Video Home Tour: Living & Dining Rooms

Well, I’ve been a videoing fiend over here in this house of ours. 🙂  I’ve really enjoyed working on this little project.  It is taking me a  while to edit and compile these videos, but, just like my crafting, I love the creative process.  Doing each of my Blog posts whether it be strictly through my words and pictures, or be it, as in this post, mostly with video, I still enjoy going through the creative steps to bring each blog post to life.  So, here is the 2nd installment in my new Video Home Tour series.  In this one I describe the living and dining rooms, these rooms sit on the front of our home and I’ve chosen to use a pretty green color as my main accent color because I adore the color and the way these rooms are situated in our house, they lend themselves quite nicely to a softer look.  I will not ramble on in the body of this blog post as I do enough rambling along in the video…lol…but, I did want to give you a couple of links to two specific things that I show you in this video.

This is the wreath hanger that I use–As I go through my tours you’ll see that I have several of these; they are nice and sturdy and can handle any heavy items you might want to hang upon them.  Here is a link from Grandin Road for my “Adjustable Wreath Hanger”

IMG_4596 (1)

Also, I talk about the table pad that I have on the dining room table.  Here is a link for Affordable Table Pads.    IMG_2564.JPG

And that is all I will say here in the body of this post.  I hope you enjoy this tour of two of my favorite rooms in the house. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤


**Here is a link to the next installment**:

Video Home Tour:  Kitchen, Family Room, and More



3 thoughts on “Video Home Tour: Living & Dining Rooms

  1. Josie McAughey Brown

    My dear Arlyn , your home is a feast for the eyes , and truly a work of love .
    Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas with us .


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