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Hi All,

My hubby and I have lived in our town for over 30 years now and for 25 of those years we lived in the same home, raised our daughters there and made many memories to cherish.  For a time, we were thinking we’d like to retire to the mountains or beach or in some other town away from this town that we’ve come to love so very much. But, in the end, instead of moving to one of those elusive places that we really didn’t know all that much about, instead of moving away from our children who have settled around this area…well…  2-1/2 years ago we decided to build a new home, our “retirement home” right here in our hometown.  We have a herd of deer that travel through our neighborhood on a daily basis and yes, they do act like they come to the buffet in our yard at times, but most of the time, they travel on through looking as pretty as a picture. 🙂  I absolutely love it here and the only way that we will move again is if our health fails and they have to carry us out.

In upcoming posts, I will give you a little tour of this house that we’ve worked very hard to turn into a home (and it is still a work in progress).  My hubby and I make a good team, he handles the outside and I handle the inside and we both help each other out where and when needed.  It has always been my goal to create a warm and inviting space, one that is well suited for long talks, good meals, warm cups of coffee, hot tea, or cocoa and one that when entered feels like one would feel when snuggled under a warm blanket on a cold blustery winter day.  I *think* that we are succeeding. 🙂

So, welcome to our home! ❤


Here are links that will lead you to my Home Tour:

The Kitchen

Mud Room, Powder Room, Kitchen Eating Area & Family Room

The Living & Dining Rooms

The Upstairs Landing

Guest Bedroom #1 – The Happy Room

Guest Bedroom #2 – The Turquoise Room

Guest Bedroom #3 – The Purple Room

Master Bedroom & Bathroom

The Backyard Patio

Special Outdoor Lighting

Seasonal Mailbox Decor

And a couple more links that have highlighted the house:

Rod Iron Scroll’y’ Accent Pieces & Lighting

Blizzard Jonas: Dogs, House, & SNOW

5 thoughts on “Home Tour

  1. Arlynn I really enjoyed your blog and am amazed at how intricate you have made it. We appear to be very compatible in our likes and desires. Where do you live?

    We live in Northern CA and we also love going to Alaska. We cruised 60 days last year. I do photography and love getting bears and whales. I have pictures all over the house.

    I struggle with the weight control as well. Live time.

    Keep up the good work. Terry Brakke


    1. Thank you so very much for all of your sweet words Terry! It does indeed sound like we have a ton in common! I love photography too and I take so many pictures (well, you’ve seen that in my posts here…haha). 🙂


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