 🙂 (NO, thankfully, I didn’t fall…but, well, I’ll write about it). 🙂


      1. Claire

        I was so excited to see where they filmed Jurassic Park, I think I squealed 😉 We waited on the tender for over 20 minutes, trying to get off. Nothing usually bothers me but I actually felt frightened. When I finally got off, I wanted to bend down and kiss the ship’s floor.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Julie

    What a great post, I think a Hawaiian Islands cruise is going to be added to our list of cruises to take Arlynn!! After our Alaskan cruise ..this year…. yay!! We also love the fresh face towels that Princess offers those choosing their tours. Yes, the excursions may cost a little extra, but honestly we have never been let down on any of our choices. Get blogging girl, I’m anxious to read about your next port of call!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you Julie, we too have never been disappointed with any of the excursions we’ve taken through Princess. 🙂 And I think y’all would love this cruise…it is a lot of sea days though, and the seas were pretty rough for a couple of them…but, that made it exciting for us. 🙂 I will work on my Maui post this weekend, I promise. 🙂 Thanks so much for your sweet comments!! ❤


  4. Sandy Daly

    Arlynn ~
    I’m SO enjoying every bit of your cruising blog, I’m actually going to be sad when it ends. My husband and I are platinum with Princess and I LOVE hearing all about cruising! Your doing a terrific job describing your cruising experiences! I’m anxious for your next entry! 🙂


    1. Hi Sandy!! Thank (!!!) you so very much for your sweet words! As you probably have seen, we are now Platinum (after this Hawaiian cruise) with Princess too…woohoo. 🙂 I’m so glad that you are enjoying all of my Hawaiian posts (I have an Alaska series as well, not sure if you’d like to peruse over them…under the “Vacations” tab). 🙂 I’ll be working on my Maui post this weekend–we didn’t do any special excursion, but, I hope I can still make it a bit interesting (can you say Tender boat? 😉 ) Thanks so much again!! ❤


  5. Lisa

    Thanks again for the great blogging – you are a great writer . We have done quite a bit of cruising on various cruise lines and may meet you one day – it is a small world !
    Take care .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lisa!! Thank you so very much for your sweet words!! And you are right, it *is* a small world and we never know when we might run into another person on any future cruise. 🙂 🙂 You take care too! ❤


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