Alaska B2B Voyage of the Glaciers Cruise: SB – Episode #13: Haines, Juneau, & Ketchikan

Since Chris and I did an excursion a day at all three Ports of call on our Northbound trip, we decided to take it a easy and just do a little relaxing and some exploring of the Port towns on our Southbound trip.  I will be telling y’all about all three Ports here in this one post. 🙂

Haines Instead of Skagway!

First up was Haines, yes, I said Haines…haha. 🙂 I bet you were expecting Skagway huh? Well, if y’all remember, there had been a rock/land slide the day before we docked in Skagway while on the Northbound journey.  We were diverted over (which is just a trip down the Lynn Canal – a gorgeous fjord – from Skagway) so that they could have time to repair the damage to the dock over in Skagway.  Princess was awesome and provided all of us passengers with all of the necessary tools and paperwork with which to handle our day in Haines. They also provided extra Ferries so that all that wanted to head to Haines could and in addition covered the cost of said Ferry Ride.  Here is the Princess Patter for that day and also Excursion info and a map of Haines:


I was nursing a sore foot on this day, so I did not venture off of the ship, instead this is the day that I pulled together my Stateroom tour of our abode for the week, the Seychelles Suite D701. Here is a link to my YouTube video of that tour. 🙂

Here is my outfit for that day, I was comfy and cozy while hanging out on the ship:


Here are a few pictures of the Ferry activity of the day, it was a very busy day–those ferries ran all day long:



Haines is a beautiful port, soaring mountains and scenery was abounding!


Our dinner on this evening was at the Crab Shack.  They set up the Crab Shack on one side of the Buffet, they switch out the table cloths and even the wait staff wear different shirts…it is a lovely experience, one that I highly recommend. 🙂 AND the food is phenomenal; you do pay and upcharge for this experience…when we were here the charge was $29 per person (of course, moving forward in time Princess may raise the price, so please keep an eye on your Patter to make sure you know what is what while on your cruise).

Here is the Menu:


After we were finished eating, we took a stroll around the ship, here are some pictures that I clicked off:


I will have to admit that this day in Haines was one of the most relaxing days that I’d ever experienced on an Alaska cruise, my dumb foot aggravated me in that I couldn’t get out and explore, but, it also forced me to stay put and enjoy the quiet and serene port. I had no internet on that day, well I had 3g phone coverage which was super slow and I gave up trying to get anywhere online..haha. So I sat out on our balcony watching the ferries come and go, and I gazed down the Lynn Canal and at all of the beauty that was laid out in front of me…it was a party for my eyes on this day…no doubt about it!



As we pulled out of Haines, we caught this gorgeous sunset…so, so pretty!!





Our next stop on our Southbound cruise was Juneau! My foot was still screaming at me a bit, but, I was determined not to allow it to hinder what I knew I wanted to do on this day! First off, here is my outfit of the day:


One sweet Suite perk…is that we were able to go and eat breakfast in Sabatini’s every morning, we chose to do so on this morning because we didn’t have anything special planned other than to just walk around town a bit and enjoy a nice relaxing day.


It was delicious!!

Here is the Princess Patter for this day:


I also did a Facebook Live video on this morning:

BTW, here is a closeup of what is costs to send out your laundry if you so choose–for Suite passengers it is complimentary:


A seal came to visit in the harbor that day…too cute for words!!


We decided to go off of the ship and do a little bit of shopping and exploring, here are some of the sights we encountered.  You will see that there are excursion vendors lined up on the dock, I am not in the know about them, but, I did want to let you know that they are there:


I was so excited to be able to find this little jewel of a shop…I’d heard about it many times in the Alaska Cruises on Princess group that I Admin on Facebook, so I was anxious to find it and to purchase some spiffy soap that was made from Glacial silt.  Here are a few pictures and a couple of videos of our time at the Juneau Silt Soap Shop. 🙂


And here I am trying out some of that wonderful soap!! I highly recommend you go and visit this little shop and try some of the soap out for yourself. They do have a website as well, here is a link – Silt Soap Shop.

Here are a few pictures of the Mt. Roberts tramway, we’ve yet to do it…although I would love to do so, but, it was super cloudy on this day not to mention that my foot was screaming at me by this point and we needed to get back to the ship:


And then we had some friends (Bald Eagles) gazing down on us from the trees, never forget to scan those trees for those “golf balls”. 😉

IMG_8299 2

Here is a little video showing those beauties along with a few other things.

Of course, I stopped into a couple of shops on the way back and purchased a few things, and, of course, I had purchased some of that spiffy, wonderfully smelling silt soap too! 🙂 IMG_1673IMG_1676

We spent a little time out on our balcony that afternoon…there is always something to see..I love watching the ships come and go.  The rest of the day went off without a hitch, we just grabbed some dinner from the Horizon Court Buffet, hung out on our balcony, and just r-e-l-a-x-e-d! This lady laid her satisfied head on her pillow without a care in the word or negative thought in her head…it had been a wonderful day!



I could not believe when I woke up on this morning that this would be our last Port of Call on our trip…the time had flown by, I’d made tons and tons of memories, and I had a little twang in my belly that our trip would soon be coming to an end. BUT, I didn’t allow that sad feeling to overtake me, instead, I zipped on up out of bed—*well* that may be a little fib…I hardly ever “zip” out of bed, truth be told, I am not too much of a morning person…haha.  I need to warm up to the day for a bit of time with my first cup of tea. 🙂 We were situated facing the water on this day, which was fine and dandy with me, I love watching the boats and floatplanes come and go, I could spend hours just doing that. 🙂 ANYway, this is the outfit that I chose to wear on this day, I knew that we’d be heading off of the ship to go and take a little walk back to Creek Street and over to the Outlet Store to meet a dear lady named Aimee that was so kind in our Alaska FB Group in that she actually took peoples addresses and sent out a fantastic coupon book before folks’ cruises…what a wonderful gesture…I knew I had to head over and give that lady a hug in person! ❤


And here I am out on the balcony with Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam and Princess’ Ruby Princess line up behind us. 🙂


We headed to Sabatini’s again on this morning, that breakfast was the one Suite perk that we enjoyed the most. 🙂  Here is the Princess Patter for this day:


We were ready to disembark the ship once we let our breakfasts settle a bit…it was quite crowded in Ketchikan on this day, but, pfft, it didn’t bother us too much.  We stepped on the dock and made a beeline over to The Outlet Store where Aimee works as a manager. 🙂


And here are Aimee and I meeting in person for the first time…hopefully it won’t be the last!!! She is a lovely, sweet, awesome lady! ❤


I am standing right outside of Aimee’s store here, you can see how close we were…I believe we were in Berth #2 on this day:


Now, I will hush up and allow the pictures to do the talking, they are pretty self explanatory, Ketchikan is a colorful, fantastic town and very easy to get around in…we really enjoyed sauntering back to Creek Street and doing a little bit of exploring.  Here we go with some pictures:


It was time for us to climb back aboard the Coral Princess. We’d had a lovely time exploring!! In all of the years that we’d been doing Alaska cruises, we’d never taken the time to just walk around this quirky little town, I loved it!! Once back on board, I noticed that I had great cell service, so I did a Facebook Live video…Here is that video–It includes a great look at the Promenade Deck–which btw you can walk on ALL the way around on on the ship–a little tour of the Atrium, and then an elevator ride up to the Dolphin deck and into our Suite and out onto our balcony. 🙂


As I mentioned in the video, I set up shop with my computer and camera on our balcony and that is where I spent the rest of that day…the sun was shining down on me and warming me to my very soul.  Trust me y’all, I do not take for granted one second of our time in Alaska, and it doesn’t matter if I’m out on some grand adventure or if I’m simply sitting and watching the people, ships, and planes…I love Alaska! Here are some shots that I caught that afternoon.


I did purchase a few things while traversing around Ketchikan btw, here are some pencils that I purchased for our daughter’s Kindergarten students…IMG_8327

And here are some earrings, one pair for me, and one pair for each of our daughters that ended up in their Christmas stockings. 🙂 IMG_8328

And I used a coupon out of Aimee’s coupon book to purchase these 3 spiffy magnets…that will of course be used to hold things on our future Stateroom walls. 😉 🙂 IMG_8329

I also took a nice little stroll around the ship, this sign hangs in all of the elevators. 🙂


Someone sent this picture to me of us leaving Port…There we go, off for a day at sea…Check out that gorgeous sunset!!!


I have to admit that I had little bit of sadness as we were pulling out of Ketchikan, the thought that our cruise was truly almost over made me very sad. My only saving grace was that I knew that we had another Alaska cruise in the queue for the next Season!! Now *that* made me very happy and satisfied!!

Next up, our day at sea, a little picture tour of the Coral Princess, & disembarkation day. 🙂

A little scripture:

**If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Until next time, y’all take good care!


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Alaska: Back to Back Voyage of the Glaciers Cruises – Episode #5, Ketchikan & The Bering Sea Crab Fishermen’s Tour

Chris, as always was up super early on this the morning that we were oh so quietly sailing into Ketchikan; a quirky, colorful, little town that holds many sweet memories for me. Here is a video that Chris caught right before sunrise:

I was still snoozing away as Chris was walking around the ship taking pictures and gathering up his first cup of coffee from the International Cafe.


My gracious it looked like it was going to be a gorgeous day in Ketchikan! We were surprised and felt extremely lucky that this was the case as it is usually raining and cloudy in Ketchikan. I was actually able to take a bit of a live video for the Facebook “Alaska Cruises on Princess” Group (I’m one of the Admins in that group)—Feel free to go to that link and join if you’d like to do so). 🙂  Here is a portion of that live video:

And then as promised in that video, I come back for a 2nd Facebook live video…In this one I start in our Stateroom D407 and give a very quick room tour:

ANYway, I finally pulled myself away from talking to the folks (who I adore) in that Group and I got myself showered and dressed for the day.  Here is the outfit that I chose:


Here is the Princess Patter for the day:


Okie dokie, it was now time for us to head on out and walk over to the Aleutian Ballad for our day’s excursion.  As you heard me mention in the video, we would not be in Ketchikan for all that long on this day, so when making arrangements for an excursion, it was an easy choice.  We love this “The Bering Sea Crab Fishermen’s Tour”.  The crew never ceases to entertain us with their harrowing stories of their time on the Bering Sea when they were Crab Fishing–not to mention the fact that I’m a huge fan of The Deadliest Catch tv show, so I’m a bit star-struck every time we take this tour. 🙂

I took a little video while we were walking over to the Aleutian Ballad:

And here are some pictures that we clicked off while on our way:


When we climbed aboard the Aleutian Ballad, it was like I was home again..haha…We decided to climb on up to the upper deck and enjoy the views from a different vantage point than we ever had done in the past.  And to my surprise, I was actually able to take a bit of live video as we were sailing away out of the harbor.  Here is a snippet of that video:

And here are some pictures of our time on this wonderful excursion.




The Captain slowed the boat down as we passed “Annette Island” an island that is home to the only remaining Indian Reservation in Alaska.  Bald Eagles also nest right there on that Island and the indigenous folks encourage and appreciate the Ballad coming by and providing a snack to the Eagles…Now, on this day, we only saw a couple of Eagles because one of the crew told me that they consider the “snacks” that they provide as pretty insignificant.  Most of the Eagles had traveled to where the bounty of food was located…there was a Salmon run happening when we were there and trust me, the little snacks that the crew threw out did not in any way deter the Eagles from heading over for a more tasty and much larger meal in the Salmon. 🙂 Chris did manage to get a few amazing pictures of those couple of Eagles, here they are:


And here is one of their massive nests!!  Did you know that Eagles take a mate and remain with that mate for their entire life? Yes, indeed they do. Also, did you know that the Bald Eagle doesn’t get that beautiful white head until they are 5 years old? Yes, indeed that is true…I’m just full of fun facts huh? 😉 ANYway, here is that nest.


As we cruised through these beautiful calm waters of the Inside Passage, I had to stop and just take it all in.  I again found myself tearing up at the beauty and grandeur that *is* Alaska.  I again pinched myself to make sure that I wasn’t well ensconced in a very sweet dream. And I once again drank in every sight and sound and said a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to the Lord for allowing us to be right there in that place once again.  Chris happened to catch a picture of me was I was lamenting upon our blessings…here is that shot:


Our time on the Aleutian Ballad was coming to an end and I was quite humbled once again after I heard the crew’s amazing stories of their time doing the deadliest job on the planet…crab fishing.  Here is our picture with 2 of the crew on the Aleutian Ballad and some more pictures of the sights we saw as we were cruising back into Ketchikan.



We did do a little bit of shopping on our way back to the Coral Princess, but, we were moving so fast that I didn’t take one picture.  I did get a jacket though…it has “Alaska” embroidered on it, it is purple and reverses to navy blue; here I am wearing it in the navy blue.


We climbed back on board our big, beautiful cruise ship and headed out onto our balcony and watched as the crew prepared for our sail away…I was a bit sad to be leaving, but, this time, that sadness was quelled by the thought that we’d be right back here in a week on the Southbound cruise.   And then this little bit of excitement interrupted my thoughts…As y’all know, if you are not on board at the time of sail away the ship ***will*** leave you behind…so everyone is always super careful and makes arrangements with that “All-Aboard” time well plastered in their minds.  It is obvious that these 2 people thought that doing a bit of shopping *almost* caused them to be left behind. Yikes!!

And here are some of the sights we saw as we sailed away…



Later that day, we were heading through a place called Snow Passage.  We’d seen on our Princess Patter that our Naturalist would be doing some commentary from the Bridge. (Btw…all Princess ships have a Naturalist that is on board for their Alaska cruises…we had one on our Hawaii cruise as well):


So we had eaten at the Buffet when we got back on board from our excursion and had gathered a cup of hot chocolate for me and a cup of coffee for Chris and we were out on our balcony with cameras at the ready so that we’d be well prepared to catch any marine life that might want to show themselves to us and we cruised through Snow Passage…AND boy oh boy did we ever get a treat!!! Here are some of the pictures that we captured of the majestic Humpback whale…and yes, these were taken from our balcony on the Coral–that said, I did crop them down quite a bit (Chris has an amazing zoom lens). 🙂


This is a special whale tail to me…I’m going to jump ahead in my time line for just a second here.  The day after we caught these pictures, we went on a whale watching excursion out of Juneau and I had a chat with the Naturalist on board our whale watching boat and he showed me this book which contains all of the whale tails that they regularly see in Alaska and have categorized. I came back and compared a picture that I captured out of that book and low and behold this is one of the whales that they have pictured and categorized…Check out number #1758 in that Naturalist’s book of whale tails that are Seasonally seen in Alaska!!  I was blown away that I had actually SEEN one and was able to tell him where so that he could add it to that whale’s information!


All righty, we’d had a very full, very special day in Alaska…My head did not hit the pillow before I was asleep and dreaming of what our next adventure might entail. This lady was again in awe of the magnificent place in which we were traveling. Life was good!

Next time, I’ll share with you our day in Juneau and our adventure on that whale watching boat in Auk Bay. 🙂 Here is a sneak peek at some of the sights we were able to put our eyes on that day:


***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤


And here is a link to Episode #6!


Voyage of the Glaciers-Ketchikan (Day 7)

Hi All,

When I woke up and we were docked in Ketchikan I was full of mixed emotions.  On one hand, I was excited because I knew that the excursion that we had planned for the day was going to be amazing, we’d done it one other time a few years earlier so I knew what to expect.  Also, the weather was amazing! Ketchikan is located in the Tongass Rainforest, so it rains *a lot* throughout the year, but on this day, the sun was shining brightly and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky…how fortunate were we?! 🙂  But, on the other hand, I was kinda sad.  I knew that this might very well be the last time that we were going to see Ketchikan and its quirky beauty; it is a very colorful little city…

IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1349

My hubby and I spent the morning walking around the Coral Princess, eating breakfast, and just relaxing on our balcony…

DSCN0079 DSCN0078 DSCN00751V4A15531V4A15541V4A15551V4A15581V4A15591V4A15601V4A15611V4A1562

I enjoyed watching the floatplanes take off and land, there are tons of flight excursions that one can choose to take;  Misty Fjords is one of the major attractions out of Ketchikan and many choose to fly over it as opposed to taking a boat excursion.


Here are a few pictures that we took on our Misty Fjord’s boat excursion a few years ago:

IMG_1595 IMG_1618 IMG_1623 IMG_1635

After breakfast and lounging the morning away, it was time for us to head out for our excursion, we didn’t have to go too far, we literally stepped off of our cruise ship the Coral Princess and walked about 30 paces and climbed aboard the awaiting Aleutian Ballad for our Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour

1V4A2217 1V4A2216

As I mentioned above, we had done this tour one other time and enjoyed it so much that we had to do it again. I was glad we did because there were new crew members aboard and they told new and different stories of their adventures on the Bering Sea where they were doing one of the deadliest jobs on the planet…catching crab. The Aleutian Ballad was one of the crab boats featured on the 1st season of the Discovery channel’s Deadliest Catch.  It got hit by a rogue wave and was damaged quite badly; this is when they chose to start doing a tour out of Ketchikan, so when they had the boat refurbished, they had it refitted to accommodate covered tiered seating to make folks comfortable while sitting and listening to the crew’s amazing tales.

IMG_1278 IMG_1279 IMG_1284 IMG_1290

After they told a few stories we pulled into a little cove that was full of bald eagles, we caught some of the best pictures we’ve ever taken of those eagles–of course I knew this was coming so when they pulled into the cove, I practically dove for a front spot right at the railing…no, I wasn’t rude, just determined…haha. 😉  I think these pictures will speak for themselves…

IMG_1301 IMG_1306 IMG_1308 IMG_1313 IMG_1314 IMG_1318 1V4A2298 1V4A2331 1V4A2344 1V4A2350 1V4A2369

What a majestic bird!! I was amazed at their maneuvering ability and their accuracy when diving for the snacks that the crew was tossing into the water.

Here is a little video I took of our time on the Aleutian Ballad:

We then traveled around to some different crab and shrimp pots that the crew had dropped earlier and they explained the process of pulling/baiting/dropping said pot. We got to hold snow (or opilio) crabs, king crabs, shrimp, and other creatures from the sea. 🙂 I loved that part!

IMG_1429 IMG_1441 IMG_1443 IMG_1445 IMG_1454 IMG_1458

I was mesmerized by all of their stories and completely thrilled yet again with this amazing excursion. If y’all ever get to Ketchikan, I would highly recommend this tour (you can book it on your own, or through any of the cruise lines).

So, this was our last port of call, as we pulled out of Ketchikan I again got weepy, I so love Alaska, its sheer size, its grandeur, and its magnificent sites.  I do hope that we will be able to return one, or two, or three more times in the future, but I’m not sure that we will do so as we’ve chosen to set our sights on other parts of the world.

The next day would be a ‘sea’ day, and then we’d be pulling into Vancouver, B.C. We’d disembark our cruise ship, but our vacation wasn’t quite over…

Next up…Orca whale watching tour on our way to Vancouver Island and meeting up with a dear Facebook friend Liz (that I’d met through my Newfoundland dogs), her hubby Mike, and their awesome Newfoundland pup Jack…I couldn’t wait for this next part of our adventure!

***Update***  I’ve now completed all of my installments in the Voyage of the Glaciers Series and have included links to the next post in line (so to speak) at the end of each posting.  So, here is a link to the next post and it covers our time in Vancouver & Orca Whale Watching tour to Victoria… 🙂

Sneak Peek:



Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤


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