Salvation Army Girlfriends’ Getaway: Funky Bow Cheat Sheet

Hi Everyone! I hope this little post finds you all doing well! Guess what y’all? Last summer, I was approached by the “Divisional Secretary of Women’s Ministries” for the Salvation Army of the National Capital and Virginia Division. She asked me if I’d be willing to come to the Salvation Army “Girlfriends’ Getaway Weekend” here in Virginia this October 2018 and teach and share how to make and decorate with my Funky Bow. I was blown away and honored to be asked and I jumped at the chance to help! I will be teaching two different classes.  In the the morning session, I will be demonstrating and teaching how to make the Funky Bow and I’ve also been asked to teach how to do my Tiered Bow as well. In the afternoon session, I will be teaching and demonstrating how to create a Funky Bow Lantern Topper/Swag…I’m also going to throw in how to make said lantern with bow topper/swag into a lantern centerpiece. 🙂 I have written up a “Funky Bow Cheat Sheet” to provide as a hand-out. I thought y’all might be interested in having these instructions as well. 🙂 I do many Funky Bow demonstrations on my YouTube Channel, and I will provide a few links below, but, this little cheat sheet might be of a help and should go hand in hand nicely with my tutorials. 🙂

Here are a few pictures of some of my Funky Bow Lantern Toppers/Swags/Centerpieces:

IMG_2886IMG_2895IMG_2903IMG_4167Version 2IMG_4243IMG_4249

And here is a link for a “Funky Bow Extravaganza” Playlist that I’ve created for my YouTube Channel”; I make tons of bows in each of the videos in that linked Playlist. And here are a few links for some of my Funky Bow Lantern Bow Toppers/Swags/Centerpieces:


And, here is the “Funky Bow Cheat Sheet” that I will be printing off and taking with me as a helpmate for those ladies who attend. 🙂

This is in PDF form, so if you click on this link, you will be able to print this out if you’d like to do so:

Funky Bow Cheat Sheet

I hope that this little cheat sheet will be of a help to those of you who’d like to try to make a Funky Bow.

I am super excited to go to this “Girlfriends’ Getaway” and help some sweet ladies learn how to make and then utilize a funky bow! I am honored and blown away that I have been asked to help out in this way. This is the perfect thing for me and it is yet another way for me to share what little bit of knowledge I have collected over my many years of crafting and decorating. No, I am not formally educated in such things, but, maybe just maybe, He saw fit to provide me a conduit so that I could help folks in some way. I am humbled and blessed. ❤

***In crafting there are no mistakes, only unique creations***

~Until next time, y’all take good, good, care!

~Arlynn ❤️

2018 Happy Fall Y’all!

Hi Everyone! I have been busily about in the last month and have now finished decorating our home for Fall. In this post, I will show you many pictures of each space that I have decorated. At the end of the post, I will give you a link to my YouTube “2018 It’s Fall Y’all” Playlist in which I share many tutorials of me literally creating many of the crafts, cozy corners, not to mention nooks and crannies abounding that you will see in the following pictures. The very last video in the Playlist is my 2018 Fall Home Tour in which I walk you through our home and explain every little thing and then set it all to music as I travel around the house in the evening hours while all of the soft lights glimmer and glow. 🙂  Here we go!


IMG_2873IMG_2875Version 2IMG_2884IMG_2913IMG_2917IMG_2920IMG_2921IMG_3010IMG_3016IMG_3021IMG_3022IMG_3024IMG_3027IMG_3033IMG_3039IMG_3044IMG_3045IMG_3046IMG_3047IMG_3049IMG_4988IMG_5008IMG_5014IMG_5023IMG_5041IMG_5043IMG_5044IMG_5045IMG_5066IMG_5160IMG_5166IMG_5170IMG_5179IMG_5180IMG_5182IMG_5230IMG_5240IMG_5244IMG_5245IMG_5246IMG_5247IMG_5248IMG_5265IMG_5363IMG_5374IMG_5512IMG_5515IMG_5516IMG_5522IMG_5533

All of those pictures covered the rooms that span the back of our home…Now let me show you how I lightened up the pallet and give a little nod (with a pop of color) to the Farmhouse. 🙂



And now lets move outside. 🙂


And that my friends is my 2018 Fall Decor! As promised I will give you a link to my YouTube Playlist on my Arlynn’s Country Craft Corner Channel:


***In crafting, there are no mistakes, only unique creations!***

~Until next time, y’all take good, good, care!!

~Arlynn ❤

A New Kind of Craft Bow!

Hi Everyone!  I’m so excited! Now, y’all know that I’ve been a crafter for pretty much my entire married life–35 years…whew, that is a long time. 😉  🙂  I have created many, many things in that time, but, my nemesis has *always* been craft bows.  A long, long time ago, I learned how to create a “tiered” bow, meaning that each row of loops in the bow were a little longer than the last…something like this, I made this bow for my Easter front door wreath:Version 2

Now, that is a perfectly gorgeous bow and trust me y’all, I have made many a project with that type of bow attached.  But, I wanted to learn how to do something a little different so that I could expand my repertoire.  So I went about searching around YouTube and I learned how to make a big bold “round” (for lack of a better way of describing it) bow.  This is the type of bow that I usually attach to the swag points of my pip berry garland that I have draping down our staircase.  Here is an example of that bow…which I absolutely adore!


I am always trying to push the walls of my little comfortable crafting box out and I love to try to create new and different things.  So that is where the new bow that I just learned how to make comes into play.  I found a lady on YouTube, her name is Julie and her channel is called “Southern Charm Wreaths” and she is where I learned how to do the spiffy bows that I’m fixin’ to show you–she dubs them “Funky Bows”!  I cannot tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with these very special bows and after learning the basic concept, I’m now putting my own spin on them! I will add my YouTube tutorial videos below each set of pictures–I’ve been busily about creating amped up lantern swags made with that sweet bow. 🙂

Here is an example of my very first lantern swag–I made this to go atop a beautiful red lantern that I found in my locally owned craft store here in my town.  Also, I’ve been adding “fairy lights” for the inside of the lanterns–you’ll see how in the video, but, here is a link to the fairy lights that I’ve been utilizing–they are very reasonably priced from Amazon and they have many different “flashing” options…Here is a link for my fairy lights :

By the way:  I explain and list all of the materials that I used for all of these creations in my videos, or if I don’t tell you where exactly I got them in the videos, I provide you a list in the description of the videos:



And here is my YouTube video tutorial:

I was so happy with how that lantern swag turned out that I was anxious to try another one, so next up I decided to take a cream colored lantern that I had sitting up on top of my desk and jazz it up a bit with a lantern swag. Here is what I came up with that time:


OMGosh, was I ever happy with that one too!! 🙂 And here is my YouTube tutorial:

Next up, it was time to switch all of my Patriotic decor out for what I’m now dubbing my “Cozy Country” or generic decor (I will share the entire transformation of my decor over in an upcoming blog).  First up, was my lantern centerpiece that I keep on my kitchen table. As most of you know, I reuse the same lantern and tray year round.  To change it up, I simply just switch out the decor that surrounds it and that I make for the top of it.  This time I again, kicked it up a notch and topped off this lantern centerpiece with a swag utilizing my new way to make a bow:

1V4A9193.jpg1V4A9212.jpg1V4A9189.jpg1V4A9191 2.jpg1V4A9194.JPG1V4A9189.jpg

When I was creating that lantern centerpiece, I also did a couple of other centerpieces, one of which I added a bow swag.  Here are those two sweet little centerpieces, one for on the hearth, and one for on an accent table that sits between the kitchen and family room:


Here is my YouTube video where I show you how I created these centerpieces:

Lastly, I moved back out to the front porch and gathered up that red lantern again.  I wanted to make up a swag that would look great to go with my “Cozy Country” decor out on the front porch.  Here are a few pictures of how that turned out…I was honing my skills now…haha. 🙂

IMG_6904 2.jpgIMG_6911.jpgIMG_6910.jpg1V4A9215.JPG1V4A9216.jpg

And here is my YouTube video where I show you how I created this pretty lantern:

I cannot tell y’all how absolutely thrilled I am that I have now added the new bow design to my list of crafts that I can create.  The possibilities are endless!  I have made a few wreaths with them too, I’ll highlight those in another blog post at a later date.  ANYway, I’m a happy girl over here, just zipping along switching out my Patriotic Decor for my Cozy Country decor (which will make transitioning over to my Fall Decor so much easier). 🙂

I hope that watching me step out of my nice safe little craft box will give y’all the confidence to do so yourselves!  Give one of these sweet new bows a try…you can do it!! And it is fun!!  And remember what I always say:

***In crafting there are no mistakes, only unique creations!***

~Until next time, y’all take good care!

Much Love!

~Arlynn ❤


YouTube Channel Info, Car Chit-Chat, & Hobby Lobby Haul

***NOTE***– My YouTube Channel is now back up and running! YaY!!!  Here is a link:  Arlynn’s Country Craft Corner

Hi Everyone!!! Arlynn here! Welcome back to my Country Craft Corner! Thank you all for sticking with me and following me on over here on my Blog site, this is where I will be if and until YouTube restarts my channel.  In the video below, I explain what happened to my YouTube Channel.  I also include a car chit-chat from yesterday and my haul from Hobby Lobby.  I am moving forward and not allowing this little hiccup to get in my way.  Y’all mean way too much for me to give up and stick my head in the sand…not gonna happen.  ANYway, here is that video!! ❤



Thank you all so much for following me on over here for the time being.  I will keep y’all informed regarding my YouTube Country Craft Corner channel.

MUCH LOVE to you ALL!!

~Until next time, y’all take GOOD care!

~Arlynn ❤

Switch-Out To Patriotic Decor

Hi everyone! Thank you all so very much for stopping in here to see what I’ve been up to as of late…a-n-d…I’ve, as you will see as we go through this little post, have been keeping myself very busy.  As y’all know by now, decorating and redecorating for each Season/Holiday is a passion of mine.  So as we were approaching Memorial Day at the end of May, I started to plan, create, and get myself all revved up to start my switch out to my Patriotic decor.  I normally will switch everything over to the Patriotic by Memorial Day and that is how it will stay until after the 4th of July.  So instead of talking y’alls ears off here, let me show and tell you (via my YouTube video tutorials and tours) how I achieved my goal of bringing in some of the Patriotic.  By the way, I only redecorated the back side of the house, I left the living room, dining room, and foyer alone.  Okay, so here we go.  I started with our mailbox, here is how it looks after I took inspiration from that mailbox cover—trying to create the same feel in the back trough that is depicted on the cover:


So while I was outside, I went ahead and did some more decorating up by the house.  I switched out the lightpost wreath to a deco mesh one that I had made last year, I also switched out the decorative flags, placed a burlap wreath that I had made a couple of years ago on the front door and then I added a few Patriotic things to the red wagon decor.


Here is my YouTube video where I show you how I put that mailbox decor together and then I give you a tour of the front sidewalk decor and beyond. 🙂

Next up, I moved on into the house and I started redecorating at our kitchen table by replacing my red and white gingham tablecloth with a navy blue one and then I added a table runner on top.


I made the lantern centerpiece to pair with that runner.  Here is a my YouTube video where I show you how I put the centerpiece together:

Next up, I worked on a few accent centerpieces:


And here is my YouTube video showing you how I created those three centerpieces:

And last but not least, I finished decorating the rest of the family room including several “cozy corners”, the mantel, the hearth, the kitchen hutch, and more.  Here are some pictures first, and then I’ll give you a link to my home tour video:


And here is my YouTube Home Tour Video:


Last but not least,  and a little bonus footage, Chris and I took a trip down to Hampton, Virginia to go to the “Bodacious Bazaar”.  Chris’ Mom had a beautiful wind spinner that we wanted to purchase and the vender that supplied that spinner was going to be at that bazaar.  Here is a little video of our road trip down to the bazaar, and then I haul what we purchased.

And here are a few pictures of where we placed that sweet bike, chair, & lantern shepherd’s hook.  Both spinners are in the backyard along with the butterfly balancer 🙂


And I brought a little of the Patriotic feel to the bike and the chair. 🙂


Chris rigged up some low voltage lights and attached them into those lanterns and they come on and go off with the rest of the pretty accent lighting in front of the house. 🙂  IMG_6340.jpg

And that, my friends, is that…As I mentioned above, I’ve been a busy lady. 😉 It does feel good to get everything switched over though, it was a task, but, one that I totally enjoyed!

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In crafting, there are no mistakes, only unique creations**

~Arlynn ❤


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…Summer!

As most of you know by now, I absolutely love to decorate and redecorate our home…I truly am in my “Happy Place” when I’m able to switch out to a new fresh look.  Such has been the case for the last couple of weeks when I diligently worked on putting my Easter decorations away and redecorating with some summer decor accents.  At first, I had told myself that I was going to use ALL of my red and white gingham decor pieces–the ones I had used for our Family Reunion. I came up with that idea after one of my YouTube subscribers has asked me how I set up my kitchen island for buffets or dinner parties.  That brought to mind the red and white gingham, mason jar, and gerber daisy decor and hence my decision to switch back over to that for summertime.  I did change that family reunion decor up a bit when I decorated though, I ended up using just a touch of red and white gingham and throwing in pops of yellow and red here and there. Come along with me as I walk you through all that I created.  Let me start by sharing a YouTube video that I created and where I show and tell about how I came up with the Family Reunion decor and accent pieces, talk about how I might set up my island for a buffet, and I demonstrate how to make a quick and easy centerpiece. 🙂

I was now ready to start the redecorating frenzy–And trust me, it is a frenzied event when I go to switch my decor out.  Thank goodness for Chris and his muscles and good knees, as he helps me by carrying bins up from the basement. The very first place I started to redecorate was out at the mailbox on the Monday right after Easter. 🙂 Here are a few pictures of my mailbox design, and then I’ll share my YouTube video in which I show you how I put said design together. 🙂


Next, I moved onto the other outdoor decor.  I switched out the wreath on the front lamp post, changed out my flags, switched out the gazing ball for a red one, and recreated the Little Red Wagon arrangement, finishing up by replacing the front door wreath:


Here is the little red wagon in the evening hours:


And here is my YouTube video where take you for a little walk down the front sidewalk and then I demonstrate how I decorated my red wagon:

All righty, now that the outside was all switched out, I proceeded into the house and started redecorating in there.  The very first thing that I worked on in there was the centerpiece that sits on the kitchen island, and to make a copious amount of bows to be used on our staircase.   Here is a video where I share how I put that together along with showing you items that I purchased from; it also includes a bow tutorial.

My next task was a pretty large one, it was time to change over some and create other new centerpieces.  So the first thing that I did was go around and collect all of the Easter centerpieces and arrangements and congregate them onto my hub, the kitchen island.  Here are all of the arrangements that I had made for Easter:


I was sad to have to deconstruct these beauties, I had worked hard on them. 🙂  Here is a video where I show you how I took these apart and packed them away and how I created my new centerpieces for the summertime.

Here are some pictures of the family room, kitchen, kitchen eating area, and powder room redecorated for summertime:









Here is a video where I show you how I put together this ^^ sweet little arrangement:

Now it was time to move on into the Living and Dining rooms–I didn’t do too, too much in there because I decided that I would leave my “generic” decor with the green accents in there for summer.  I did recreate my dining room lantern centerpiece and I created a new little arrangement in a mercury glass mason jar..first pictures of those arrangements and the other living/dining room decor, and then a video showing you how I created both arrangements. 🙂


And, I was finally finished…This process took me a couple of weeks to complete.  Here is a video where I give an entire house tour showing you all of the redecorated spaces up close and in detail (and I even venture upstairs and do a quick little tour up there as well):

All righty, that does it for now…As y’all can see, I’ve been a busy lady over here in Virginia.  We are ready to go (decorating wise) for summer, and it has been feeling like summer as of late too, temperatures have already been in the 80’s and 90’s! Yikes!! Welcome to summertime in Virginia…100 degrees with 100 percent humidity….Not even kidding about that…lol. 😉

Here are a couple of more shots of the house after dark, Chris did such a fabulous job on the outdoor lighting!


~Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations**

~Arlynn ❤

Outdoor Easter Decor (w/YouTube Videos Included)

I had such a great time decorating for Easter this year.  As I mentioned before in my It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…Easter! (w/Links to my YouTube tutorials included) post, I had only decorated this house once for Easter/Spring.  So, I did need to recreate the wheel this year–I love recreating the wheel btw, one of my very favorite pastimes. 😉 Unfortunately, I did break my monthly budget…um…by quite a little bit…haha. BUT, that’s okay, I will now have the items that I’ll need to redecorate moving forward in time.  I have really enjoyed the lighter and airier colors that Easter and Spring bring forth–it is quite different than my every-day decor and I am patting myself on the back for a “job-well-done”…haha…NOT really, but, I’m pretty happy that the creative juices flowed in the direction that my mind’s eye had pictured. 🙂

I have now finished the outdoor spaces as well.  I started redecorating out there with the front door wreath, if y’all will remember, I had the bright idea to use the same cream burlap wreath that I created using St. Patrick’s Day accent pieces and no glue for my Easter wreath.  So, I pulled my St. Patty’s Day wreath off of the front door and I pulled all of the green accent pieces off and replaced them with pinks and soft greens and transformed it into an Easter wreath that I truly love!! 🙂  Here is a picture of the finished Easter wreath and then my YouTube video showing you how I brought the transformation to fruition:

Version 3

And here it is in the evening hours:


So after that little task was completed, I moved onto my other outdoor spaces, one of which was my “Little Red Wagon” that I love to redecorate for each Season.  Here is what I did to that, one of my very favorite spaces to work within:


Then I moved on down the sidewalk where I placed my Deco Mesh Easter Wreath & Easter Decor Shopping Trips and Hauls:

Version 3

And changed out my decorative flags:


After that, I moved on out to the mailbox and finished the outdoor decorations:


I was pretty impressed that I could see the big pink bow that I had placed on the front door wreath… literally from the road. YaY!! 🙂  1V4A8956

The doggies and I posed for a few pictures too. 🙂


Here is my YouTube video where I give you a tour of the outdoor spaces:


Okie dokie, that’s it for now…I’m quite satisfied and happy with how everything turned out and now my mind is already awhirl with ideas of what will come next…been thinking of revising the red&white gingham/mason jar/gerber daisy decor that I had created for our family reunion…uh huh, that’ll probably be next once May arrives. 🙂

Remember what I always say:

**In crafting there are no mistakes, only unique creations**

~Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤