Hi Everyone!

I’m not only a crafter, I have many other interests and passions as well. 🙂 For one, my hubby and I love to travel, and cruising is one of our favorite things to do although, we’ve only taken one cruise–the *same* cruise 4 times…haha.  We love Princess cruise line and we’ve done “The Voyage of the Glaciers” North–Whittier, Alaska to South–Vancouver, BC every time we’ve cruised so far, ohhhhh wait, we did throw in a land tour with one of those cruises one time. lol 😉  I feel sure that we will return to Alaska one day, maybe via the Alaskan highway the next time, but, for a change, we will be heading to Hawaii with Princess in April 2016, I can’t wait for that cruise! (My precious Mom who is no longer with us traveled to Hawaii several times with my Dad–she always said that if we ever got the chance to go and see Hawaii that we must do it; she loved it so very much–We are taking her sage advice)

I’ll be working on a blog telling y’all about our cruise’s’  and land tour to Alaska, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. 🙂

***Update!  March 2016–My Alaska entries are finished!! YaY!!  Now, we’ll be off to Hawaii in a few weeks, so stayed tuned for those blog posts to start showing up. :)***

***Update #2!!  July 2016—We have now taken another and different cruise…to Hawaii!  Here is a link the the first post in my Hawaii Series, they’ll be a link at the end of each post that will lead you to the next post in order. 🙂

Stay tuned y’all, I’m working diligently on getting my Blog up and running so that it is a coherent and cohesive journey for you. 🙂

~Arlynn ❤

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