Canada & New England: St. John, New Brunswick (Canada)–Exploring, Shopping, Bday Tartan Cape, & More

This day was my 55th Birthday—Now that’s a milestone…haha…But, what better place to spend it than in St. John, New Brunswick? 🙂  Chris, of course, was up, out, and about gathering his morning coffee and my morning tea and taking pictures and videos before I even opened one eye.  He actually caught the sunrise on this particular morning. 🙂

And he panned across the city from the very top deck of the Regal Princess:

We did not have a planned excursion to embark on today, instead, we were just going to get off of the ship and do some exploring and a bit of shopping.  This was my chosen outfit for this nice, low-key day.


Here was the Princess Patter for that day:


Here were a few more pictures that Chris caught as he was traveling around the Regal that morning:


There was the same Royal Caribbean ship that had been shadowing us for the entire route, the Serenade of the Seas…img_0461

And then here came the Carnival Pride…img_0473

After a leisurely morning, we headed on out to go and see what St. John had to offer up. 🙂  Our little Steward had been busily about, and this Happy Birthday sign had appeared on our door…Sweet!



And Princess left me a Birthday card…:)


So off to the elevators we trekked, and I *totally* missed taking the “Welcome to St. John” picture, instead, I captured this one. Notice that it says that the gangplanks would be moved according to the tide, the tide change was ridiculous as we went through the day.  We thought about going to see the “Reversing Rapids”, but, chose instead just to shop and explore…


As we were heading through the Piazza, we looked up and saw that they were preparing for the balloon drop that evening–and nope <big fail>, I did not catch that happening…haha…BUT, the balloons sure looked neat up there…


And through the tunnel we traversed…


Once we were off of the ship and walking through the cruise terminal, one gentleman stopped me and handed me this pin–Little did he know at the time that I’m a total geek and that that pin would have a very special place to be kept…


We were happily on our way to explore St. John, our first stop, a picture opportunity at this sign:


Local merchants has set up a tent right beside the cruise terminal and many local folks had booths set up and were offering all sorts of neat items.  One of the first things I saw was this gorgeous Lamb’s Wool cape—And I dared to stop and take a peek at it, and poof that was all that Chris needed to see, he purchased it for me quick as could be as my Birthday present…What can I say, he is very good to this old girl. ❤  Here is a picture of the cape, and I have a snippet from my “Facebook Live” video below the picture showing you more of this gentleman’s wares…


Next up, we started walking down the street and exploring–Chris has mapped out a little route for us to take and as you could see in the video, that nice fella that sold us the cape had pointed us to a very nice place where we could grab some lunch.





This was a mall of sorts, and we had just walked up steps and saw the library there in front of us, and also at the top of the steps was this spiffy ship model…wow!!


This was a marvelous place with more of the local merchants all set up selling their wares, and believe it or not, I got all of the way through there without buying one little thing!  I was surprised at myself!


And there was even a little entertainment…Below, another snippet from my “Facebook Live” video…img_1476

At the end of that little video, we were headed over to King’s Square…Here are some of the sights we took in while taking our leisurely walk:



And then, I found a tree with the leaves changing.  Little story for you:  I am one of the Administrators in the Facebook Princess Alaska group, and as we all know, I’m the “Selfie Queen”. 😉 Well some of my dear friends in that group took a Poll of places where “Arlynn should take a selfie in front of”…LOL…Well, “A tree with changing leaves” was one of the Poll requests, and I’m all for having a good time, and I’m always a good sport, so here I am in front of a tree with changing leaves. 😉 🙂


After that little task was completed, we headed back through the City Market and we were on our way to take a quick peek at the New Brunswick Museum and then we caught some lunch at a local restaurant…img_1503


On our way to the restaurant we came across this big guy…:)


And now it was time to catch a bit of lunch–The food was excellent here at Grannan’s:


The view from the restaurant’s window…and that big ship is where we were going next…img_1529

Wait!!!! I lost Chris…WHERE in the world did he go?!!! He was just here?!!! And me, “Mrs. Directionally Challenged” might have a little trouble finding her way down a one-way street with a sign!! 😉



Hahaha…I texted that picture to both of our daughters who got a huge kick out of that. 😉  ANYway, off we trekked back to the ship…


But, wait, as we were picking up my spiffy new Cape:


I also picked up one of those pretty scarves:




And then we climbed back aboard our home for the week and continued on with our nice and relaxing day—It has been a wonderful Birthday, one that I will not soon forget. 🙂

img_1558img_1557img_0076We were steaming toward Halifax, Nova Scotia, our last port of call on this wonderful journey.  I’d be meeting up with a dear Facebook friend of mine and we’d be renting a car and heading to Peggy’s Cove…Here is a sneak peek and link to my next post Canada & New England: Halifax, Nova Scotia–Arrival, Lunch With Dear Friend, & Peggy’s Cove:


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Arlynn ❤


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