The Laundry Room–Our Creation

Hi All,

How about if we take a tour of our laundry room.  I’m sure to most people, the laundry room is about the least interesting room in the house, but to me, well, yes, it meets all of the necessary needs regarding doing laundry, but this room is so much more to me. 🙂  This is also where I feed the pups, do all of my ironing (trust me, I don’t do much of that), where the hubby washes out dirty brushes, or his dirty shoes and honestly we do a myriad of other tasks that I can’t think of at this moment in time. This is more of a utility room than a laundry room…and get this, it sits right on the front of our house. I have to be honest and tell you that I did baulk at that idea when I first saw the floor plans, but we went with this model because we loved the rest of the home so much.  Now that we’ve arranged it just how we want it to be, it is actually located in the perfect place; I can be nosy and look out those the two windows when I iron–not that there is anything but deer and woods to look at, but both things are sure pretty. 😉  Anyway, let me explain how we brought this empty space to life and made it exactly what we wanted and needed it to be. 🙂

First, the color of the ceramic tile floor is almost a terra-cotta color–a bit out of my wheelhouse, but I loved it so much, I went with it and am so that glad I did…it is the perfect color for that room and snugs up nicely to the dark hardwood floor in the hallway. I ordered those curtains to match the floor from Country Curtains and I will say they were pretty pricy, mostly because I needed them to be 96″ long (yikes), but worth the cost, they are such nice quality and I know they will last me a good long time in there.



We didn’t pay our builder to put one thing in this room except that we did ask that it be plumbed for a sink on the opposite wall to where the washer and dryer would be located. My hubby installed every cabinet that you see in these pictures; he purchased them online at Kitchen Cabinet Kings, unfortunately, he just told me the other day that they no longer sell these fronts…good thing we got all that we needed.

We chose to go with a cream color cabinet in there because of the dark flooring and to have something a smidge different.  We used the same cabinetry hardware in there as we did in the kitchen.  And best of all, he installed a “trash can” cabinet, but…guess what I keep in there? The dog food!! Yep, what a little bonus! No more hauling around huge bags of dog food (for my huge doggies…Meet the Pups <there).  You would not believe how much that cabinet helps me each and every day. 🙂

IMG_9181 (1)

Here is the faucet and the counter top:

IMG_9182 (1)IMG_9183 (1)


Shoot, I even made a wreath to hang in there…lol…I’m shaking my head and chuckling at myself for doing that. 😉

Now that this room is complete, we couldn’t be happier with it, yes, it is a pretty room to look at, but it also functions beautifully. 🙂

IMG_6518 IMG_8915  IMG_9411

***UPDATE- 9/9/16***

My hubby has done a little work in our laundry room as of late and I’m excited to show you what he has completed. 🙂  When he ordered the cabinets he has also ordered crown molding to go across the top and a light rain to go across the bottom of the upper cabinets.  Also, we had purchased ceramic tile a while back, and he installed a backsplash.  Here are some pictures of the *now* completed laundry room:


We are thrilled with the final result, the prettiness of this room now matches the functionality; it is definitely one of the most used rooms in the house. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations**

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