Christmas 2016: Burlap & Snowman Wreath (for Burlap Wreath Making Class)

I have updated this blog post today. I taught my wreath making class last evening–Please enjoy all of the pictures of the gorgeous wreaths that the ladies who attended created! 🙂

⚜️ Arlynn's Country Craft Corner ⚜️

I have officially finished my first crafting project for the 2016 Christmas Season. This burlap and snowman wreath was so much fun to create–This is an easy little wreath that anyone could create without too much trouble.  I’ve made a tutorial video and have just uploaded it to my YouTube Channel,  I will post a link to that below.

Let me give you a tiny bit of a back story about this wreath.  My daughter Christin is a teacher and one of her colleagues has asked me to come to their school and teach (what me teach?) a class showing how to make a burlap wreath. 🙂  So I humbly said that I would be honored to do that, and then I started to wrap my brain around what I might like to make as a demonstration for them–I thought I would make a burlap wreath to display, one that they…

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