Packing – 8 Day 7 Night Cruise Series: “My Must Haves”:

Yes, yes, I know, I have already written a extremely long blog post expounding in great detail about *all* of the things that one might need to pack for any length of cruise. And when I wrote it we were preparing for a 15-Night Hawaii cruise, so those were the parameters in which I was working, 15 days seemed like an eternity to be away–well for this country girl anyway.  Admittedly, there is a plethora of information in that one post and it might be a smidge over-whelming. 😉  All that said, since most of our cruises are 7 day adventures, in this new “Series” I want to show how I’m planning to downsize that extreme list and share how I am going to try like crazy to consolidate everything into one large suitcase.  In that other blog monstrosity, I covered “What’s In My Carry-On Bag”, tons of “Must Haves”, and I even included my “Packing Tips & Tricks”.  I thought it was time to break up the monotony of that long post into several separate, shorter, more succinct, and a bit easier to peruse through posts, especially since I’m going to be downsizing the amount of ‘stuff’ I take which will work well for a 8 day cruise–yes, I do count embarkation day as Day 1 and disembarkation day as Day 8–I’m talking Saturday to Saturday cruises here (or whatever other day of the week a cruise starts on and ends on exactly a week later).  For Hawaii, I took a small’ish’ Spinner suitcase ***just*** for my “Must Have” items.  Here is how that suitcase looked right before I closed it up:


Whew–I took A LOT on that cruise…I will admit though, I did utilize every single item I took. BUT, my goal is to downsize a bit considering 8 days isn’t that long to be gone, so,  I have gathered the following items to take along with us on our next cruise which will be to Canada & New England on the gorgeous Regal Princess this Fall.   So let’s get started.

Disinfectant Wipes:

The very first thing that we do when we enter our Stateroom is to wipe down all surfaces, door knobs/handles, the telephone, the tv remote, the balcony railing, etc…


Hand Soap:


Bar Soap:

We do not care for the shower gel that they provide in pumps in the shower, so we bring our own favorite bar soap…


Odor Eliminating Spray:

 I think the reason that I take this is obvious… *wink*…

(there are no exhaust fans in the bathrooms on a cruise ship)…


I never use Tums off of a cruise, but I always use Tums while on a cruise…


A Pop-Up Folding Laundry Hamper

This fits nicely into the Stateroom’s closet and collects all of the dirty laundry so that it is not spread all over the floor–Compact to pack too…


Clothes Peg Clip Pins

I mostly use these to hang up my shower cap on one of the towel racks inside the shower, but, they could also come in handy to hang things up on their provided clothing line (that is located in the shower–you can pull it out from a receptacle on the shower wall and attach it to the other end of the shower–I’ll show you a picture below:



Here is that clothesline:


I always take my own hairdryer,  yes, Princess does provide a hairdryer in every room, but, for my hair which is fine but rather thick, well, it just doesn’t do the job in a timely fashion.  


Here is the hair dryer Princess provides on all ships I’ve been on so far:

(I do hear that on the Royal and Regal, there is a hair dryer in the drawer at the desk, I’ll let y’all know when we get back from our cruise how that puppy works)

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.14.07 AM

Tide Pods and Downy Dryer Sheets:

Yes, I normally will do laundry onboard, yes, even on a 8-day cruise, so I throw a few pods and some dryer sheets into a zip-lock bag because they don’t take up much room or add much weight and I’d rather our clothes smell like I like them to smell rather than how they smell using the products that you can get on the ship…


Here are the laundry rooms on board the Star Princess’ Dolphin deck, most of the laundry facilities on board are pretty much the same and are on several of the Stateroom decks (check your ship’s deck plans to find specific locations for laundry facilities).  On the Coral’s Dolphin Deck the washers and dryers were stacked, on the Star they weren’t.   You use your cruise card to purchase tokens, one color of token that will start the washer and dryer and if you choose to purchase their products, another color token can be used in the vending machines–See pictures below:

Image 3

Image 2

Magnet Clips

The walls in the Staterooms are metal–I usually will hang up the day’s Patter or my Card Lanyard, etc…



A Flashlight

Just in case we lose electricity, one never knows you know…




Travel Illuminated Clock

I like to be able to see what time it is if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night…


Sewing Kit


Zip-Lock Bags


We purchased these coffee, and in my case, tea thermos cups on board our last couple of cruises.  Chris is so sweet, every morning, he takes these cups and goes and gets me hot tea and himself a cup of coffee from the Horizon Court’s self serve counter.


Image 4

Now, I know y’all are going to chuckle at me with this next item, but, I usually will take a small bottle of dawn with us so that I can wash up those cups each day–Yeah, my anal retentiveness rearing its ugly head…;) 


And believe it or not all of that stuff (minus the cups and the hair dryer) fit inside this Vera Bradley Grand Cosmetic Bag and will fit into my one large suitcase (hopefully, the jury is still out on whether or not I can fit everything into one large suitcase; if necessary I will add one Vera Bradley Weekender Bag).

BTW–As an extra precaution, I will put any bottle that could potentially leak into ziplock bags before placing them in my Vera Bags.  Even though the Vera’s are lined and I doubt if leaks would escape, I don’t want to take the chance. 🙂


Now to finish up this post, there are two other things that I always take with us…

 Small first-aid kit



A grab bag with different OTC medications, these things can cost you a pretty penny if you go to buy them at the Sundries shop on board, so I just take a smattering of things, pain relievers, cold meds, anti-nausea meds (we’ve never been sea-sick, but, this girl likes to be prepared) That Vera Bradley bag is a Large Cosmetic Case:


Well, that does it, I feel pretty good that I’ve been able to downsize the amount of items that I’m planning to take with us on our 8-day Canada and New England cruise.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around what other smaller more succinct posts to create, I do know that I will be doing these specific posts moving through the next several days/week:

  • What’s In My Carry-On
  • Tech’y’ Stuff
  • Packing Tips & Tricks

Beyond that, well, we’ll see what I come up with…haha. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take good care!! ❤

~Arlynn ❤







Hawaiian Cruise: Maui – Tendering & A Bit of Shopping

I was awakened on the morning that we arrived in Maui with the oh so soothing (not) sound of the little “Tender” boats being lowered down into the water.  As y’all know, our room was situated toward the aft of the ship, port side, and they chose to lower the Tenders right under our room down to be utilized to transport folks to shore.  Of course, I didn’t mind being woken up, after all, we were in Maui!  I will admit though, a wave of sadness came over me for a few minutes when I remembered that we were at our last port of call.  I wasn’t going to think about that right then though, I’d think about that tomorrow when we were bob-bob-bobbing along heading back to Vancouver. That morning, I needed to get up and get ready for our day. 🙂


The stupid saga of my feet continues, grrrrr, we again had to cancel a day long excursion that we had had planned because my feet just weren’t recovering very well, stupid feet!


Honestly, we didn’t mind too, too much.  Taking a little ride on a Tender boat, walking around town, shopping a bit, and having a nice lunch by the sea sounded really pretty perfect to us–we had been go-go-going for the last 3 days. We were content to have a bit of a more relaxing day planned. 🙂

***(BTW–My feet recovered completely after this day because the hubby pretty much wouldn’t let me stand, propped my feet up on a chair, and made me drink a copious amount of water for our 1st day back ‘at sea’..AND that did the trick, I haven’t had a problem since…thank goodness)***

Okay, so my outfit for the day…


Yes, I did wear those flip-flops, the next best thing to those pretty pink shoes. 🙂

And here is the Princess Patter for that day:

PP Maui 1

PP Maui 2PP Maui 3PP Maui 4

In the Patter there were instructions as to how one was to go about disembarking, we simply needed to head down to the Capri Dining room when we were ready to leave the ship, they’d give us a “Tender Ticket”, and we’d wait for our number to be called.  All in all, it was a very smooth operation–not surprising because Princess has this stuff down pat.  So off to the Capri Dining room we trekked…


And we were handed our Tender Ticket:


And then we sat down to wait:


It wasn’t long before our number was called (about 30 minutes), we were directed to go down a couple of decks (via stairs of course) to where we’d be loaded onto our sweet little **rocking** Tender boat…We saw this on our way:



Here the pictures will stop for a few minutes…That little Tender was rocking and rolling let me tell you…LOL…I took a look at it and then I looked at my hubby and grabbed onto him for dear life. It was going to be interesting getting ole “not so steady on her swollen, fat feet, bad knees, Arlynn” onto that ever moving Tender boat…


But, by the grace of all that is holy and with the help of the hubby and every Princess person’s hand that I could grab, I managed to step right onto that Tender.  It was then that I saw the hubby climbing the LADDER to go up onto the top deck…OH JOY JOY…Okay, I was determined and I managed to climb right up (slowly) and pretty much fell right onto the little bench seat and proceeded to slide my rear to where it needed to sit. Whew, that was a little harrowing, but, dag nab it, I did IT!! Woohoo!!!

It was a lovely little ride to shore, and because I had managed to haul my ever so cumbersome self up that ladder, my vantage point was awesome.  My favorite part was being able to see the Star Princess from the outside up close!




The view heading to shore was nothing to sneeze at either….



It was much less wavy when we pulled into the dock and I was able to climb right on off of that Tender with ease…The first thing that happened was that my hubby bought me a beautiful Lei…OMGosh, it smelled delightful!! AND the lady who made the Lei sweetly gave me a flower for my hair…BUT, it blew away within about 10 seconds of it being seeded not so securely into my hair (she had secured the flower onto a toothpick…now how in the world was I supposed to stick that in my hair and have it stay put with the gale force winds that were warmly blowing)? **Just asking…Silly of me I know…*** 😉 ANYway, here is that pretty Lei:


Windy?  Yeppers, VERY windy! lol…


The hubby and I set off to do a bit of exploring and shopping, really nothing too astronomically interesting to tell you about that.  We did see this school sign, it made me think of our daughter the teacher whose attitude is this almost every day of her life. 🙂


We were successful at buying some gifts for our girls on this day, we found some Vans shoes for a pretty decent price and they were really cute! We got the cupcake ones for one of our daughters…


And these spiffy tropical ones for the other daughter:


We also got each girl some pretty jewelry a necklace for one and earrings and a bracelet for the other. 🙂 My hubby treated me to some pretty jewelry too, he got me this pretty Plumeria flower necklace:


And then this necklace, earrings, and bracelet; a white plumeria flower just like the pink one up there…


After we had shopped for a little while, we stopped into a lovely, open and airy restaurant named Koa’s.  It sat right on the ocean and upon entering, we, of course, climbed the ***stairs*** to the top outdoor deck.  By this point, ***stairs*** and I were ‘one’. 😉

Here is the Menu for Koa’s:

And this was my lunch…OH goodness was it good, fattening yes, but delicious!  That pasta salad was to die for!


This was our view in one direction…


And check out what was over my head in the background …I actually moved to the other side of the table after I took this silly selfie so that I could look out over the water…


After lunch, we started to head back toward where we would catch the Tender boat that would take us back to the Star…I clicked off a few pictures along the way…


Check out these two ladies…I would have LOVED to do that, but there was a line…Next time!IMG_1546

AND the gorgeous palm trees, blue sky, and puffy white clouds…Exactly how I’ve always pictured Hawaii…12963565_10208803542236321_5271623714236508519_n

Getting a Tender ride back to the ship was as easy as could be, we just walked right up and climbed on (literally, because we climbed to the upper deck again…haha…BUT, I was able to take this little video—Well part of the video is of them lowering the Tender down in the morning, but then the rest of it is of our little ride back…

I’m such a goober, I was taking selfies right and left, but, how many times are you sitting on a Tender boat with a HUGE cruise ship in the background?


We were back to the ship…AND maneuvering OFF of that Tender was NO easier than the harrowing trip was ONTO the Tender…LOL…I’m lucky I’m alive to tell the tale…<~~~ Just kidding of course, but, it was really rocky and I again grabbed onto my hubby, any available Princess person, strangers, poles, the roof of the Tender… once I got DOWN the devil ladder, and well, I’m betting y’all can picture it. 😉  I was happy to have my feet back on that solid ship <~~~ Uh huh, that made good sense…LOL…Relative to the Tender, that big ship was like the Rock of Gibraltar! 😉

The rest of the day/evening was spent r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g and hanging out on our balcony watching the Tenders come and go—Scintillating entertainment huh?  Well, maybe not, but, we were happy to just sit and bask in the sunlight that Maui was providing on this gorgeous day in April 2016.

Here is the last Tender returning to the ship:


The sun went down over the western sky and our Hawaiian Islands experience had come to a conclusion.  The cruise was far from over, but, we had seen all we were going to see of the Islands…Kinda sad really, but, I do feel as if we will return again…Lord willing anyway. 🙂  Many thanks to the gorgeous Hilo and her waterfalls, to Honolulu for allowing us to pay our respects to all of our brave, fallen soldiers, to Kauai for her beautiful crater and gorgeous views, and to Maui for finishing off our experience with a calm, very sweet, warm, sunny day.  Hawaii will never be forgotten and we will hold all of the memories that we made while visiting her close to our hearts and ever in our minds.  ❤


I’m not quite done with this blog series yet…Next up, I’ll take you on a tour of the Star Princess–Via pictures of course.  I’ll show you how we enjoyed “The Crab Shack” & “The Crown Grill”, and..wait for it…THE LAUNDRY ROOM  <~~~ exciting stuff! 😉 I’ll also share with you some of the gifts that I brought home for my family, among other things I’m sure. 🙂  Then in my last entry in this series, I will give you a short synopsis of my all-over thoughts about this cruise.

Here is a sneak peek at the tour and link:

Hawaiian Cruise: Picture Tour of the Star Princess


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

***One more thing. 🙂  Here is a video that I created of our day in Maui after I had finished writing my Hawaii Blog—I also have a YouTube Travel Channel (Arlynn’s Travels):

Hawaiian Cruise – Kauai: Spouting Horn & Waimea Canyon

Our 3rd port of call was Kauai, I was really looking forward to this day as I had the 2 previous days because each day of this cruise had been an adventure and I was looking forward to whatever might come our way on this day.  The hubby was out doing his morning walk and taking pictures of the sunrise while I pulled myself together for the day’s activities (“pulling myself together” takes a little longer these days, so the hubby busied himself each morning as I primped…haha…;) ).  Anyway, this is what I saw when I opened the drapes of our mini-suite that morning:

IMG_1423And here is the outfit that I chose to wear on this day.  Now, remember, I had purchased those fancy pink shoes…IMG_1695

And I wanted to wear them on this day because I knew that we had a good bit of walking ahead of us, so this is the outfit I chose.  I’ll lament further on those orange pants a little later. :


The very first thing that I noticed about Kauai was that it was windy as all get out when I went out on the balcony to try to take a selfie…Note those orange pants don’t look too bad…Y-E-T…;)  The hubby ended up taking this picture…or tried to take this picture…I gave up after a while…lol…


ANYways, enough about those silly pants for the moment…

Little did I know that while I was pulling myself together, my hubby had caught some gorgeous pictures of us coming into port and of a lovely rainbow!

1V4A40911V4A4095There’s the rainbow!! 🙂1V4A41041V4A4122

And check out this gorgeous sunrise, the prettiest one we’d seen up to this point:1V4A4112

Here is the Princess Patter for that day (Nawiliwili is the name of the Port *in* Kauai*…

PP Kauai 1PP Kauai 2PP Kauai 3PP Kauai 4

Here is a description of the excursion that we had planned:

Kauai - Waimea Canyon Description

We disembarked the Star Princess and met our mode of transportation for the day, this motor coach:


Our bus driver was the nicest fella, quite full of information (and of himself…he was a hoot).  We started our 2 hour drive to Waimea Canyon with him narrating the entire way–He was full of stories and jokes.  Kauai was a gorgeous island and I was thrilled to be hearing about all of the old stories about its beginnings and its people as we meandered around and through lovely little towns.  Again, Princess does a phenomenal job when choosing these excursion guides/bus drivers/narrators…They are all excellent.  I know some people feel that they can save a plethora of money by NOT using Princess to book their excursions, but, honestly, it is worth it to us to go ahead and use them, especially on this trip, this was our first time doing this particular cruise and we truly would have had no earthly idea of where to begin to choose off the ship excursions if it weren’t for Princess’ guidance.  Shoot, even when we’re in Alaska (we’ve cruised there 4 times) we still use Princess…most of the time.

So, our first stop on the way to Waimea Canyon was here at Spouting Horn (and for a potty break if needed).  What was the first sign I saw when I got off of the bus?  This…LOL:


Really? Feral cats and chickens?  Well I didn’t see any cats, but there were a couple of roosters strutting around…haha.


This was a lovely little lookout type place, the water was so blue and just gorgeous, the grass was green and lush, we definitely felt like we were in the tropics:




And here is Spouting Horn:


Wow, that was pretty neat, I really enjoyed our little stop there.  It was time to climb back on the bus and head on up (literally…WAY up) to Waimea Canyon…


There were two ways that could be utilized to get up the the Canyon’s lookout, one was a set of stairs that yes, I traversed, and also there was a large winding pathway/ramp type thing that those with physical problems could use…Here is a picture of that pathway, as you can kind of see, it winds its way back and forth so as to reduce the pitch of the climb.


As you probably read in the description of this excursion ^^^up there^^^, we were getting ready to gaze upon what Mark Twain had dubbed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.  It was an amazingly gorgeously, ridiculously stupendous place.  I think the pictures will speak for themselves, so I’ll hush now and just show you the beauty that *is* Waimea Canyon:

1V4A41751V4A41761V4A41801V4A41821V4A41871V4A4190 (1)


To give you a sense of the sheer size of this canyon, the white blip in the picture below is a helicopter! 🙂  Goodness gracious!1V4A4211

Another couple was nice enough to take this picture of the hubby and I:


YES, it was e-x-t-r-e-m-i-l-y windy! lol


AND those stupid orange pants that I had on had now expanded to a VERY large size…What in the world?!  They stretched out SO much…I needed SUSPENDERS…NO kidding, I really needed suspenders!!! Sheesh…I was a mess for myself!  I know I’m a big girl, but, I do NOT fill up those pants in this picture!! I’m lucky I didn’t get picked up by that wind and whisked away down into that canyon…Well, if that had happened, those pants would have served as a parachute and I would have landed safe and sound on the bottom. 😉  (A girl has to laugh at herself once in a while…lol):


Okay, enough of my ranting and raving about those stupid pants…LOL…We headed back down to our motor coach.  They had a fruit stand set up beside the parking lot with fresh pineapple and candies and all sorts of yummy snacks and more of that fruity canned juice that we had had in Hilo:


And there was another rooster here and he was strutting himself around all over the place…;)


Here is our motor coach driver blowing into his conch shell giving us our 5 minute warning–it was time to get ourselves back to the bus…I’ll tell you, he really was a funny fellow.


And back to the ship we traveled being entertained the entire way (2 hours).

Check out what was waiting for us right before we climbed back onto the ship–The Princess folks did this every single day…Those cloths were damp and scented…ahhhhh, did they ever feel good!!


The hubby and I were very hungry and we headed to the Buffet for something to eat…I changed my outfit though, I’d had enough of those stupid parachute pants!! Here was my outfit for the evening hours…Notice my feet were getting better though because I’d worn those spiffy pink shoes. 🙂


After we got back to our room, we kind of hung out in there for the rest of the evening…Well, we really hung out out on our balcony because sail-away was kinda fun to watch.  The dock workers unhitched us…And the side thrusters started to do their job…


As I’ve mentioned ohhhh once or twice in this entry, it was really windy on this day and I guess it was so windy that we needed a little assistance from a tug boat to get us out of the harbor.  I had such a good time watching this little (relatively speaking) tug boat protect us from hitting the dock–as far as I know though, it never had to touch us, it was just there as a back-up if needed.


Our room must have been right at the pivot point because the tug boat stayed right below our room for quite some time as we made our way out of the harbor…



Once we got out far enough, the tug boat left us and we fended for ourselves to maneuver around and through those buoys…


We skirted the shoreline for a while on our way out of this cove and we came to this point.  I saw this golf green right on the edge of a cliff…Haha…My 80 year old Dad is an avid golfer and has had 8 holes in one in his lifetime–he is a “scratch” golfer (doesn’t carry a handicap for you non-golfers out there).  I know he would have loved to play *this* golf course…and particularly this hole…he loves a challenge. 🙂


Check out where the Pin is…Goodness!


Our day in Kauai had come to an end and as the hubby and I sat out on our balcony and enjoyed the warm tropical breezes while watching the sun set, we lamented once again at how lucky and blessed we felt to be able to do this awesomely beautiful cruise.  We felt so relaxed and were just loving being right there at that moment in time….Memories were being made that we’d hold in our minds and hearts forever. ❤

We were steaming toward Maui, and of course, that is what I’ll be writing about next.  Here is a sneak peek and link:

Hawaiian Cruise: Maui – Tendering & A Bit of Shopping


OH one more thing…I am going to insert some links in here just in case anyone might want to look back on my earlier posts that I’ve written about this cruise.  I’ll also include a link to my video (very detailed) that I took and narrated of our Mini-Suite (D620 on the Star Princess).

Here goes:

Hawaii Cruise Wardrobe Choices

Hawaii: Packing, Traveling, Dinner With Dear Friends, & Embarkation

Hawaiian Cruise: First Day On Board & 10 Sea Days

Hawaiian Cruise: Hilo – Waterfalls & More

Hawaiian Cruise – Honolulu: Arizona Memorial & Mighty Mo

And here is a link to that Stateroom Tour of Mini-Suite D620 on the Star Princess

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

***One more thing. 🙂  Here is a video that I created of our day in Kauai after I had finished writing my Hawaii Blog—I also have a YouTube Travel Channel (Arlynn’s Travels):

Hawaii Cruise Wardrobe Choices

I cannot believe that our Hawaiian cruise is now behind us…<sigh>.  We plan for months and months for our cruises, and then *poof* they’re over with way too soon.  OH well, there is always the next one in the queue huh?  I always like to have the next one to look forward to and to plan for.  Those of us in the cruising world keep a close eye on our “Countdown”…And I do have one of those sweet “Countdown’s'” clicking away at the moment…YaY!   We will once again be cruising with Princess Cruises; we are loyal to them and are now considered “Platinum” members of the “Captain’s Circle”…Woohoo, go us! 😉

Just as I mentioned in my Alaska Cruise Wardrobe Choices blog post, I am no fashionista, but, this plus sized girl does like to try her best to look put together and most importantly to *feel* pretty.  My wardrobe for Hawaii ended up to be quite varied as we began and ended the cruise in Vancouver, B.C which at that time of the year (April 5-19) temperatures were on the chilly side. We cruised for 5 days at sea on our way to Hawaii, then we were in the Islands for 4 days, and then we cruised back to Vancouver for 5 days.  So that said, I knew I needed some clothes to keep me warm and some clothes that were more suited for the tropics.  OH goodness, way to confuse a girlie girl! 😉  All that said, the little voice in my head was whispering “Don’t overpack, don’t overpack, don’t O-V-E-R-P-A-C-K!!!”. 🙂

Okay, enough of my ramblings…Let’s get started…

Here are the suitcases that I took…Yes, yes, I took two <~~~Don’t judge! 😉  One was for my clothes (purple, 29″ spinner–checked compliant), and the other one was for cosmetics (27″ spinner–checked compliant), my “must haves”, and an extra Vera Bradley “Weekender” bag so that I could use it for a carry-on bag on the plane on the way home; it held the clothes that we wore on our last day of the cruise, our last morning toiletries, etc…We also had to put our suitcases out in the hallway on our last night of the cruise so that they could be taken and readied for our trip to the airport the next morning.  Here is a link if you’d like to take a look at my blog covering What’s In My Carry-On, My Must Haves, and Packing Tips & Tricks.


The first outfit I picked out was my traveling outfit…It also served as an out to dinner outfit as we were meeting our dear friends Liz and Mike who traveled to Vancouver from Victoria on the day that we arrived.  We went out to dinner and had a nice long visit that evening…I was SO looking forward to that meet-up.  This is the outfit I chose, comfy, but still a bit dressy (and it didn’t wrinkle…an important little detail considering we were going to be traveling and sitting in a jet for the better part of that day).  It is a navy blue maxi skirt, pretty paisley blouse, and a knit navy blue jacket; it traveled beautifully.


Of course we left our house at around 3am and I forgot to take a selfie of my outfit before we left…SO, I improvised and took one of myself in the airport bathroom—OH Lawdy, the things that I do for my Blog…hahaha. 😉


Next, when packing I picked out the outfits that I’d wear on our way to and from (not in) Hawaii…I knew that it would probably be pretty cool (and it was) for the first few (at least) days that we’d be at sea–10 sea days in all 5 going and 5 coming back home.

First, I chose this pretty coral jacket:


And here I am on Embarkation day in that jacket, I was standing on the balcony of our MiniSuite D620  <link to a descriptive Stateroom video of our Mini that I have on my YouTube channel>. 🙂


Next, I knew that I had to take some of the most comfortable black stretchy slacks ever, I took 3 pairs of those as they fold up nice and small for packing and do not wrinkle. I was so sad last year when I couldn’t find these pants any longer–admittedly, mine are getting a wee bit worn, not horrible, but, enough where I’d like to have some back-up pairs.  I do believe I’ve found them again though, at, and I’ve ordered a pair up for myself.  I will let y’all know if they are these exact pants–Dress Barn had done away with them for a while.  I’m hoping that these are indeed my very favorite, here are a couple of links… Roz & Ali Plus Slim Leg Pants & Roz & Ali Slim Leg Pants  . Anyway, I paired those pants with different colored 3/4 length sleeved shirts.


I threw in a few light-weight scarves too, they didn’t take up any space and didn’t add hardly any weight, but, they added a little interest and cuteness to those plain shirts…

I just love scarves btw…Here I am in that coral top with a different scarf–I am with our pups–Gracie the Golden, Sophie the Black Newfoundland, and Samson the Brown Newfoundland:


Here I am on board the Star in two out of the three shirts w/scarves pictured above (you already saw me in the corall’y’ one paired with that sweet little coral jacket):

I had figured as we got closer to Hawaii, I would be able to switch over to some warmer clothing options. 😉  Here are a couple of the outfits that I wore…

I did take one comfy lounge around outfit–leggins with a over-sized crocheted top…I did not wear that crocheted top–Ummm, yeah, I put it on, and yeah, I took it right back off again…Definitely NOT as attractive as I thought it was in the dressing room in the store…UGH, I hate it when that happens.  So yes, I did carry that top up there along with the tank top that I was going to wear underneath of it and I never wore it. I did wear the leggins one day when I was doing laundry–paired them with a short sleeved top–nope, no pic of that loveliness. 😉 lol


We did go to the Crown Grill one evening, I changed into this outfit:



Okay, so those outfits got me to and from (sea days) Hawaii.  I did wash clothes on this trip as I needed those black pants for our return trip.

Now for the outfits that I’d chosen for while we were in Hawaii…





Kauai:  Here are those ‘lovely’ orange capris — Ummmm, NOT so much…See my Kauai Blog post to read about how lovely they were NOT after I’d had them on for like an hour…lol. 😉


I changed out of those orange ‘beauties’ and put this dress on for dinner that evening:


And for the last Island that we visited, Maui:


And here are the outfits that I chose and what I wore for trip back to Vancouver—

I was feeling quite tropical on this our 1st sea day:



And the 2nd sea day heading back to Vancouver, it was still lovely and warm outside:




3rd & 4th returning sea days…back to those spiffy black pants, solid colored tops, and scarves–I did wear my coral shirt on the 5th and last sea day:

And the outfit I wore home:


I did bring these two tops along to pair with my handy dandy black pants just in case we decided to go to a formal night (we really never do…and didn’t this time either)—My goodness though, those black pants are the best, so versatile!


Of course I took a bathing suit and instead of a “cover-up”, I threw in an old  black maxi-skirt to cover my not so lovely bottom…And no, there were no pictures taken…nope. 😉

I took some P.J.’s and slippers…


And that did it for the clothes…With my new packing cubes and sleeve, I really was able to easily fit all of that in my one large suitcase.  Just to say once more, our daughter Christin got me these two new packing helpmates for Christmas–She knows I am a notorious over-packer so these really came in handy! (I’ve written an entire blog post describing: “What is in my Carry-on, My Must-Haves, and Packing Tips & Tricks” I have links to YouTube videos in that post showing how these two packing tools work.

Now, let’s talk jewelry…Christin also got me a pretty Thirty-One bag for Christmas, it is specifically made for carrying jewelry.

Here is the jewelry that I took and I wore most of it:

And now for the shoes—Always such hard choices for me!

I found these cuties at Target:


Okay, I took WAY too many shoes..WAY too many.  Of the shoes pictured above, I wore, the black and blue slip-ons, one pair of the flip-flops, and the pair that I got from Target.  For those of you who have read my Hawaii Cruise Series blog posts, you know that my feet swelled very badly while on board.  That never happens in my every-day life, but, man oh man, I had a time of it on the ship (it had to be the food and all of the traveling)…the swelling finally went down when I drank a copious amount of water and sat with my feet elevated above my heart for pretty much one entire sea day.  ANYway, before we went off ship on one Excursion, my hubby encouraged me (made me…lol) purchase these, what I now tout as ***the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had on my feet***!! I purchased them in one of the shops on the Star (paid too much for them), but, I was desperate.  Here is a link for Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 in black (as I’ve ordered myself a 2nd pair for our next cruise…and for every-day use as well). Here is a picture of the pretty pink version that I bought on board:


Admittedly, I am a bit of a clothes horse, BUT, believe it or not, this is WAY paired down for me…honestly, when we cruised in Alaska last summer, I literally took two outfits for each day of the cruise…I did NOT need that many clothes.  For once in my life, I did not overpack!! (I did take a few short-sleeved shirts that I didn’t take pictures of btw…) I found that my clothes were dressy enough to go from day to evening except for the couple of nights that I wore the maxi skirt/polka-dot shirt and then the maxi dress to go to the specialty restaurant–my choice to dress up a bit, not mandatory for those restaurants (we didn’t do formal night as I mentioned above).

I guess now my next cruise post will be when I start preparing for our Canada and New England cruise—Hmmm, I’m thinking those black pants are going to come in handy once again! 😉

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

***IF you are interested…I have written an entire Series of Blog posts describing our trip.  In said posts, I’ve included tons of pictures along with my commentary about the ship and the ports.***

Here is the first link in the series–There is a link at the end of each post that will take you to the next link in succession. 🙂

Hawaii: Packing, Traveling, Dinner With Dear Friends, & Embarkation

***By the way,  we arrived at our almost Platinum status (before this cruise) with Princess Cruises by cruising 4 times in Alaska.  If y’all are at all interested in seeing what our Alaskan cruises were like, I’ve written an entire Alaska: Voyage of the Glaciers cruising series.  Here is a link that will take you to the first entry in the series; there is a link at the end of each entry that will take you to the next entry in the series (pretty much a entry per day of the cruise).   I’ve also written a blog entry describing my Alaska Cruise Wardrobe Choices . :)***

One more picture of me and my pups…I just love them!! ❤