Canada & New England: Halifax, Nova Scotia–Arrival, Lunch With Dear Friend, & Peggy’s Cove

When I woke up on this morning, I couldn’t believe that we were already at our last Port of Call in Halifax, Nova Scotia; this cruise had flown by way too fast!! As always, Chris was taking his morning walk, getting his coffee, doing his crossword puzzles, and catching some really great pictures.

Check out this pretty ship, the Seabourn Quest:


To show you how far away this ship really was, here is that picture before it was cropped:


Check out this pretty Lighthouse…1v4a7716

And here is another Lighthouse, only problem is, well, could they have put the cell tower out of the direct line of sight of the Lighthouse? Check it out…


Those cliffs are pretty amazing though huh? Wow!!

My outfit for the day:


Check out this Canadian Navy’s Submarine!  The Captain actually came over the public address system to alert us to their presence. 🙂  We all walked out and waved to them. 🙂


Here comes the Pilot to help us navigate through the local waterways…



Here is the Carnival Pride again, she’d been with us at every port:


We’d noticed that several of the Ports that we had come alongside (not tender ports) on this trip had been very industrial in nature.  Chris and I are more accustomed to the Alaska ports which cater more specifically to cruise ships where shopping and other cruising/tourist related activities are more easily accessible. Actually, we think that Alaska is the exception because Hawaii’s ports were similar to the ones that we experienced on this trip.  One thing that we have noticed though is that because the ports are industrial in nature, the local folks have tried to make a more welcoming facade by providing tents or booths where they sell their wares.  In Halifax for instance, the entire cruise terminal was full of booths from one end to the other–In St. John, they had a huge tent set up for their folks. Anyway, just an observation that we made while on this trip…

Here is the Princess Patter and Halifax Port information:







IMG_2045.jpgHere we are snugged up against Pier 21…


That bagpiper was awesome!!!


So now that we were securely moored up in Halifax, Chris and I made our way off of the ship–Of course, the elevators, as always, told the tale of where we’d be for the day.


As I mentioned in the video up there ^^, we’d be meeting my dear friend Nancy and her sister Jane today–I met Nancy via Facebook back in 2008, 2 days after I joined Facebook.  She had a Newfoundland dog too and we had a ton in common and as we got to know one another better through the years, we figured out that we had much more than our pups in common. 🙂  Our first task after disembarking was to pick up our rental car from the Hertz place.  (Chris made those arrangements online before we even left home) … The Hertz building—really it was just a small room inside of another building right off of the street about 2 blocks from the cruise terminal–easily enough found. 🙂


Here was our mode of transportation for the day:


We had printed off directions to where we were to meet Nancy and Jane so off we drove through the streets of Halifax.  A pretty little city with very busy streets as there were several cruise ships in port on this day.



We managed to find the restaurant pretty easily and we parked and waited for Nancy and Jane to arrive. 🙂  I had butterflies fluttering around in my belly big time…I was so excited!!! They pulled into the parking lot and then the HUGS began!!! 🙂  It was so nice to finally meet Nancy in person!! ❤


Yes, the tears were flowing through those smiles!!! ❤img_1612

We had a lovely time together exchanging gifts, here is one thing that Nancy made for me…How talented is she?!  Wow, I was blown away!! And I will cherish that very special gift forever!! ❤


One more picture before we said our goodbyes…I was so sad to leave her side, no doubt about that…:'(


–All right…Moving on to our next destination…Chris and I left there and started driving toward Peggy’s Cove–It was about a 45 minute drive–very pretty, and an easy trip to do on your own–it is really not necessary to take a planned (Princess) excursion, just rent a car and head on out.  If you don’t have a cell plan that would provide you with a GPS, make sure your rental car has one or you print off the directions before leaving home.

The leaves were gorgeous on our way…



And before we knew it, we were arriving in the sweet little town of Peggy’s Cove…A very, very quaint little community that has been in existence since 1811—And the Lighthouse, that is still a working structure, was built in 1914—It is run by the Canadian Coastguard.



I am a real fan of music of all sorts, and bagpipes have always really intrigued me–I play a bad clarinet…haha…So blowing into those pipes seems to me like it would not be an easy instrument to master…this fella was doing a fantastic job at entertaining all of those who were there visiting…


And Chris put his wide angle lens to work–My favorite shots, pretty much of the entire trip, were shots like this one–I just think that this is an amazing picture (and we have probably 10 of them that look similar to this)…1v4a7782




And that was our day in Halifax…We really had a fantastic day, I especially enjoyed this day and the day that we spent in St. John in that we weren’t hurried or herded (like I do feel we are sometimes when we’re doing a more structured excursion).  We headed back toward the ship and turned in our rental car (the Hertz representative wasn’t in the office, but they did provide a drop ‘box’ in which to deposit the keys when the car is returned).  We then headed back onto the Regal, but, first, I stopped to do a bit of shopping at some of the booths that were set up in the cruise terminal.  I met Chris back in the room and before long, we headed up to the Horizon Court to grab some dinner…It was Italian night—Some of my very favorite food on the planet thank you very much. 😉



I just love their ice sculptures! This one was dubbed “The leaning tower of ‘pizza'”…hahaha. 😉




Honest to goodness, we did not have a bad meal in the Horizon Court or Bistro all week long, everything was always great!  Now that we had exhausted ourselves running around Halifax and then filled our bellies with delicious Italian food, we headed back to our stateroom, and we again, entertained ourselves with some movies from the massive selection available.  (I’ll add a little video of said tv in my next post).

My next and then last posts in this Series will touch on our last day on board (including a video of how the Stateroom TV works and what it has to offer), then disembarkation morning and then, I will also include a little video of our welcome home committee…;) (Think large, furry, beings) 😉  My very last post in this Series will concentrate  on the Regal Princess.  It will include a detailed collage picture tour of all of the venues that I could find to photograph.  It is probably going to take me several days to compile that one.  But, it will be worth it when I’ve finished…:)

Here is a link to the next post Canada & New England: Last Day On Board, Shopping, TV Tutorial, Disembarkation Morning, and Welcome Home

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Arlynn ❤

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