Christmas 2015: Tabletop & Shelf Arrangements, 2 Cozy Corners, & Powder Room

I cannot tell y’all how happy I am that I started to do my Christmas decorating early this year because it is taking me quite a long time to complete my task.  I have been decorating for a solid week and have been working on a section of my home each day.  I’ve done several brand new designs this year and they have presented me with more of a challenge than in years past when I’d just slap up whatever I had done the year before.  I’ve let the creative juices flow and have really stepped outside of my proverbial box.  Admittedly, I had kind of gotten in a rut with all of my snowmen and I wanted to try to do a bit of a more grown-up classic design this year.  I think I have been successful, yes, I’ve still used a good many of my beloved snowmen, but I’ve also added in other more classic decor pieces to round out the entire look a bit.

In this post, I will cover the rest of my creations in the family room, kitchen, kitchen eating area, and powder room.  I have used mostly burgundy, gold, and white as my color scheme, throwing in a bit of a woodland feel with grapevine and burlap touches here and there.  Since the powder room is separated from the rest of the spaces, I did a little something different, I mixed and matched a bit of burlap, white, and a brighter red for a fun look.

This table and shelf sit on a wall that is located between my kitchen and family room and it is a cozy little set-up…not to mention it gives me two more places with which to decorate. 😉 IMG_2561

I made this little arrangement to sit up on the shelf..IMG_2548

I love the little grapevine star garland (thank goodness for command strips as they are what is holding that up there)…


My Grandmother made all three of those ceramic Christmas trees, I decided to group them all together in one place this year…I love the look! There are colored bulbs in the big green tree and the littler white tree and all red bulbs in the medium sized white tree…IMG_2563

Here is a better look as to where this table and shelf sit…


Next, I arranged everything on my kitchen hutch’s shelves and made up a cozy little corner next to it…

I made this little basket arrangement to sit on the bottom shelf of the hutch…IMG_2550

There is the hutch on which an eclectic mixture of items reside.  Included are some lovely items that were gifts, some things I’ve collected, and other sweet items that are special to me…


Here is how I start every single cozy corner or design that I create. I just gather a bunch of stuff that I think I might use, sit down, settle in, and just start placing things…


And here is what I came up with when all was said and done…


I used the same concept when I placed everything on this corner shelf that sits in my kitchen’s eating area…

IMG_2565There is a better look as to where this shelf is located…

Version 2

Last but not least (in this area of the house), I tackled the powder room.  I had created this wreath a couple of weeks ago and decided to use it in the powder room, I built the rest of the decor around this wreath. Here is a link to show you how I made the wreath: Burlap/Winter Wreath


IMG_2574 IMG_2575

My hubby made me that shelf several years ago…I just adore it!!

All of this decorating has been an exhausting yet very satisfying process and I have been left with a real feeling of accomplishment as I have worked really hard on new and different design pieces and the all-over look for this year’s Holiday season.  They only thing left to add to this portion of the house is our 12′ Christmas tree.  I honestly do not do anything special to it as it includes ornaments that are special to us as a family.  We put colored lights on it because that is what the family prefers on that tree and I love it too…I do plan to make a big bow topper to add to it this year though…It definitely makes a statement when it is decorated–and we ALL decorate it…so it is a combined effort. 🙂  That won’t be finished until Thanksgiving evening. 🙂

I digress! Yesterday, I started to decorate the living and dining rooms which sit on the front of our home.  I’ll be using a more whimsical, light and airy color scheme in those rooms and in the foyer, including more teals, silvers, light greens, and a touch of pink…Here is a little preview…


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations**

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