Alaska: B2B Voyage of the Glaciers Cruise, Episode #12, SB – Glacier Bay Day!

I was so grateful when I woke up on this day, this day that we’d be taking our second trip into Glacier Bay in as many weeks. Again, I must reiterate that I’d been dreaming of doing back to back Voyage of the Glaciers cruises for over a decade, so yes, I did pinch myself yet again when I opened my eyes on this day. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that I’d be able to walk outside and take in a breath of the freshest and cleanest air ever, I knew that many gorgeous sights would come into view, I knew that the White Thunder (the sound that the Tlingit people dubbed when the glaciers crack and moan as they move) would sound like music to my ears, well, I knew that this day would be a day that would fill all of my senses with a great peace, a calm only a touch of God can produce.  Glacier Bay is definitely my happy place and I was ready to experience it all again.

This was the sunrise on that morning:


I don’t even remember eating breakfast or lunch or dinner for that matter on this day…hahaha…I do believe that Chris brought us back pastries from the International Cafe that morning though. We were sailing into Glacier Bay pretty early on this day, so we were busily about setting up our camera on our balcony and making sure our camera batteries were charged. 🙂 It was a bit cloudy that morning, but it didn’t take long for the blue skies to show up, it was going to be a gorgeous day!

Here is the Princess Patter:


On Glacier Bay day Princess always has an Alaska Outpost sale up on the Lido Deck 14 – Midship…Here is a picture of what they were offering on this day, trust me, the sales were very good–I think part of the reason was because we were sailing during the second week in September, very near the end of the Alaska cruising Season:


This is what I chose for my outfit of the day, I wanted to be super comfortable, I had purchased this cute hoodie during the Northbound cruise when we were in Juneau, at one of the shops right as we stepped off of the ship at the dock. I would be comfy, cozy, and warm:


And yes, I was glad I wore that hoodie, this is me sitting on our balcony…quite cold even with that hoodie on and a coat over it,  *and* with a blanket up over my lap…haha…


Before long, we were coming up to Bartlett Cove and that is where the Park Rangers would come from…they’d be carried over to the Coral Princess on a Park Ranger boat and they’d climb aboard and be giving talks in the Princess Theater, setting up a table with spiffy merchandise, they’d be commentating over the PA system and would be able to be heard out on the outer decks, in the Horizon Court Buffet, and through the tv on channel 41 in all of the Staterooms.


Here is some information from the National Park Service, this was delivered with our Patter that morning:


They also provided a map of Glacier Bay (I already had it hung up on the wall of our Stateroom using magnets–remember, the walls in your Stateroom will be metal, so don’t forget to bring along, or buy some magnets). 🙂  You can see my Glacier Bay Map on the left of this picture. 🙂


Here is what the Park Rangers had set up on the upper deck of the inside pool:


Before long, we were approaching what was an odd site for me to see.  What you see in the picture below is the Grand Pacific Glacier. This was the 6th time that I’d been on a cruise ship sailing up to that “dirty glacier”, but, this is the first time that I’d ever seen anything behind it.  Before this day, I had only seen what looked like a black mountain and I was never too awfully impressed with it—NOT that it wasn’t awesome, but Margerie Glacier sits right next to the Grand Pacific, and she is a lot “showier” than the Grand Pacific. But, on this day, the Grand Pacific was ready to show her true beauty, and I was completely blown away by what we were approaching.  I will let our pictures and then a little video that I made speak and show you the gorgeousness that appeared before us on this day:



As you heard me say in the video, the Margerie Glacier didn’t calve for us on this day, but, that didn’t make her any less beautiful.  Here are some pictures that we clicked off:



As you heard me explain in that last video, we were able to go down into Johns Hopkins Inlet and sail up pretty close to Johns Hopkins Glacier.  This is the second time on this day that we’d be doing something that we’d never done before in Glacier Bay. I will again allow our pictures and video to tell the story of the beauty that we saw next. 🙂



To say that I was humbled, a bit overwhelmed, and blessed was an understatement.  While leaving this pristine place I again lamented to myself that I couldn’t wait to return once again to experience this grandeur and beauty. I felt content though at that moment in time. Y’all have asked me how I remember so clearly these days, well, truly these days are soulful experiences for me. I always tell folks that if they ever have a question that there is a God, all they need do is to take a trip to this place, after they see these wonders, trust me, they would wonder no more if there is a God. 🙂

Our day was coming to an end–again, I have no memory of meals on this day…go me huh? 😉 lol I do remember that there was more beauty to behold as we were sailing out of Glacier Bay and that we had a few “visitors” come by to say hey…;)

One was a humpback whale just quietly gliding along coming up for air with that signature blow:

1V4A1896.jpgOne was a seal or two frolicking in the water right off of our balcony:


And then right before sunset, these two Orcas made an appearance, a pair (the one with the bigger dorsal fin is the male) and a female cruised on by without a care in the world:


And can we talk about the reflections?! No, no talking, just take a look:


The sun was setting on this wonderful day…I know I sound like a broken record because I say this in just about every post, but, I watched out the windows as the sun set and was completely content and satisfied to be in that very moment in time. Again, Glacier Bay did not disappoint, again, it gleamed like a shiny penny and continues to do so in my mind’s eye. I cannot wait to return…AND, guess what, we get to do just that, at least one more time, Lord willing, next summer. Ahhh, I cannot wait!!! I’ll leave you with the sunset from that evening, the perfect ending to a perfect day (check out the heart cloud in the sky in the last picture).


***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

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Alaska: Back to Back Voyage of the Glaciers – Episode #10 – Turn-Around Day: Whittier, AK; the 26 Glaciers Cruise, Tour of the Seychelles Suite D701

Our Northbound Voyage of the Glaciers cruise had officially come to an end and normally, I would have been crying big elephant tears because I would have been walking off of the ship and making my way home. BUT, for the first time ever, all I had to do was to literally walk down the hallway from our mini suite D407 (mid-ship) to the Seychelles Suite D701 (aft) and begin our next adventure, the Southbound Voyage of the Glaciers cruise.  Before we left our mini suite to make the transition to our next stateroom, we received this “Log of the Cruise” for the Northbound leg of our cruise in our ‘mailbox’:


Yes, yes, I did say that we’d be moving to a suite for this part of our journey…let me tell y’all, I literally got lucky and found that suite on for not too, too much more money than what we would have had to pay for the mini suite, so we jumped at the chance to experience the suite life in that sweet suite! There were many perks that came with staying in a suite, one of which was that we got double the “Captain Circle” points to go toward our ‘loyalty level’.  Truly, if I’m honest, and I am never not honest, I can NOT stand to hear folks lamenting about how wonderful they are because they are Platinum or Elite members of the Captain’s Circle (Princess’ Loyalty Level Program)–All it really means is that they’ve spent a copious amount of money with Princess cruises in the past and “expect” perks for doing so–blah, I’m just happy to be able to cruise thank-you-very-much!  We are Platinum and still have like 6 or 7 more cruises to go until we hit Elite.  I hope upon hope that I remain humble and grateful for each upcoming cruise that we are blessed enough to take and never, ever worry about what level I have attained in the Captain’s Circle. 🙂

ANYway, let me tell you about the “Turn-Around Day” process so that those of you who might take a back to back (b2b) cruise moving forward will know what to expect. The evening before the last day we received a packet from Princess that included this letter and instructions:




As you saw in the information above, we didn’t have to pack up completely, instead, I had used my packing cubes and garment folder and Chris had done the same, and we packed up all of the items that we had in our drawers and out on shelves into our suitcases.  We left all clothing that was hung up on the hangers alone and before we knew it, our room Steward Kurt knocked on our door and told us that our next accommodations were ready for us to move in to.  We were blown away, we fully expected that we’d need to wait until after we were back from our planned excursion (the 26 Glaciers Cruise) before we’d be able to unpack and such. Instead, here came Kurt with a helper who had a cart in tow. They started to fill up that cart with our suitcases and hangers and whoosh, we were heading toward the aft and to our next room the Seychelles Suite D701. There was such a flurry of activity that I neglected to take one picture of that process…go me right?! Gracious! We arrived at our stateroom to more of a flurry of activity and Kurt introduced us to our next room Steward, Jimmy. Kurt had told us that he had already told Jimmy all about us, that we were very kind, down to earth folks. Jimmy was so kind right from the very start, so much so that I told him to calm down, that we would not expect to be treated in any special way…hard to explain really. Bottom line, we are just regular folks who don’t need special treatment.

Here is a Facebook Live video that I took shortly after we got unpacked in our new digs for the week:

And here is a link to a much slower paced and detailed tour of the Seychelles Suite that I created for my YouTube “Arlynn’s Travels” Channel:

Here are some still shots of The Seychelles Suite:

We’d be leaving soon with our “Passenger in Transit” cards and our new cruise cards to go to meet our guide in the cruise terminal for the 26 Glaciers Cruise, but, as we waited, we got to see the flurry of activity that occurs before one ever steps on the ship on turn-around day.  First, there were some officers in the Seychelles Suite as we were arriving there and they were inspecting everything–as I mentioned in my live video above, there are a team of 5 of them that inspect every single stateroom on the ship before boarding begins. In addition, the things that we had ordered via our Cruise Personalizer before the cruise started to arrive such as, my spiffy cup that went along with my “Soda & More” package & our water package (BTW—PLEASE be aware that if you would like a water package for your cruise that you *must* order it via your Cruise Personalizer *before* your cruise. A water package is not available once aboard):


Here are some pictures of the beautiful town of Whittier…Well, pictures that Chris took in the wee hours of the morning and then a few that we took while waiting to depart for our excursion:


Here is the outfit that I chose for this day:


We were ready to go!


Here is the Princess Patter for that day and some of the other paperwork that the Princess folks dropped in our mailbox that morning:


A couple of Suite perks that we weren’t prepared for were these two lovelies…The plate of tasty treats was just a one time deal, but, the fruit bowl was refilled each day (and we could choose the kind of fruit we preferred):



Okie dokie, it was finally time for us to disembark and head to our mode of transportation for the 26-Glacier cruise, the Klondike Express:


Our first stop was the cruise terminal where we met our guide who gave us our table assignment card and our lunch tickets and led us to a line where we waited to board–BTW, we’d chosen what we wanted to eat earlier in our Northbound cruise. You can see our tickets from Princess in the envelope below the lunch and table assignment cards, I had arranged for this tour through Princess via my Cruise Personalizer months and months ago:



And onto the Klondike Express we stepped, here is a little brochure that was sitting atop our assigned table when we got there–btw, we shared a table with a lovely couple from California…shout out to Erin and David!

And after a little safety talk from the Captain, we started on our journey…It was a magical day filled with sights that were just astounding, amazing, phenomenal, and very, very memorable.  I took a bit of video on this day and I will post it below, but, first, here are some of the pictures that we caught on this very special excursion. If you ever get the chance, I highly, *highly* recommend that you take this awesome tour!! I am so sorry that I do not remember the names of the glaciers, there were SO many!! lol. All right, get ready for your eyes to have a party now…3-2-1…GO:








And that my friends was that, I do not even remember where Chris and I ate dinner that evening, I do believe it was at the Horizon Court though. Another Suite amenity is that you get a complementary meal in Sabatini’s (one of the Specialty restaurants) on embarkation day, but, we were bushed when we got back and we called the dine line and were able to reschedule for a day later in the cruise.  Truthfully, we crashed and watched tv for the rest of the evening.  I will say though, that nothing could compete with what we’d already laid our eyes on earlier that day. We had a wonderful time…Alaska just continued to give and give and give to us.

Next up, the magnificent Hubbard Glacier…Here is a sneak peek:


***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

And here is a link to Episode #11!






Alaska: Back to Back Voyage of the Glaciers – Episode #9 – NB – College Fjord, Bayou Cafe, & Ship Venue Pics

It was a very surreal feeling waking up on the last morning of our cruise and coming to the realization that that morning would *not* be our last full day on board the beautiful Coral Princess, instead, while everyone else was packing up and readying themselves for their journeys home or to their next destination on the next day, Chris and I would be taking a trip right down the hallway to our new Stateroom where we’d reside for the Southbound Voyage of the Glaciers cruise. I just shook my head and pinched myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming.  Speaking of dreaming, I’d dreamed for a decade of being able to do just what we were right in the middle of doing, back to back Alaska cruises. We spent most of this day tootling around the ship because we wouldn’t be to our “Scenic Cruising” destination until around 6pm that evening.  We had made reservations at the Bayou Cafe, one of the “Specialty Restaurants” on board, for 6pm too and we’d be doing some of the scenic cruising viewing right from there.  SIDE NOTE:  We’d be taking the 26 Glaciers Cruise out of Whittier, Alaska (where the Coral would be docked) the next day which would take us back into College Fjord only even closer to the glaciers than the cruise ship would be getting).  This was a very low key, relaxed day for us. Shoot, we didn’t even have to pack, well I take that back, we did have to pack the things that we had in the drawers, and I had to gather up all of my magnets and maps and such that I had sticking to the walls…more on how they transferred us in my next post.  For now, let me show you the Princess Patter for this day:


And here was my outfit for the day:

IMG_8116We decided to eat very lite that day because we knew that we’d be eating a pretty hefty meal at the Bayou Cafe later that evening. So we took our sweet time getting ready that morning and then we headed on up to the Horizon Court for a little bit of a late breakfast.  I must pause here and say that we enjoyed the Horizon’s buffet, whatever time of day we decided to pop in there on this cruise.  Everything was always hot, everything was always super clean and organized, the service crew members were jolly, and the food was excellent.  You will not hear one complaint from us about the Coral’s Buffet.  Here are some pictures that I clicked off on that morning:


When in the Horizon Court, crew members will come around and ask what you’d like to drink and refill your coffee/tea/whatever else for you. There is also an entire self-service drink station that is always open no matter the time you enter.  Here are a few pictures of what they offer:


The Amuleto Italian Cafe is also part of the Horizon Court and this is where you can get your choice of sweet treats from cookies, to bread puddings, to cakes, pies, and much, much more. My personal favorite was a warm vanilla cream that they had out almost every day…I would have put that stuff over a steak if I didn’t think I’d be looked at strangely. 😉 lol Of course I’m kidding, w-e-l-l, maybe I’m not. 😉  IMG_1641


After we were finished with our breakfast, we headed to the “Onboard Outlet Sale” that was being held down on Deck 6 mid-ship in the Provence Dining Room:


I controlled my urge to pick some things up just because they were a great price and instead picked up these 4 spiffy magnets.  One for myself and one for each of my girlfriends and their hubbies who we’ll be cruising with to the Caribbean in the coming months. 🙂


After we finished, well I should say, after I finished at the sale (because Chris was waiting out in the Atrium for me…haha), we decided to take a little walk around the ship and click off a few pictures of a few venues. 🙂

This is the Chapel:



The Wheelhouse Bar:


We clicked off a couple of shots of the Atrium…Such a pretty area!



And Crooners:


Also Meridian Bay:


I’ll tell you this table of Brighton jewelry called to me for the entire two weeks we were on board because I really love Brighton, but, I abstained and can you believe it, I made it through without purchasing one of these pretties. 🙂 IMG_1041

Here is the Casino:


And I thought these were super pretty, these were part of the Fine Arts display that they set up and down throughout the week–I believe the final art auction was on this day–don’t quote me though on that one…haha…I don’t have one lick of wall space available for Art so if I’m totally honest, we didn’t pay too much attention (*although* I would love a Robert Kincaid one of these days…<sigh>…more dreams). 🙂


We then headed back to our Stateroom and hung out in there and leisurely packed up what we needed to pack readying us for our transition to our next room the next morning.  Before we knew it it was time for us to head on down to the Bayou Cafe. I chose to change my outfit for this little outing:


And here is a picture of the two of us…Chris hadn’t changed yet, he actually wore a dress shirt and slacks (he didn’t want to wear jeans into a Specialty dining venue—I think you could but, he wouldn’t–his preference of which I’m fine and dandy).



And here is the menu:


Dinner was delicious…absolutely wonderful!! And this is what we had for dessert the “Buttermilk Bread Pudding with the Pistachio Caramel Sauce” <~~~ HELLO…SO good!!


As we were sitting and enjoying our dinner, College Fjord was very quietly gliding by as we sat and gazed at its magnificent  glory out of our window seat.  Here are some shots we took while at dinner:


And then we headed back to our Stateroom and Chris caught a couple more shots. Here was a pretty impressive glacier—BTW, all of the glaciers in College Fjord are named after US Ivy League Colleges. 🙂 Some of the names include: Amherst, Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Harvard, Smith, Vassar, and Yale. This is Harvard Glacier:


And here it is cropped down a bit–it was a pretty hazy evening and we were I believe the Captain said 13 miles away.


As you can kind of see by this picture, we were starting to lose the light so Chris and I spent the rest of the evening hanging out on our balcony and watching tv…we are a couple of old curmudgeons sometimes huh?! 😉 We laid our heads down on this our last night on our Northbound Voyage of the Glaciers cruise.  One of which, as all of the other Alaska cruises have done in the past, left an indelible imprint in our minds and hearts, filling our very souls with memories that we will hold tight to for the rest of our lives. The next morning, we’d awaken in Whittier, Alaska and we’d be ready and very able to start on a new adventure, our Southbound Voyage of the Glaciers cruise.  As I sit here and write this, I am again brought back to that sweet, contented feeling that I had as I shut my eyes knowing that we had a whole week left in which to drink in even more sights and sound of this my “Happy Place”!

Here is a sneak peek at the next day’s 26 Glaciers Cruise, I canNOT wait to share that awesome day with you (and wait until you get a look at our next week’s Stateroom)…;).


***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤


And here is a link to Episode #10!





Alaska: Back to Back Voyage of the Glaciers Cruises: Episode #8 – NB – Glacier Bay National Park

It’s Glacier Bay day you say? Ohhhhhh ***h-e-l-l-o*** to my very favorite “Scenic Cruising” day! The feeling that I’d always gotten after visiting Glacier Bay National Park on each of the 4 previous times we’d been lucky enough to visit was one of complete and total satisfaction. The words that I have used to describe how this place made me feel are numerous and may sound a little gushy, but, pristine, gorgeous, breathtaking, soulful, perfect, and sweet describe just how I had felt when we had been there in the past.  I could sit here all day and tell you how I’ve felt about this place in the past, but, now, in this post, I will be showing you more than telling you about our day. Here was the sunrise that morning:


Here is a video that Chris took as we were getting ready to sail into Glacier Bay:



Here is the Princess Patter for that day:


I was up way early and dressed in anticipation of the day we were going to be having, this is the outfit that I started out the day in…


See that cape?  I love that cape, but, that cape drove me crazy! It was pretty windy as we were sailing into Glacier Bay, and I had a camera in my hands pretty much constantly, and well, let’s just say that I was doing more pulling down and yanking around of that cape while cruising along.  It quickly found a spot on a hanger in the closet and I donned one of my new “Alaska” jackets, the purple one reversed to the navy blue side, here I am much more ready to have my hands at the ready and on my camera instead of wrestling with that lovely cape:


And here was Chris, standing pretty much where he stood for the entire journey:


We had a lovely surprise that morning.  A great friend of ours had given us a gift of a “Balcony Breakfast” and we’d chosen to indulge on this morning.


We had some good eats that morning, a Princess crew member came into our room and set the breakfast up inside of our room because it was a bit damp out on the balcony (AND just to say, it would have been damp if we’d had a covering over the balcony, the rain was coming in side-ways for a time not just dropping from above). ANYhoot, here is what our breakfast looked like that morning–We asked if we could switch out the Champagne for something else because we were not going to drink it–Unfortunately, according to that Princess crew member, that wasn’t an option.  Oh well…we also had hot tea, coffee, and juice to drink.


YUM!! That was delicious!!!

Here came the Park Rangers, because Glacier Bay is a National Park, Rangers are brought on board so that they can commentate on and educate us about Glacier Bay (you can hear their commentary on the outer decks, in the Horizon Court, and through the stateroom tvs on channel 41).  They also hold a Junior Ranger program for the kids on board. They give “Ranger Talks” in the Theatre, anyway,  you can take a peek at the Patter above to see what all they do while with us.  Here are a few pictures of some of the information that they bring on board with them…you can purchase items as well.


I walked around by myself for a little bit of time and saw that they set up their table of information on the upper deck of the inside pool area.



And while I was out and about being nosy, Chris was catching some gorgeous pictures as we were sailing into Glacier Bay…Like I said, I’m going to be showing you more than I tell you in this post. 🙂 Get ready for some gorgeous shots moving forward from here:


We were starting to come up onto Lamplugh Glacier, first I’ll show you some pictures of this beautiful glacier and then I’ll put in a little video that I created while cruising up to it and while sailing passed it.


And here is my video:


We saw some hanging glaciers as we cruised as well:


I will admit that this day was not the sunniest day that we’d ever seen in Glacier Bay and it did drizzle on us pretty much the entire time we were in the Bay…But, y’all know what? It didn’t bother us one iota, trust me, *nothing* can ruin Glacier Bay Day…If someone did complain about the weather, and I over-heard them…well, if they looked my way, they’d see the disdain all over my face…get over it people! You are in Alaska, and you are in a place that not everyone gets the privilege to experience…so what, you’re a little wet…dry off and look past yourself and enjoy where you are and what you are seeing!

Anyway, I digress, we were now ever so quietly cruising up to the main attractions of the day. The Grand Pacific Glacier and Margerie Glacier. The Grand Pacific is nick-named the “dirty” glacier for obvious reasons (wait till you see the pictures that I will share with you from our Southbound voyage when I get to that Glacier Bay day, the Grand Pacific will look totally different):



Margerie Glacier sits to the left of the Grand Pacific, and the Captain will sit and allow one side of the ship to view it for 30 minutes and they he will pivot the ship and allow the other side to view it for the exact same amount of time, we were on the Starboard side of the ship, so we were 2nd in the queue to view.  When it was our turn…my oh my, it took my breath away just like it had done every time I’d seen it.  I will hush now and just add some pictures of the magnificent Margerie Glacier—Watch for the calving pictures, she really performed for us that day.  And then I have a video of me commentating that will morf into that gorgeous ice flow’s calving events that it was kind enough to share with us that day.  Here goes:


1V4A09121V4A1007.jpg1V4A1019.JPG1V4A1029.JPG1V4A1073.JPG1V4A09351V4A09391V4A09421V4A09451V4A0955And here is my video of me commentating and giving some “Fun Facts” about these two amazing glaciers–And watch for the calving events at the end!

Wow, well now, that was something huh?!  Here is a picture that I caught as we were ever so slowing pulling away from the beautiful Margerie Glacier–As I mentioned in the video, I wasn’t too, too sad this time as I knew that we’d be back again the very next week…how lucky were we?!!


Chris and I were pretty hungry by this point, so we skipped on off to the Horizon Court for a late lunch:



We walked around the ship for a little while, here is what the outdoor pool looked like on that day:


We headed back to our stateroom just in time to see the boat coming back to pick up the Park Rangers, they disembarked when we got back out of Glacier Bay…bye bye girls, see y’all in a week!


Right after we exited Glacier Bay the Naturalist started commentating from the Bridge, as with the Park Rangers, her voice could be heard on the outer decks, in the Horizon Court, and via the stateroom tv, channel 41.


We chose to stand on our balcony for this wildlife spotting event.  Here is what we saw floating on by our ship…I was thrilled!!!


Let’s try to zoom in on one of these little dudes:


Would you look at that?!  It was Sea Otters!! They were SO cute, they floated by on their backs like they didn’t have a care in the world…and they looked at us like as if to say, “Are y’all crazy?”.  “*This* right here, where we are, is the LIFE!!”  😉 Of course, our bodies might not be quite as adept at handling the water temperatures as these little (that aren’t so little…they are about 5′ long!) tykes are! 🙂

And then as Gloeta was just finishing up with her commentary, we spotted a humpback blow and three little seals as well. I took this picture below…I was completely lucky to catch that whale blow…haha…and you can see the three seal heads bobbing in the background.


I remember that evening, the rain had finally moved out and we were enjoying standing out on our balcony and drinking in the sights…Honestly, we had no desire to go to one of the shows, we’d much rather watch the show that was going on right outside. 🙂


As our light started to fade, we caught one more glimpse of one more humpback whale that evening…


And our day was done, again, this day in Glacier Bay did not disappoint. I was again amazing, humbled, and blown away by the beauty and grandeur of that place.  I was extremely happy that we’d be back once more before we returned home. I remember saying a prayer of thanks for that fact.  Again, when my head hit the pillow that night, I was just about as content as a girl could be.

The next day, we’d be cruising in College Fjord, here is a sneak peek:


***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~~Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

And here is a link to Episode #9!


Alaska: Back to Back Voyage of the Glaciers Cruises – Episode #7 – Skagway-Chilkoot Charters Yukon Rail & Bus Tour

Northward we travel on our adventure! On this morning, we arrived in Skagway, Alaska our third and last port of call on this Northbound Voyage of the Glaciers trip–We’d be doing 2 “Scenic Cruising” days after Skagway.  On this morning, it looked like our good weather luck had run out. 😉 There were low lying clouds and mist at the dock.


As I always like to say though, “Please do *not* book your cruise to Alaska based on the weather!”.  The weather is ever changing and can go from sunny and warm to rainy and chilly in the course of just a few hours.  So we were not upset about this change in weather at all.  I did do a quick morning video, but it was not a Facebook Live video because the cell service was pretty awful there and I could not get a strong enough connection to maintain a Facebook Live video.  Here is what I did make though:


(OH btw, did you see that landslide in the video? We’ll revisited that once we start on our Southbound Voyage of the Glaciers cruise).

As you heard me say in the video, we’d be taking an Excursion with Chilkoot Charters and Tours and we’d be doing the Yukon Rail & Bus Tour.  Our tour started pretty early that morning so I went ahead and got myself showered and put together for the day pretty early.  Chris had retrieved our regular coffee and tea from the International Cafe–We did not want to eat a heavy breakfast that morning as we knew we’d be on the go all day long…Sometimes my stomach rebels if I eat too heavy…so I abstained from doing so most mornings that we had an excursion planned.

ANYhoot, here is my outfit for the day, I took a rain jacket with me on this day too…so glad I did, I needed it later:


Here is the Princess Patter for the day:


Chris and I were off of the ship by around 8:10am and after a very short walk (like to the end of the ship) we arrived at our meeting place; we were scheduled to meet our Chilkoot Driver by 8:30.  We clicked off some pictures of the beautiful Coral Princess while we waited.


This is always my favorite port in which to dock.  Because of the clouds on this day, you can’t see the mountains that literally soar up behind the ship, but trust me, they are a sight to behold…just stunning!

It wasn’t long before our driver “Jenny” showed up in her Chilkoot Charters van, I will say, it was so much more pleasant spending the day climbing in and out of this van than it would have been climbing in and out of a motor coach.  Old “bad knees Arlynn” appreciated this van *so* much!


First let me say that Jenny was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of her, but, she was a cutie pie with pretty red hair. When she told her stories as we climbed the mountains in route to the Yukon, she’d finish each story with “And that happened on a “Friday” or “Saturday” or on another day of the week…I thought that was cute…she had a great sense of humor, I really enjoyed listening to her.  I wish upon everything that I could remember ALL that she said…I don’t know how she keeps all of the information that she imparted to us straight…she was a gem!

All right, let me show you some of the sights we’d be seeing on our way up to Canada…I’m just going to show you a couple of screenshots from Chilkoot’s blurb from their website so that y’all can get a sense of this amazing company–they are very organized and your day is mapped out beautifully!!  (Chris and I did the Bus up and Train back down):

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.49.25 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.50.39 PM.jpg

So we drove through the thriving metropolis (of course said in jest) of Skagway first before we headed up the Klondike Highway to the Yukon, Here are some of the sights we viewed on our way:

This is a snow blower…a very l-a-r-g-e snow blower!!!



IMG_1307As we traversed up that mountain, we saw SO much that I don’t quite know what was what to be truthful.  BUT, I have a ton of pictures to share and I will label the ones that I’m positive of what they are…

Here was my view btw…our van was only about half full, so I planted myself right in the center of the back seat…I had a great view out of both sides of the van:


We had traveled past a few “Points of Interest” already and Jenny regaled us with her stories as we drove…I was quite enjoying myself already! We’d passed “The White Pass Trail of Ninety-Eight”, “Brackett Wagon Road”, and “Pitchfork Falls” and one of our first stops was at “Bridal Falls” and while we were stopped and out of the van taking pictures, Jenny took her water bottle over to the falls and filled it right on up with that wonderfully fresh water:


SIDE NOTE:  My gracious, I look like a big MELON in that jacket…haha…I purchased that one before I left and ordered it up a size…I’m a big girl, but, I didn’t need that jacket to be *quite* that large…lol. OH well, I am who I am huh? 😉


We hopped back in the van and traveled on up the mountain and around a few turns and then Jenny said that we had a cool photo op coming up.  Bridal Falls from a distance right when the White Pass train was passing over the bridge that spanned the distance over the falls…Here are those shots…pretty cool (and it was pretty cool outside too…the temp was dropping the further North we traveled).


After taking a look at the “William Moore Bridge”, we stopped at the “Welcome to Alaska” sign for a photo op, Jenny took this picture of us with our own camera. 🙂 I’ve been wanting this picture for YEARS, so I was just tickled to finally be getting it. 🙂


So Northward we traveled, y’all can take a look at the list of “Points of Interest” above, but, now, I’m just going to show you some pictures of the beauty and grandeur that appeared in front of us…the skies started to clear a bit (for a time) and we really caught some gorgeous shots.


The Fall colors were out in places too…so, so pretty!1V4A0434


As we were traveling we passed through Fraiser, British Columbia its claim to fame is that it is a Port of Entry into Canada; we needed to show our Passports to a Border Control fella.  We were not allowed to take photos there.

Jenny decided to zip on past the “Welcome to the Yukon” sign because there were a couple of motor coaches sitting there and all were waiting to get their picture taken with the sign (we stopped later on our way back down to Fraser and the train depot where we’d catch the White Pass Train)…

We rode by “The World’s Smallest Desert”:


And our next stop was “Emerald Lake”…My gracious, it was breathtakingly gorgeous.  I took a little video of our time there, here it is (please excuse the wind, it was quite breezy that day):


And here are some pictures that we caught while stopped at Emerald Lake:



Emerald Lake was as far North as we traveled on this trip, so after viewing that beauty, we climbed back in the van and started to head back down the mountain, we’d make a couple more stops along the way, first up was to Caribou Crossing, a quirky little place that the locals have made into quite a nice little stop for tourists.  You can find more information by clicking on Caribou Crossing Trading Post.




It was a fun little place to visit, you could do a sled dog ride if you wanted to do so, or you could go and look and HOLD the PUPPIES which of course I made a bee-line to do!!


They also had a petting zoo there…OMGosh y’all, I was in Heaven!!  I purchased a little bag of grain and I took turns feeding “Thelma & Louise” the two beautiful Alpacas and I had enough left over to feed a couple of sweet little goats too. 🙂 I was a happy girl!


Fun times for me right there!!! ^^^

Next up was lunch…They make the same lunch each day right there on the premises at Caribou Crossing and you just walk in and they hand you a tray with your barbecue chicken and fixin’, and then you are pointed in the direction of a nice eating area. There was complimentary water and coffee available (I think coffee, I don’t drink it and Chris didn’t have any so I might be wrong on the coffee front…haha). (I have no idea what the cost of the meal would bed for someone who was just stopping in for a meal; our meal cost was covered by Chilkoot). And there was a bar in there where folks could get a beer, mixed drink, or soda…I opted for a Diet Coke…we paid a pretty little penny for that too. Regardless, there were donuts for dessert..YUM!


We had a lovely time at Caribou Crossing and when our time was finished there, we climbed back aboard our van and Jenny transported us to town of Carcross.  It was a lovely little place with the train tracks running straight through the middle.  The town was obviously erected around the tracks and the ‘business’ that they’d bring to help the town survive. 🙂 There were a plethora of shops in which peruse, many of them, well mostly all of them that I saw contained merchandise that was locally made by Alaskans.  I didn’t see anything that met my fancy, but we did get an ice cream cone which was delicious and we strolled around the town until it was time to head to the van and eventually to the White Pass train that would take us on our ride down the White Pass Trail. Here are a few pictures of Carcross:


Whoops, I forgot about our little stop at the Yukon sign…Here are a couple of pictures that we caught there:


While we were on our way to Fraser to catch our train, Jenny told us of, and passed around pictures depicting the story of the just how hard it was for gold seekers to traverse the Chilkoot Trail and cross over into Canada (there were actually two mountain passes that led folks to the gold they were seeking, the other one was the White Pass Trail–of course, where they eventually built the railway). ANYway, the Canadian Mounties could see that many of the folks who were trying to make the trip were arriving with way too little goods that would not sustain them through a winter. So a new law was put into place which required all prospectors to bring 1 ton of goods to the border before they’d be allowed to cross over into Canada! It was estimated that it took each prospector 27 trips to achieve that requirement…OMGosh, can you imagine. It is a very interesting story and I encourage you to go ahead and read up on it here.

Here is a picture of a card that Jenny showed us listing the required 1 ton of goods:


And here is a picture of said 1 ton of good that we took while walking through a little museum at Caribou Crossing:


Well, right about the time that Jenny was finishing her story, it started to rain…which was okay with us, but, we did put our cameras away for a while.  We transported from the van to the train seamlessly.

Unfortunately, it was so cloudy, rainy, and foggy, we were not able to get pictures of that White Pass…I do know it is absolutely gorgeous though as we’ve done just the train excursion before. I will show you some pictures of the inside of the train car and a few pictures that I took out the window of the train as we slowly made our way back down that mountain pass to Skagway.  It was a very relaxing and lovely ride, we chatted with other folks in our train car and just relaxed.


There was a stove in each car, and trust me, we needed it that day, it was quite chilly.  Also, there was complimentary bottled water in each train car.




I guess it took us an hour or so to get back down into Skagway. A Border Control fella came on board to check our Passports once again as of course we had entered the United States on our journey.   By the time we were ready to get off of the train it was practically pouring rain.  Jenny had told us when she dropped us off at the train in Fraser that she wasn’t sure it would be her who picked us up when we disembarked the train (it would be *someone* from Chilkoot), but, there she was waiting for us.  She drove us right on back to where she had picked us up about 8 and a half hours earlier.  We generously tipped Jenny as she had been an amazing little guide, and I might have even given her a hug on my off of that van.  We’d had a lovely, lovely day!!  I have not one more picture of that day though…I was completely exhausted, truly.  Chris and I hurried back to the ship with our hoods on our heads and umbrellas open.  I have no memory of what we did for dinner that night…lol…I’ve been sitting here wracking my brain, <shaking head>.  I’m pretty sure it was the Buffet, either that or Pizza again.  BTW folks, the Horizon Buffet was amazing on the Coral, honestly.  The food was always hot and fresh and the desserts were fantastic.  I’ll be showing and telling you more about that in a future blog post.

All right, I’ll close this one out as our day in Skagway was coming to a close.  I didn’t do a lick of shopping that day, OH except for a baseball cap that I purchased while on the train, but, who needs to shop when there is so much beauty to behold and stories of the gold rush up the White Pass and Chilkoot trails to hear.  I was a very tired lady but a very satisfied lady when my head hit that pillow and when I felt the ship’s oh so subtle movement. I slept like a baby that night. 🙂

Next up, my very favorite day, a “Scenic Cruising” day in Glacier Bay National Park.  Here is a Sneak Peek:


***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Until next time, y’all take good care!

~Arlynn ❤

And here is a link to Episode #8!





Alaska Back to Back Voyage of the Glaciers Cruises, Episode #2: Traveling & A Sweet Visit

Okie dokie, it was finally *the* day, *the* day that I’d been anticipating for what seemed like forever! It was time to leave and head to the airport.  Here I was at around 2am that morning, finally all packed, freshly shower, and already sleep deprived because I couldn’t even lay my head down on my pillow; that’s how excited I was for this trip, I was like a little girl on Christmas Eve!  Our first flight was at 6:55am, but, you know, you have to be at the airport so many hours early now-a-days (although we did apply for and got approved for TSAPre✔️, so that did help us zip on through some of the arduous process of flying now-a-days.


That first step out of the door was the hardest, even though our daughter Christin had already arrived and would be at our house caring for our pups for the duration of our trip, I was in tears as I stepped out the door to climb into the car.  I hate leaving our puppers, so, so, so much.  And this time it was even a bit harder because our big Newf Sophie has been struggling with many joint issues as of late and I just could hardly stand to leave her.  BUT, I knew that she had everything that she needed, i.e. Christin, the correct amount of pain medications, new, large throw rugs strewn about the hardwood floors to help her get up easier, and a strong spirit, so I knew she’d be okay.  Still, it was so hard to leave. You can see the rugs strewn around behind me and the couch and beyond in this picture—Chris found many rugs like these at our local Home Depot and he purchased every dark brown one that he could find…Bless him!! ❤


Here are the three sweet puppers that we left behind in the very capable hands of our daughter…as I said though, I left with tears streaming down my face. ❤

Here’s Sophie (Newfoundland):


And Samson (Newfoundland):


And Gracie (Golden Retriever):


And all three:


All righty, so off we headed for the airport. It was the day before we were to climb aboard the beautiful Coral Princess and leave out of Vancouver for our back to back Voyage of the Glaciers cruises. Our first stop once across the Country though would be on Vancouver Island, B.C (Victoria).  We got to the airport with absolutely no traffic issues…miracles of miracles in these parts, yes, even in the middle of the night. 🙂 We took a picture of where we were parked in the garage at Dulles Airport, quite the large hub of an airport.


We’d be flying Air Canada for all three of our flights on this day.


The first leg was Northern Virginia to Toronto on this jet:


Second leg would be Toronto to Vancouver on this jet which was the most comfortable of all of the jets we flew in that day, this one was actually quite nice:


Third leg would be Vancouver to Victoria and that is where we’d pick up our rental car and head to our dear friends Liz and Mike’s house for hugs, a lovely dinner, and wonderful conversation. First things first, we had to get there.  As y’all know, I cannot stand negativity, but, I’m going to get a little negative here.  Even though Chris had procured us “Exit Row” seats for the first 2 legs of the flight which provided me tons of leg room that was awesome, I still felt like we were two sardines in a can…what is it…have they cut 4 inches off of the seats? Or well, maybe I’ve expanded that much, but, dear me we were smooshed…miserable…tried (and succeeded) not to be grumpy as we flew across the country.  We were *supposed* to land in Victoria at 1:40pm local time, but, we were delayed so long in Toronto that they had to put us on a later flight…ugh…I was SO sad that that had happened. But, Liz made everything okay, she was so gracious, so loving, and so supportive in her responses when I texted her to tell her the bad news that I couldn’t be sad for too long.  We’d be late getting to their house, BUT, we would be getting there *that* evening!  Here is the plane we endured for the 11 minute flight from Vancouver to Victoria (of course you sit smooshed in the plane for 30 minutes before take-off and for another 15 as you are taxying to the terminal…BUT, the flight was only 11 minutes…haha.  <slapping self on forehead> ) 😉



This was me after that flight…I was pretty much in a daze by this point. 🙂


Okie dokie…We had landed in Victoria!! Woohoo, strike up the band, do the happy dance, breathe a huge sigh of relief…the hardest part of our journey was now behind us. So we headed to the luggage carousel to retrieve our luggage…well we got a bit of a surprise when my purple suitcase rounded the bend…the front pocket was gaping open and the zipper had been ripped apart…oh joy, joy…that was a fun piece of luggage to push over to the rental car agency and then out to the car then later into the hotel then…well, I’ll continue this little saga a little later.  😉 Here is the pocket I’m referring to–thankfully, the jackets that I’d stowed in that pocket were miraculously inside the large suitcase compartment.


ANYhoot, we finally found our rental car, loaded Liz and Mike’s address into our GPS (my phone).  It was a 45 minute drive over to their house from the airport…I tried really hard to slap on a little bit of makeup and put a comb through my rat’s nest before we got over there…but, truly, I could hardly breathe, the butterflies in my belly were definitely doing a dance for that entire car ride.  Vancouver Island is absolutely gorgeous btw, although I don’t have many pictures of it because I was too busy primping…or trying to anyway. 😉 I did manage this one shot:


We pulled up in their driveway and there sat sweet Liz waiting for us to arrive.  As most of you know, Liz was diagnosed with ALS a little over a year ago.  I could NOT wait to get to her to give her a HUG…Chris barely had the car stopped and I was stepping out to make my way over to her so that I could hug her neck! ❤


OMGosh y’all, what a sweet hug that was!!! Here we were a few minutes later:


Talk about happy, I was SO excited to see her…boy oh boy do I love this sweet lady!!! ❤

We made our way into their beautiful home and Mike had prepared us the most scrumptious of meals…that I did not take one picture of…UGH…I’m so sorry.  But, everything he fixed for us was completely delicious!!! We so enjoyed every bite. Then it was gift giving time…Liz has been building a beautiful dollhouse so I had gotten her some little items to make a “Red Wagon Decor” out of, along with a miniature Newfie doggie figurine (that looked like their sweet Newf Jack (rest in peace) when he was a wee pup, and a bracelet.  1V4A9626.jpg

After dinner we headed out to their back deck to chat for a nice long little while.  As you can see, they have a front row seat to the most beautiful cove I’ve ever seen. 🙂 And they get to sit and watch all of the cruise ships dock in Victoria.  Here are a few shots of the view off of their back deck:




And we even had some beautiful visitors come around:


The sun was was setting as we sat out there and chatted away…it was a wonderful, sweet time with Liz and Mike.  But, we knew that we needed to head on out and get to our hotel  back over across town as we’d be spending the night there and heading back over to Vancouver via another one of those planes and 11 minute flights very early the next morning.  OH those goodbyes were bittersweet though…my heart just about broke into a million pieces…truly! ❤ ***THANK you so much Liz and Mike for having us over to your home and for the great food, conversation, and love…such genuine friends y’all, I can’t even begin to tell you what an affection Chris and I have for both of them!! ❤


Chris and I climbed back into our rental car and begrudgingly headed to our hotel.  I was pleasantly surprised with the hotel though…It was the Best Western Plus, Emerald Isle Hotel in Sidney, B.C. (very close to the airport).


Here are some pictures of our room which was actually a suite with a kitchenette…very nice. 🙂



And what did Chris expend the rest of his energy doing that night? Yep, you guessed it, he fixed my suitcase’s zipper using nothing more than a butter knife, his tenacity, and his ingenuity. What can I say, the man can fix ANYthing! lol (I felt bad though because Mike had given us a roll of duck tape at my request to be used to fix that gaping pouch—no worries though, I’ll pay him back the next time we see them). 🙂 I was much relieved about that zipper though, I must admit. 🙂


Trust me y’all, I did not feel my head hit that pillow that night…I slept like a baby…And we were back up and moving very early the next morning because we had a flight to catch that would carry us back to Vancouver and to our awaiting cruise ship. 🙂




Talk about beautiful country…the Pacific Northwest’s views are breathtaking!

This was my outfit for this day, still looking pretty tired, but, this was after about 5 hours of sleep and a shower…haha:


We landed in Vancouver pretty early that morning, we actually were offered an earlier flight than we had booked…so we jumped at that because we figured that once we were in Vancouver, we could get to the ship pretty easily.  We had arranged for a Princess transfer from the airport to Canada Place (the cruise port). Once we landed we headed over to the luggage carousel and our luggage was literally the only luggage on said carousel …haha…we figured out that that flight was probably full of either commuters or those that had checked their luggage though to another far-off destination. 🙂 Once we had our luggage, I went looking for our Princess Representative that I knew wouldn’t be too far away, and I was right.  Princess has a little kiosk set up right past Carousel #6 in the luggage pick-up area.  We headed that direction immediately…


It wasn’t long before a Princess Rep showed up and took possession of our luggage–We had placed our cruise luggage tags in the front pockets of our suitcases and had placed them on our suitcases when we retrieved our luggage.  That was all she needed, we didn’t see our luggage again until we were on the ship. Nice!! She told us that we needed to be around between 10:15am and 11am (it was only 9am) and that is when we’d be gathered up and escorted to a motor coach for the trip over to Canada Place.  Chris and I took that opportunity to go and grab a bit of breakfast right there in the airport.


Chris and I had a hearty breakfast and then headed back to the Princess kiosk and found a nice comfy seat.  We met a lovely couple while sitting there and chatted with them, I got a lovely phone call from a dear lady that I’ve met through the Alaska Cruises on Princess Group on Facebook, her name is Eva and she and her hubby Steve live right there in Vancouver—Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to meet them in person this time around…but, we hopefully will do so the next time. 🙂

Our Princess Rep picked up up at around 10:30ish and we were escorted down a level and on out to our awaiting motor coach.  The traffic in Vancouver on this day was pretty crazy, our bus driver said it was because it was Labor Day weekend…it took us almost an hour to get over to Canada Place.


But then all of a sudden, the beautiful Coral Princess came into view. 🙂 AND it was time to start our cruise!



One of the members of the Alaska Cruises on Princess FB group posted this beautiful picture of the Coral as it sat waiting for us right after sunrise that morning.


Oh yes, the butterflies in my belly were fluttering again, I was so excited to be going to my favorite place on the planet, Alaska.

Next up, embarkation, a tour of our Mini Suite D407, and more! Here is a sneak peek of what our Stateroom looked like for the Northbound cruise…


And here is a link to Episode #3!


***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

Voyage of the Glaciers-Ketchikan (Day 7)

Hi All,

When I woke up and we were docked in Ketchikan I was full of mixed emotions.  On one hand, I was excited because I knew that the excursion that we had planned for the day was going to be amazing, we’d done it one other time a few years earlier so I knew what to expect.  Also, the weather was amazing! Ketchikan is located in the Tongass Rainforest, so it rains *a lot* throughout the year, but on this day, the sun was shining brightly and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky…how fortunate were we?! 🙂  But, on the other hand, I was kinda sad.  I knew that this might very well be the last time that we were going to see Ketchikan and its quirky beauty; it is a very colorful little city…

IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1349

My hubby and I spent the morning walking around the Coral Princess, eating breakfast, and just relaxing on our balcony…

DSCN0079 DSCN0078 DSCN00751V4A15531V4A15541V4A15551V4A15581V4A15591V4A15601V4A15611V4A1562

I enjoyed watching the floatplanes take off and land, there are tons of flight excursions that one can choose to take;  Misty Fjords is one of the major attractions out of Ketchikan and many choose to fly over it as opposed to taking a boat excursion.


Here are a few pictures that we took on our Misty Fjord’s boat excursion a few years ago:

IMG_1595 IMG_1618 IMG_1623 IMG_1635

After breakfast and lounging the morning away, it was time for us to head out for our excursion, we didn’t have to go too far, we literally stepped off of our cruise ship the Coral Princess and walked about 30 paces and climbed aboard the awaiting Aleutian Ballad for our Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour

1V4A2217 1V4A2216

As I mentioned above, we had done this tour one other time and enjoyed it so much that we had to do it again. I was glad we did because there were new crew members aboard and they told new and different stories of their adventures on the Bering Sea where they were doing one of the deadliest jobs on the planet…catching crab. The Aleutian Ballad was one of the crab boats featured on the 1st season of the Discovery channel’s Deadliest Catch.  It got hit by a rogue wave and was damaged quite badly; this is when they chose to start doing a tour out of Ketchikan, so when they had the boat refurbished, they had it refitted to accommodate covered tiered seating to make folks comfortable while sitting and listening to the crew’s amazing tales.

IMG_1278 IMG_1279 IMG_1284 IMG_1290

After they told a few stories we pulled into a little cove that was full of bald eagles, we caught some of the best pictures we’ve ever taken of those eagles–of course I knew this was coming so when they pulled into the cove, I practically dove for a front spot right at the railing…no, I wasn’t rude, just determined…haha. 😉  I think these pictures will speak for themselves…

IMG_1301 IMG_1306 IMG_1308 IMG_1313 IMG_1314 IMG_1318 1V4A2298 1V4A2331 1V4A2344 1V4A2350 1V4A2369

What a majestic bird!! I was amazed at their maneuvering ability and their accuracy when diving for the snacks that the crew was tossing into the water.

Here is a little video I took of our time on the Aleutian Ballad:

We then traveled around to some different crab and shrimp pots that the crew had dropped earlier and they explained the process of pulling/baiting/dropping said pot. We got to hold snow (or opilio) crabs, king crabs, shrimp, and other creatures from the sea. 🙂 I loved that part!

IMG_1429 IMG_1441 IMG_1443 IMG_1445 IMG_1454 IMG_1458

I was mesmerized by all of their stories and completely thrilled yet again with this amazing excursion. If y’all ever get to Ketchikan, I would highly recommend this tour (you can book it on your own, or through any of the cruise lines).

So, this was our last port of call, as we pulled out of Ketchikan I again got weepy, I so love Alaska, its sheer size, its grandeur, and its magnificent sites.  I do hope that we will be able to return one, or two, or three more times in the future, but I’m not sure that we will do so as we’ve chosen to set our sights on other parts of the world.

The next day would be a ‘sea’ day, and then we’d be pulling into Vancouver, B.C. We’d disembark our cruise ship, but our vacation wasn’t quite over…

Next up…Orca whale watching tour on our way to Vancouver Island and meeting up with a dear Facebook friend Liz (that I’d met through my Newfoundland dogs), her hubby Mike, and their awesome Newfoundland pup Jack…I couldn’t wait for this next part of our adventure!

***Update***  I’ve now completed all of my installments in the Voyage of the Glaciers Series and have included links to the next post in line (so to speak) at the end of each posting.  So, here is a link to the next post and it covers our time in Vancouver & Orca Whale Watching tour to Victoria… 🙂

Sneak Peek:



Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤


I’ve also written two other blog posts that go hand in hand with these blog entries.  Here is a link to my Alaskan Wardrobe Choices entry. And here is a link to my What’s In My Carry On, My Must Haves, and Packing Tips & Tricks entry.

Voyage of the Glaciers-Skagway (Day 5)

Hi Everyone!

Skagway, Alaska was our first port of call on our Voyage of the Glaciers cruise with Princess.  As I’ve mentioned before, this was our 4th time taking this exact same cruise; in years past, we had done a couple of wonderful excursions out of Skagway.  Two of our favorites were, one, the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad trip; talk about some amazing scenery! Wow, that was a great experience!  And two, the “Discovery and Animal Planet Recommended”  Musher’s Camp and Sled Dog Experience through Princess (sometimes we’ll book our excursions through Princess and sometimes we book them on our own).  As y’all know, I am a dog lover, so this excursion was right up my alley, I had such a wonderful time meeting all of the dogs, hearing the stories about the Iditarod, riding in a cart and being pulled by these awesomely trained dogs, and best of all, meeting all of the new puppies.

IMG_0852 IMG_0855  IMG_0853 IMG_0838


On this last trip, we decided to go with another one of the Animal Planet recommended excursions. Once docked in Skagway, we disembarked the Coral Princess and went to meet the Haines Skagway Fast Ferry that would take us to that day’s excursion at the Kroschel Wildlife Center (voted the best tour in Southeast Alaska).  The ferry ride was lovely and a naturalist was aboard and narrating the entire trip.  We spied an eagle perched high atop a tree:


It took us about 45 minutes to get to Haines on the Ferry and once we arrived, we met up with our next mode of transportation…an old charter bus and its very eccentric driver, “Bob”.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of that charter bus or Bob, but, I can tell you that he had some interesting stories to tell while traversing up mountains on our way to Kroschel’s.  He was a hoot and quite entertaining; he told us one story of how he dressed up in a bear costume and went to Skagway to try and scare the people! And I don’t doubt for one second that he did do just that, but, I think he is pretty well known in those parts, so my thoughts were that he provided entertainment and wasn’t all that scary. 😉

ANYway, we finally arrived at our destination and were greeted by our guide for the day, Mario, and he was holding a Hawk; this was just a small glimpse of the wonder that was yet to come.  The Kroschel Wildlife Center shelters rescued, abandoned and injured animals.  Steve Kroschel is one very special individual and has devoted his life to educating people and bringing awareness to the dwindling wildlife population through his documentaries and his wildlife center (unfortunately, Steve wasn’t there on this day, but Mario was wonderful).


And then we met the red-tailed Hawk…IMG_8299

From the moment we climbed off of that school bus I was mesmerized by Mario’s stories as he led us around this very special place.

After we met the Hawks, we met a gorgeous wolf named Isis–We were howling with her in this picture…haha:


And then it was time to meet a fox:


Then Lennox the Lynx and her cub:

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Then this little weasel…talk about fast, that little thing zooms around like crazy! (He was tiny too, I don’t know why I thought weasels were much bigger, but this fella was the size of a large mouse)


I believe this was a mink, it wasn’t the friendliest little creature, but it sure was pretty. 🙂


And then there was the Porcupine…Pretty, very gentle, little lady. 🙂


Below is Sue the Moose and I couldn’t believe that I got to kiss her sweet muzzle! (That older gentleman in the picture is Rocky, he is a staple at the Center, he was an integral part of the tour, he didn’t say much, but you could tell that all of the animals just adored him).


Next, we got to feed the reindeer…those antlers are as soft as can be and they were h-u-n-g-r-y, but oh so gentle when they took the dry oatmeal from my hand!

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And finally, we got to meet Kitty the Grizzly bear!  Unfortunately, Kitty’s is a sad story, her Mama was killed by a hunter who didn’t realize that she had a cub, so Kitty who needed shelter and care was delivered to the Center in a 5-gallon bucket and has obviously thrived since then.  They were not able to release her in the wild because her Mama was killed before she could teach Kitty survival skills.  So she will live out her life at the Center being lovingly cared for and sufficiently spoon fed with quite the sweet concoction of honey and oatmeal (among other things).

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ALL of these animals are so very well treated and loved so much; this is an amazing place with which to get an up close and personal view of some of Alaska’s wildlife.  They also give you ample opportunities to get some great pictures and they take their time and tell wonderful stories as you travel around the Center.  What an awesome experience! I would totally go back again if we ever find ourselves in Haines, Alaska. 🙂

Sadly, it was time to debark and head back to the Ferry

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And we were headed back to our awaiting cruise ship…