Canada & New England: Collage Picture Tour of the Regal Princess

Princess Cruises’ Regal Princess <~~~link to all of her pertinent facts~~~ is for the moment, their newest ship.  The Regal and her sister ship the Royal are Princess’ largest ships and they both have a ton of new and wonderful spaces to experience.  As y’all know, we are not new to Princess and have sailed on several other of their awesome ships–the Coral-3 times w/2 more times booked and in the queue (our favorite), the Diamond, & the Star–We enjoyed all of them and they are all unique and wonderful in and of themselves.  That said, where oh where do I start to tell you about this big, gorgeous, grand lady known at the Regal, a very appropriate name btw–She impressed us from the moment that we stepped aboard until the moment that we stepped off.  Our week went way too fast and I could have easily just stayed on and done that cruise again.  Seven days, nope, definitely not enough time for us to try out all of the eating venues, and truly, we really didn’t have a desire to do so because the buffets were so wonderful and extremely varied in their choices.  We didn’t go and see one show because by the time the evenings rolled around, we were well settled in our Stateroom trying to choose between all of the movies and other choices that they had to offer on their interactive tv.  Also, this particular Canada & New England cruise had a very port heavy itinerary, so, we were off of the ship a good bit of time time.  Regardless, I have gathered a plethora of pictures and I will give you a tour of the wonderful Regal Princess.

Let’s get started, I will start on the Plaza Deck 5.

As you can see in this picture, the Gala decks is down one deck from the Plaza and that is where the doctor is located and it is also where we caught our tender boat to go ashore–Only problem was, I was taking video and not clicking off pictures, so I don’t have  one picture of that deck…<epic fail>.  Anyway, here we go:



Plaza Deck 5:

The Piazza:piccollage-28


Bar Piazza:PicCollage.jpg




Passenger Services:PicCollage.png




International Cafe:piccollage-27






Internet Cafe:piccollage-3


Symphony Dining Room:piccollage-23

Fiesta Deck 6:


Princess Theater:piccollage-7


Club 6:piccollage-6


Princess Casino:piccollage-5


Churchill’s Cigar Bar (I didn’t go in):IMG_0297.jpg


Bellini’s Bar:piccollage-4


Alfredo’s Pizza:piccollage-2-2


Photo and Video Gallery:piccollage-2-1


Concerto Dining Room:PicCollage (2).jpg

Promenade Deck 7:



Calypso Cove:piccollage


Art Gallery:piccollage-16




Crooners Bar:piccollage-13


Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar:piccollage-14


Meridian Bay:PicCollage.jpg


Facets:PicCollage 2.jpg




Special Sales–75% off sale and rings sale:piccollage-1piccollage-17


Captain’s Circle:IMG_0260.jpgIMG_0259.jpg


Princess Live Cafe & Princess Live:piccollage-8piccollage-10


Aloha Deck–Deck 12

Mini Suite – A214:14721606_10210500177571144_1631275886343921107_n

Here is a link to the YouTube Video that I created and narrated; it is quite detailed:

Regal Princess Tour of Mini Suite A214

And a link to my YouTube video where I give you a little TV Tutorial



Directory & Room Service Options:piccollage-25


Lido Deck 16:





Fountain Pool:piccollage-18


Here is a link to my YouTube video of the Fountain Show

Movies Under the Stars:piccollage-19


SeaView Bar:piccollage-9

My YouTube Link to the Bartender’s Flair Show that I videoed while on board…




Calypso Cabana:IMG_0663.jpg


Swirls:PicCollage (1).jpg


Horizon Court, Bistro, Pastry Center, and Condiment Corner:piccollage-18



Crab Shack:piccollage-20


PicCollage 3.jpg


Outrigger Bar:IMG_0240.jpg

Sun Deck 17:



piccollage-4piccollage-7PicCollage 2.png



piccollage-6The Sanctuary:piccollage-5

***Bonus Pictures***

LED Screens abound on the Regal…These particular screens told us where we were each day of the cruise–these were at each elevator on every deck–.There were larger screen in other parts of the ship at different venues…PicCollage.png

Unfortunately, the outdoor Promenade deck doesn’t go all the way around the ship:IMG_0069.jpg







And that about does it.  I do believe that in this Series of blog posts, I actually shared just about every picture Chris or I took.  It has been fun reliving our cruise and relaying our adventure to you all through my words and videos.  We will not be cruising again until next September, but, that is gonna be a good one and hopefully well worth the wait.  We are going to be doing back to back Voyage of the Glaciers cruises (Vancouver, BC to Whittier, Alaska and then Whittier to Vancouver).  There is just something special about Alaska, it keeps calling us back again and again.

So for now, I’ll just say, until next time, y’all take very, very good care!! ❤

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***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Arlynn ❤


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