A Purple Centerpiece (Video Tutorial)

When I am out and about shopping, I always keep my eyes open for good deals and man oh man did I find one a couple of weeks ago.  As I’ll tell you in my little video tutorial below, I found a huge, heavy bowl for 90% off (!!!) at Hobby Lobby, it just so happened that it had a bit of purple on it and well, my mind started to whirl wondering if there was *something* that I could do with that find.  First, I knew that it would look really pretty in our “Purple” guest bedroom that is made up with that most beautiful of colors. And, second, I knew that I had a bit of a bare spot on the bottom of a table shelf that needed a little something. *Even* if I hadn’t have had a spot with which to utilize that bowl, I’d find one!  So, I snatched that bowl right on up and I will now show you how I put together an easy centerpiece to add to that room’s decor.

Below the little video box, I’ll show you the finished project and where I placed it in the Purple room.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 4.46.52 PM

Here is where I placed it:


As you can see, this bedroom has a bathroom attached, it is not very big at all, but it serves its purpose…



I always have a little care package sitting in all of the guest bedrooms so that folks who come to stay will have a little selection of things from which to choose that they might have forgotten…



I made that wreath utilizing one of my daughter’s old Boyd’s Bear Bunnies.


This is the view of the upstairs landing as you exit the purple bedroom…You can see the Turquoise Room to the right, and the Happy Room  to the left <~~~ Links to show you how I put those two rooms together, i.e. bedding, decorations, curtains, decor, etc…And here is a link to the Purple Room‘s blog post.  I also have a blog post here showing you how I put together that little chair and table grouping on the landing.


Here is a peek at the Turquoise Room…


And the Happy Room:


And here is the hall bathroom upstairs, it sits right next to the Happy Room so I kind of brought that same feel into the bathroom…Again, it is a very small bathroom, but it serves its purpose:


And the family room as you look down over the railing:


And the fireplace as you walk down the staircase…haha…:)


All righty, that centerpiece is now in its rightful place and the upstairs is ready for a couple of guests who might just be coming to visit in the coming days. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤



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