Hawaiian Cruise: Picture Tour of the Star Princess

As I was perusing through my literally thousands of pictures that we took while on our wonderful cruise, and when I started to pull pictures out to be used in this blog post, I realized that I had way too many pictures and that this would end up to be a very confused and discombobulated post.  So “Ms Anal Retentive” herself  < ~~~~ me, decided to make collages out of ‘like’ pictures via a spiffy little app that I have on my iPhone.  I have literally spent this entire day making these collages, but, I’m thinking that y’all will appreciate my efforts once you start scrolling through this post. 🙂

First, I will show you this gorgeous ship, the Star Princess from a bit of a distance:

Image 2 (8)

Image 3 (5)

She is a big, gorgeous girl to look at isn’t she?  I love the way that Skywalkers is situated on the back, I think that it really gives this ship a ton of character.

Now, let’s climb on this beauty and work our way from the bottom to the top. Here is a little map that will help us navigate (of course there are a few decks even higher than this sign depicts…I didn’t get a picture of that sign…lol).  🙂  Please know that as hard as I tried, I did not get pictures of every single venue, but, the hubby and I worked as a team and traversed around the ship a lot taking random pictures and did the best that we could.


Deck 4:  Gala Deck–This is where we caught our Tender Boat:


Deck 5:  Plaza Deck:

Image 6

I’ll go ahead and insert the collage of the Piazza here–It was breathtakingly gorgeous!

Image (10)The International Cafe…Yum, Yum!!


Vines Shop:  The hubby got us a really good candy bar from here one day:

Image (5)


The Internet Cafe:

Image (6)

The Capri Dining Room:


The only time we went in here was to attend one of their spiffy little sales that they often have going on on sea days:

Image (9)Image 3 (2)

Deck 6: Fiesta Deck:

Grand Casino:

Image 7

Passenger Service Desk:


Calypso Cove:

Image 2 (2)

And at the far end of Calypso Cove, you will find the Sundries shop:



Image (14)

This is also the deck where they would set up tables for different special sales…

Image 2 (9)

Image (13)

Promenade Deck:

Princess Theater:

Image 5

Shore Excursions (the Princess Captain’s Circle & the Future Cruise offices were down this same hallway:

Image 2 (6)

Crown Grill (This was by far our favorite place to eat):

Image 4 (1)Image 5 (1)



Meridian Bay:

Image (7)

Image 2 (1)

Image (8)

Image 3Image 4

Photo Gallery:


Vista Lounge:

Image (4)

Dolphin Deck:

Our Mini-Suite was on this deck, D620, if you would like to see a very detailed video tour, I created one on my YouTube channel, you can find it here.

Image 2 (3)

Image 2

The walls in the Staterooms are metal, so it is always fun to bring some magnets with which to hang things:


We used the Laundromat on this floor a couple of times while on board, you use your cruise card to purchase tokens ($3 a piece) which then can be used in the washers and dryers and also to purchase laundry soap and dryer sheets (I recommend you take your own laundry supplies though, much cheaper and they don’t take up too much room in your luggage) It is free to use of the iron and ironing boards :

Image 3 (3)

Image 2 (5)


Deck 14-The Lido Deck:

Prego Pizza:

Image (11)

Trident Grill:

Image 5 (2)

Neptune’s Reef & Pool and Movies Under the Stars:

Image (1)

Image (15)



Calypso’s Reef & Pool:

Image (2)

As you can see in the pictures ^^^above^^^ there is a terrace type thing that wraps around the indoor pool (one deck up).  They have chairs up there along with some ping-pong tables…very relaxing little place.


Horizon Court Buffet:

Image (12)Image 3 (4)Image 2 (7)

The Self-Serve Coffee/Tea Station, there is one on each side of the Horizon Buffet:

Image 4 (2)

The Crab Shack is also held on this floor, they close down one side of the Horizon Buffet in order to accommodate the Shack…SO, SO good, highly recommend!!Image 2 (4)

Horizon Terrace and PoolImage (3)

And then a couple more Decks higher is Skywalkers Nightclub:

Image 3 (1)

Unfortunately, we did not get any pictures of the Sanctuary, the Fitness Center, the Wedding Chapel, the Youth/Teen Center, or a couple of the Main Dining Rooms along with other places that I probably don’t even realize exist..haha. 🙂  BUT, again, we did our best. 🙂  It truly is a lovely ship, (a bit of maintenance is needed in places, but, that is to be expected on a ship this size and one that is ‘at sea’ as much as this one is–I’m not complaining, just stating a fact); the crew works extremely hard each and every day to keep it sparkling clean and in great shape! 🙂  Speaking of the crew…they were absolutely wonderful, everyone ALWAYS had a smile on their face, everyone ALWAYS had a nice greeting or a put forth a sweet “Have a nice morning/day/evening”, I never saw one of them in a bad mood or being grumpy…ever!

I have one more Blog entry that will end this Series and in that I will talk about Disembarkation, possibly some final thoughts, although, I’ve pretty much said all I need to say, and our trip home (including a video of our pups when we walked back into the house).  For those of you who don’t know, we have a Golden Retriever named Gracie, and two Newfoundland dogs names Sophie and Samson (brown).  Here is a picture that I took of them yesterday…

And…Here is a link to my final post in this Hawaiian Cruise Series:

Hawaiian Cruise: Disembarkation, Final Thoughts, & Home Sweet Home


Boy oh boy do we ever love our pups. 🙂

SO, until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

OH one more thing…Here is a link to my very first post in this Hawaiian Cruise Series — And as in this one, there is a link at the end of each post that will take you to the next one in line–in chronological order. 🙂

And ***one*** more thing…haha…I promise just one more. 😉  Here is a video that I created for my YouTube Travel Channel (Arlynn’s Travels) of the Star Princess picture tour: