Guest Bedroom #3 – The Purple Room

Hi All,

Now to to finish the upstairs part of the home tour; our third and final guest bedroom upstairs is what I’ll be highlighting in this entry; it is the only bedroom that has an ensuite bathroom. The dresser and bedside tables in this room are ancient, and I don’t mean “pretty” ancient as in they are collectors pieces, I mean, 1980’s soft pine, beat up like crazy ancient…haha. My hubby and I used them in our master bedroom for years and years and we’ve just never gotten rid of them.  One of these days, we will most likely refurbish them in some way, we just haven’t gotten around to doing that yet…not high on our “to-do” list I guess. 😉 Regardless, they are quite sturdy pieces and anchor this room nicely.  I have no earthly idea what ever happened to the headboard, so we did find this gray fabric covered and tufted headboard on, and I will say that I love it so much. 🙂


We’ve dubbed this space “The Purple Room” for the obvious reason, the color of the bedding and accessories.  I love the look of gray and purple together, so when I found this comforter set in Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I scarfed it up and set to the task of collecting and making the accessories with which to bring this room to life. 🙂

Let’s start with the picture over the bed:


We found that picture in Michaels one day; it was in a cardboard ‘frame’.  My hubby  constructed the wooden picture frame and cut the matting to fit and framed it up in no time; it turned out so pretty and fits nicely in this bedroom.  I love to accent with those black scrolly wall pieces, I found all 3 in Hobby Lobby, on sale of course, I honestly don’t buy too much home decor that isn’t on sale.

We decided to go with a black ceiling fan in this room with silver accents…classic…


I made this burlap wreath and I actually utilized one of our daughter’s old Boyd’s Bear bunnies into the design replacing his worn out neck ribbon with a pretty purple ribbon.  I found some purple silk flowers in lavender and cream and made a cream burlap bow to finish it off.  I can’t for the life of me remember where I got that wreath hanger, but it is metal and quite sturdy.  I found that little shadowbox under the wreath on sale and filled it with things that I already had here at the house.


We decided to put a tv in this room just in case we have a guest that might like to watch a little tv before retiring for the night. 🙂  The table that sits under the tv is another piece that has been around for decades, although, this one is a really nice oak table that when purchased was unstained and my hubby stained it to the exact color that we wanted.

1V4A2866 11846633_10207013233719727_3240507543954665602_n 11817165_10207013233639725_8988499147774118813_n

I honestly didn’t buy too many things to utilize in this room–I just went down into my basement bins that hold my extra ‘stuff’ and started collecting everything in the purple/gray/silver color scheme.  I carried it all into the room, put it on the bed and just started putting little groupings and arrangements together. 🙂


Here is the bathroom:


This is a very small space, but, it is private and I know that those who stay in this room appreciate that attribute. 🙂   I really enjoyed doing that little wall grouping.  Actually, my hubby helped a lot, we had the 3 shelves, the owls, and the butterflies laid out on the floor in Hobby Lobby one day; we were arranging and rearranging those items until we finally got it like we wanted it…that process took a while…haha.  Once we got everything home and hung up, I put all of the other stuff together on the shelves pulling from the stash that I had retrieved from the basement.

Just as I did in the other two rooms, I have placed a basket of goodies on the bottom of the bed.  I think it adds a nice touch, makes guests feel welcome, and also provides them with necessities if they happened to forget anything.


I used the very same type of curtain in this room as I did in the Happy room and in the Turquoise Room the only difference being that I used a silver curtain rod and tie back hooks.  The grommets in the curtains are silver as well.


All three bedrooms are pretty large upstairs, and one of my goals was to make them feel cozy and comfortable without cluttering the room up with extra furniture and such; it is a task that I believe I have completed in all three spaces. 🙂  I’d love to stay in any one of these rooms if I were a guest here. 😉

IMG_1665 11800429_10206987539077377_987796561808067765_n IMG_1667

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤


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