Packing – 8 Day 7 Night Series: “What’s In My Carry-On”

Continuing on with my 8 Day 7 Night Series of blogs here with my What’s in my Carry-On entry.  Truly, I do not take any less in my Carry-on bag on an 8 day cruise than I would on a longer cruise; but, I’m going ahead and writing this post so that folks don’t have to peruse through that massive-all encompassing-rather overwhelming other post of mine…haha. 😉

Let’s get started.  This is one of my most important pieces of luggage and one that stays with me from the moment we leave the house until the moment we arrive at our destination and beyond because I will use this on Excursions and such as well.  It is never out of my sight.  Now for a little discussion about the type of bag I prefer to carry.  On our last cruise to Hawaii, I took a Vera Bradley Campus Backpack <~~~That is a link to Amazon as it seems that the Vera Bradley website isn’t carrying this particular bag in the pattern that I have.  Regardless, this bag worked out perfectly:


And yes, I have placed all of my Captain Circle Pin’s on my bag:


This is also the bag that I will be taking on our next cruise to Canada and New England–We will be driving to that port thank goodness–I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that we don’t have to fly–my long legs do not care for that attribute of traveling–flying that is.  You know when we were kids and it was an exciting adventure to get on a plane and jet off to wonderfully fun places.  Yeah, well, I still love to go to the wonderfully fun places, I just wish I could do it without being made to feel like a sardine smashed in a can…lol. 😉 (I will admit that the last couple of times we’ve flown, Chris, bless his sweet heart, has upgraded us to 1st class for a nominal fee (he watched the price of the seats each day and when he saw them drop, he jumped on them and moved us—I was SO grateful!!)

ANYway, I digress, I loved that ^^^ bag when I carried it to Hawaii, but, I do want to show you one other type of bag that I will utilize as a Carry-On every now and again.  This bag is a Trimmed Vera Tote <~~ Again an Amazon link to a different pattern than I have.  Here is a picture of my bag in Parisian Paisley–IF you go to order this bag, please, please, please be careful and be sure to get the Vera Tote that measures: 18″ Wide, 15″ High, & has a 12″ Strap drop (Vera has many totes, most of which are smaller than this one).  Here is mine:


As you can see, it has tons of pockets inside to hold all of your goodies and beyond. 🙂 IMG_0221

This bag also holds my 13″ MacBook Pro very easily and that is always my consideration when choosing a Carry-On bag. Don’t judge please…:)


Here are the other things that I routinely take in my Carry-On, I’m sure your list will vary slightly to meet your needs. 🙂

When flying  we all have to adhere to the TSA’s liquids rules, so I always take a quart-size ziplock bag to utilize for our liquids:


This is the bag I use for my computer and iPhone chargers, it is a Vera Bradley Double Zip Cosmetic Bag:


I take a catch-all bag to carry small possible necessities. 🙂 The bag I use is a Vera Bradley Medium Zip Cosmetic Bag:


Of course I take a wallet with cash, credit cards, ID, and Passport…This is a Vera Bradley Kisslock Wallet:


My Kindle Paperwhite:




A crossword puzzle book—I’m always trying to do something to stimulate my brain, I really love doing crosswords and I even play a game on my iPhone called Words With Friends…I’m constantly working on expanding my vocabulary and challenging myself–a girl is never too old to do that right? 😉 🙂


I take one of these Pocket Folders with me to carry all of our travel documents, i.e. travel insurance papers, boarding passes, and the like.  I do carry the other couple of folders in my checked baggage and I use them to save our daily cruise paperwork like the Princess Patter, port informational sheets, etc…


I take a pencil case…Vera Bradley Brush and Pencil:



Let’s face it, we all could use a little something to freshen our breath and clean our teeth when traveling…I try to take something like this along:


And that about does it…Other than I will throw in a small packing cube with some unmentionables—*just* in case we have any flight delays and such.  I don’t usually take an entire outfit though–unless we’re heading somewhere where I couldn’t go and buy a quick outfit if absolutely necessary.

I hope that this little post will help those of you who are getting ready to head out on a trip. Whether it be by plane, train, or automobile, these little items should suffice nicely to help get you to your destination.

Happy Traveling ALL!!

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤



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