Happy Fall Y’all 2016 Series: Outdoor Decorations

I’m completely finished decorating for Fall y’all!! 😉  I’m a very happy lady to be done; now I can sit back and enjoy the decorations as I watch and feel the weather change.  It is still so hot around here and we are almost to mid September, I’m hoping Fall will start to arrive sooner than later–I’m about done with 90+ degree days with 100+ humidity…it has been suffocatingly yucky around these parts.

OH well, I will not yammer on endlessly here in this little entry, instead I’ll just give you a little picture tour of what I did yesterday and I’ll add a video at the end where I show you how I decorated the Little Red Wagon and then give you a little tour around starting at the mailbox…:)

Here we go with the picture tour, let’s start with said mailbox.  I love those little mailbox covers, I got this one here on Amazon:


I made that spray last here, here is a link to that blog post if you are interested in seeing the steps that I went through:


I made this Fall deco mesh wreath a few weeks ago–I hung it on the light post, here is a link to my blog post if you’ve like to try your hand at creating one for yourself — The post includes a video tutorial:


I switched out my decorative flags and gazing ball:


And then to finish up, I went to work on the front porch.  I added a Fall wooden sign/plaque, switched out my front door wreath, and recreated my Little Red Wagon decor:

img_5470Version 2img_5467img_5468

And I took a few pictures of everything after dark as well:


And now, here is that little video:

I will admit that I get a nice feeling of accomplishment after I’m finally finished re-decorating for a Season.  And to add, I’m finally feeling like I’ve got enough accent pieces gathered and made that will keep me going for a few years to come; recreating the wheel for this house has been a chore <~~~ albeit a fun chore.  I can’t see myself going through the next few years without creating *something* new for Fall though, it is in my nature to want to do a craft of some kind, but, for now, I’m satisfied.

**In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations**

Happy Fall Y’all!!!! ❤

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤


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