Blizzard Jonas: Dogs, House, and SNOW!

“Snowzilla”& “Snowmageddon” were just two of the names that the blizzard “Jonas” received as it roared through our area last weekend.   In the end, it was an historic storm that dumped a copious amount of snow on an area that isn’t used to having to deal with *that* much snow.  Goodness gracious, it was a mess around here, we just don’t have the snowplows and other resources that Northern States who routinely get snow like this have. Here at our house, we got upwards of 2 feet of snow, and I heard of some areas that got 30 and 40 inches of snow; it truly did shut us down for quite a few days.  In fact, the kids still haven’t gotten back to school.

I do enjoy a good snowstorm every now and again, I spent my days cooking some of my family’s favorite meals…

Chicken and Yellow Rice one day:


Beef & Vegetable soup one day:


And Spaghetti one day:


I also made a wreath on one day:


Sam and I had a few moments like this…haha…


I took a ton of pictures of our pups playing in the snow and of the house.  Here are a smattering of pictures of the dogs (Sophie the Black Newfoundland, Samson, the Brown Newfoundland, and Gracie the Golden Retriever).  Be prepared to scroll a lot as I took many, many shots…haha. 😉1V4A3398


Thankfully, my hubby had invested in a snow blower last year, to say that that came in handy is an understatement!  He used it to create a nice oval track for the pups in the backyard! This was genius on his part because even as big as our pups are, they were having troubles traversing through the mounding and drifting snow…




Here are some shots of the house during the storm:



I was taking this picture:





And then the snow finally stopped and the digging out process began:







I’m hoping upon hope that this is the biggest snowstorm that will come our way this winter! I am very grateful that the storm happened to fall on a weekend when the hubby was off and didn’t have to try and traverse to work.  I am grateful that we had food in the house and that I was able to hone my cooking skills a bit.  I am grateful that one of our daughters came and stayed at our house and kept us company as the snow fell and that our other daughter and her beau were safely tucked in their home warm and cozily hunkered down.  I am grateful that my family and friends also weathered the storm and are sufficiently dug out now and are starting to enjoy their *normal* life again.  We all took a moment or two to *pause* and reflect on the beauty and fury that nature can bestow upon us in a moment’s notice.  I will say that I’ve had my fill of snow for this winter and will be quite happy if I don’t see another flake fly. 😉


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤



4 thoughts on “Blizzard Jonas: Dogs, House, and SNOW!

  1. OH OH OH OH I loved this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First off you got some fabulous action shots of those pups! I can feel the happiness coming right out of my monitor of those sweeties having so much fun!
    You did get a lot of snow. I remember that kind of snow very well.
    Once again… your house is beautiful and you do a marvelous job making it a home!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nancy, you are just the sweetest lady. Thank you so very much for your lovely words about the pups; they definitely were in heaven while running around in all that snow. 😉 And thanks about the house, your words touched my heart. 🙂 ❤️


  3. Oh my word!!! I absolutely love your four legged family!!! What beautiful/handsome personalities!! You seem truly blessed by them. So glad I came across your blog! I absolutely love your décor. I too have a heart for pip berry and primitive décor…I feel like I found my spirit animal on this page haha!!! Your village houses that you keep out…are they Christmas themed or you have them for every season? Absolutely love the garland up the banister as well. I scored big this Easter and found a beautiful “spring/summer” themed pip berry to put up along my banister so I could justify having it lit up during every season:) I love having that “glow” and the mood it creates in the house, makes it warm and inviting. Beautiful home!


    1. Hi Angie! OH goodness, thank you SO much for all of your sweet comments…you made me , and have made my day! Thank you about the pups…we do love them so very much, all three are sweetie pies. 🙂 ❤ Regarding the village houses, they are "Dept. 56 Dickens Houses" and yes, they are Christmas themed, but, very subtly so. I do keep them out all year long, I just love what they add, their soft lighting brings a warmth into a room–and as I think you've read, warmth is one of the feelings that I want my home to exude. 🙂 Thank you so much about the pip berry garland, you are so right, that "glow" that is produced is what I absolutely love. The only time I change out the pip berry garland is at Christmas when I do a lit pine garland with Christmassy bows attached at the swag points. This past Christmas, I did a little something different though. Check out this blog post of mine, I think you might like to try this next Christmas on your bannister–it was easy peasy to create… Here is a link for you. 🙂

      Thanks so much again!!

      ~Arlynn ❤


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