Christmas 2016: Burlap & Snowman Wreath (for Burlap Wreath Making Class)

I have officially finished my first crafting project for the 2016 Christmas Season. This burlap and snowman wreath was so much fun to create–This is an easy little wreath that anyone could create without too much trouble.  I’ve made a tutorial video and have just uploaded it to my YouTube Channel,  I will post a link to that below.

Let me give you a tiny bit of a back story about this wreath.  My daughter Christin is a teacher and one of her colleagues has asked me to come to their school and teach (what me teach?) a class showing how to make a burlap wreath. 🙂  So I humbly said that I would be honored to do that, and then I started to wrap my brain around what I might like to make as a demonstration for them–I thought I would make a burlap wreath to display, one that they could refer to as we were creating, and then I needed to make one while I was teaching them the steps–I decided to buy supplies to make two of the same wreath, I will be donating one of the wreaths to the school for them to use to raffle off, proceeds will go to their “Relay for Life” team to help combat cancer–A horrible illness that has affected our extended family several times . 😦  So, donating a wreath that could possibly bring in a little money to help…no brainer for me. 🙂

Here is the “Supply/Informational” sheet that I provided to them so that they could prepare for our little class:

AGBurlapWreathClass 1 (1).jpg

And I also provided this collage picture to show them what supplies I had gathered for my wreath:


Here is the supply list if anyone out there would like to make this wreath for themselves:

  • 16″ Work Wreath
  • 1 Roll of Burlap Runner (18″x15′)
  • 1 Roll of Solid Burlap Ribbon (5.5″x15′)
  • 1 Roll of Coordinating Wired Ribbon (for a craft bow)
  • Snowman (or other item of your own choosing)
  • Burlap’y’ Christmas Ornaments
  • Coordinating flowers…i.e. Poinsettias/Pine picks
  • Scissors, Pipe Cleaner & Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue Gun

Here is a link to my tutorial video on my YouTube Channel:

Wish me luck y’all!!  I yammer along here on my blog and yes, now in my video tutorials, but, I’ve never taught a class—I mean, I’m not nervous about getting up and talking to those folks, I just want it to go well and I want to be a help to those that attend…OH gosh, it will all work out, and in the end, this wreath will  help to combat one of the most horrible diseases on the planet, cancer. *That* is a good thing. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes, only unique creations**

~Arlynn ❤

***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE (11/15/16)

Oh my gosh y’all!!! I “taught” my burlap wreath making class last night, but, can I tell you something?! The ladies in this class were absolutely awesome and truly didn’t need too much instruction. 🙂  They were all very talented and they were ready to work to create something gorgeous for their homes…AND they did!!  Here are a smattering of pictures of our time together, creating, laughing, and enjoying one another greatly.  I feel like I have gained many new friends, friends that I will definitely cherish. OH what a wonderful evening it was!!

Here I am standing in the parking lot of our daughter’s school–Yes, I was a wee bit nervous and excited.  I was fixin’ to go and teach teachers…what?! lol


We were spread out and ready to go in the library–And of course, me, who is never at a loss for words started out the class by introducing myself a little bit…




And then we got started, I honest to goodness only gave a tiny bit of instruction as I was standing up there and then I started circling around the room and helping each lady get started, and they took it from there! I did make all of the bows that you’ll see, it is a skill that needs to be honed and goodness knows, I’ve been making them for over 35 years now…BUT, the ladies made my bows look fabulous and I need to take a lesson from them and how they fluffed them out and arranged them on their wreaths so beautifully—I’m telling you, these girls were amazing!!!

The ladies were diligent workers, here are a few pictures of them in action and in deep concentration as they let their creative juices flow. 🙂 I LOVED watching them–And I tried my very best to make myself available whenever anyone had a question–They told me that I did a good job–I will take them at their word. ❤


I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of this wreath and this awesome Mom and daughter team, but, it sure was looking pretty as we were working on it here–SO sorry I didn’t get a picture girls!!! (I’d love to see a picture of the final product when it is completed)IMG_0797.jpgIMG_0795.jpg

Hahaha…OH Lawd, we were in deep conversation here huh? LOL


Here are pictures of the ladies with their gorgeous creations (some of the wreaths didn’t get completely finished, but, ALL were so, so, so pretty no matter the state in which they left). 🙂

First, let me say that this sweet lady didn’t need my help at all–She said she came for the camaraderie (and trust me this was a wonderful group of ladies with which to spend time), check out the beautiful wreath that she created! WTG Nancy!!


And here are the rest of the ladies that I was able to help…Again, I was amazed at their creativity, tenacity, and desire to make beautiful Christmas wreaths for their homes. 🙂

Here is Kate–That plaid ribbon…OH yes, I need some of that!! Such a pretty wreath!  The accent pieces that she chose to pair with that ribbon…so, so, so pretty!! 🙂


This is Janice–I can’t wait to see her finished product, you should have seen some of the accent pieces that she had at the ready, we just ran out of time……Such a lovely wreath in the making though. 🙂

IMG_0804 (1).jpg

This Peggy with her big, beautiful deco mesh wreath–She didn’t quite get it finished, but, again, it is going to be just gorgeous when she adds her other lovely other accent pieces. 🙂


This is Joan—Her wreath looks SO pretty and it matches her genuine sweetness…All she needs to do is to add her lettering and a few more accent pieces…Wow, is that ever going to make a statement wherever it gets hung. 🙂


This is Denise and she is the lady that pulled our evening together (thank you Denise!!). 🙂


And this is Tabitha—I kind of sprung a little ‘surprise’ on her…and thank goodness she was a willing participant with my surprise.  At first, I fully intended to demonstrate how to make a burlap wreath by actually going through the steps as I made my own wreath explaining as I went–trust me, there would have been no way that I could have made a wreath while there, I ran around answering questions, making bows, and chatting it up with these ladies–I’m a pretty good multi-tasker…but, not that good…lol. 😉  As I stated above in my original blog post, I made that other Snowman wreath to set up as a demo and I also donated it to the school to help raise funds for their Relay for Life team (or for whatever other good cause for which they might want to use the proceeds–They will be raffling it off). 🙂 ANYway–I had brought along all of the parts and pieces to make an identical wreath and thankfully Tabitha said that she would stay to create it — At the end of the evening, she took her beautiful creation home with her; she did a fabulous job!!!


Our daughter Christin is one very, very lucky young lady to have all of these wonderful women in her life…They are all very, very special!!! VERY special!  Christin was there too btw, she is the one that clicked off these pictures, and in her own quiet way, she also helped some of the ladies by answering questions and sharing her own talents.

**To all of you ladies that attended, know that you touched my heart of hearts with your kind words, your desire to create, and your sweet, sweet ways–My life is forever changed after meeting all of you and spending time creating with you!  Thank you for having me and for trusting in my ability to help y’all make something that you’ll have in your homes for many Christmases in the future…(((HUGS))) all around!!***

Life is good!!!

Until next time, ya’ll take good care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations**

~Arlynn ❤

Canada & New England: Halifax, Nova Scotia–Arrival, Lunch With Dear Friend, & Peggy’s Cove

When I woke up on this morning, I couldn’t believe that we were already at our last Port of Call in Halifax, Nova Scotia; this cruise had flown by way too fast!! As always, Chris was taking his morning walk, getting his coffee, doing his crossword puzzles, and catching some really great pictures.

Check out this pretty ship, the Seabourn Quest:


To show you how far away this ship really was, here is that picture before it was cropped:


Check out this pretty Lighthouse…1v4a7716

And here is another Lighthouse, only problem is, well, could they have put the cell tower out of the direct line of sight of the Lighthouse? Check it out…


Those cliffs are pretty amazing though huh? Wow!!

My outfit for the day:


Check out this Canadian Navy’s Submarine!  The Captain actually came over the public address system to alert us to their presence. 🙂  We all walked out and waved to them. 🙂


Here comes the Pilot to help us navigate through the local waterways…



Here is the Carnival Pride again, she’d been with us at every port:


We’d noticed that several of the Ports that we had come alongside (not tender ports) on this trip had been very industrial in nature.  Chris and I are more accustomed to the Alaska ports which cater more specifically to cruise ships where shopping and other cruising/tourist related activities are more easily accessible. Actually, we think that Alaska is the exception because Hawaii’s ports were similar to the ones that we experienced on this trip.  One thing that we have noticed though is that because the ports are industrial in nature, the local folks have tried to make a more welcoming facade by providing tents or booths where they sell their wares.  In Halifax for instance, the entire cruise terminal was full of booths from one end to the other–In St. John, they had a huge tent set up for their folks. Anyway, just an observation that we made while on this trip…

Here is the Princess Patter and Halifax Port information:







IMG_2045.jpgHere we are snugged up against Pier 21…


That bagpiper was awesome!!!


So now that we were securely moored up in Halifax, Chris and I made our way off of the ship–Of course, the elevators, as always, told the tale of where we’d be for the day.


As I mentioned in the video up there ^^, we’d be meeting my dear friend Nancy and her sister Jane today–I met Nancy via Facebook back in 2008, 2 days after I joined Facebook.  She had a Newfoundland dog too and we had a ton in common and as we got to know one another better through the years, we figured out that we had much more than our pups in common. 🙂  Our first task after disembarking was to pick up our rental car from the Hertz place.  (Chris made those arrangements online before we even left home) … The Hertz building—really it was just a small room inside of another building right off of the street about 2 blocks from the cruise terminal–easily enough found. 🙂


Here was our mode of transportation for the day:


We had printed off directions to where we were to meet Nancy and Jane so off we drove through the streets of Halifax.  A pretty little city with very busy streets as there were several cruise ships in port on this day.



We managed to find the restaurant pretty easily and we parked and waited for Nancy and Jane to arrive. 🙂  I had butterflies fluttering around in my belly big time…I was so excited!!! They pulled into the parking lot and then the HUGS began!!! 🙂  It was so nice to finally meet Nancy in person!! ❤


Yes, the tears were flowing through those smiles!!! ❤img_1612

We had a lovely time together exchanging gifts, here is one thing that Nancy made for me…How talented is she?!  Wow, I was blown away!! And I will cherish that very special gift forever!! ❤


One more picture before we said our goodbyes…I was so sad to leave her side, no doubt about that…:'(


–All right…Moving on to our next destination…Chris and I left there and started driving toward Peggy’s Cove–It was about a 45 minute drive–very pretty, and an easy trip to do on your own–it is really not necessary to take a planned (Princess) excursion, just rent a car and head on out.  If you don’t have a cell plan that would provide you with a GPS, make sure your rental car has one or you print off the directions before leaving home.

The leaves were gorgeous on our way…



And before we knew it, we were arriving in the sweet little town of Peggy’s Cove…A very, very quaint little community that has been in existence since 1811—And the Lighthouse, that is still a working structure, was built in 1914—It is run by the Canadian Coastguard.



I am a real fan of music of all sorts, and bagpipes have always really intrigued me–I play a bad clarinet…haha…So blowing into those pipes seems to me like it would not be an easy instrument to master…this fella was doing a fantastic job at entertaining all of those who were there visiting…


And Chris put his wide angle lens to work–My favorite shots, pretty much of the entire trip, were shots like this one–I just think that this is an amazing picture (and we have probably 10 of them that look similar to this)…1v4a7782




And that was our day in Halifax…We really had a fantastic day, I especially enjoyed this day and the day that we spent in St. John in that we weren’t hurried or herded (like I do feel we are sometimes when we’re doing a more structured excursion).  We headed back toward the ship and turned in our rental car (the Hertz representative wasn’t in the office, but they did provide a drop ‘box’ in which to deposit the keys when the car is returned).  We then headed back onto the Regal, but, first, I stopped to do a bit of shopping at some of the booths that were set up in the cruise terminal.  I met Chris back in the room and before long, we headed up to the Horizon Court to grab some dinner…It was Italian night—Some of my very favorite food on the planet thank you very much. 😉



I just love their ice sculptures! This one was dubbed “The leaning tower of ‘pizza'”…hahaha. 😉




Honest to goodness, we did not have a bad meal in the Horizon Court or Bistro all week long, everything was always great!  Now that we had exhausted ourselves running around Halifax and then filled our bellies with delicious Italian food, we headed back to our stateroom, and we again, entertained ourselves with some movies from the massive selection available.  (I’ll add a little video of said tv in my next post).

My next and then last posts in this Series will touch on our last day on board (including a video of how the Stateroom TV works and what it has to offer), then disembarkation morning and then, I will also include a little video of our welcome home committee…;) (Think large, furry, beings) 😉  My very last post in this Series will concentrate  on the Regal Princess.  It will include a detailed collage picture tour of all of the venues that I could find to photograph.  It is probably going to take me several days to compile that one.  But, it will be worth it when I’ve finished…:)

Here is a link to the next post Canada & New England: Last Day On Board, Shopping, TV Tutorial, Disembarkation Morning, and Welcome Home

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Arlynn ❤

Canada & New England: Boston, Massachusetts

As we continue on with our Canada & New England adventure aboard the Regal Princess, I’m excited to tell you about our day in Boston which was interrupted a bit by some inclement weather.  As you saw in my previous post where I spoke about our time in Newport, Rhode, Island, the weather was starting to kick up pretty badly by the time we finished our day there.  Well, the weather continued to worsen and to say that we had a rough night on board is an understatement.  When I turned my light out and retired for the night, the seas weren’t too awful bad, but, then I was jarred awake (literally) by the rocking and rolling seas.  I swear to goodness I almost got tossed right out of the bed…lol.  My first thought was that we certainly were going to get called to our Muster Stations at any second, but, we never were.  I will say that those were the worst seas that I ever remember being in on a cruise.  Our Stateroom was pretty far forward though, so that might have added to the roughness of our night.  Chris was up very early the next morning and he took this video out of the windows of the Vines Bar on Deck 5:

Chris estimated those waves to be in the neighborhood of 30 to 40 feet high and the winds were just a-howling. It was pretty intense there for a while, but, once I gathered my senses and woke up a bit more, I realized that we were just fine and dandy and that being jarred awake and the need to shake the cobwebs out of my brain was probably what contributed to my moment of terror (about the Muster stations…).

Once I was up and *trying* to walk around our stateroom and having my first cup of tea, it was time for me to get freshened up for the day–**Side Note:  Thank the good Lord that there were handles in the shower…Without them, well, let’s just say I would have been splayed out in the tub lickety-split, I was holding on for dear life in there…lol…**.  But, I did manage to get myself spiffed up for the day, here is the outfit I chose to put on that morning:


Next we skipped on over to our little mailbox and retrieved our Princess Patter for the day…Which had a bit of an insert — an amended Itinerary if you will — for the day.  I will play you an announcement from the Captain after I show you the pictures of the day’s Patter.


This is the amended page, we were going to have a change in our regularly scheduled morning & afternoon ‘programing’. 🙂scan-1



Let me pause and let you hear what information the Captain delivered over the public address system that morning.  Please forgive me for having my iPhone tilted throughout this little video–I was obviously intently listening to what our Captain was saying and not paying a lick of attention to how I was holding my phone—BUT, you’ll be able to see those rough seas zipping on by, and remember, we were way up on the 12th deck, so they didn’t look quite as bad as they really were; still, they look pretty angry:

As you heard in the video, the Captain had announced that they were working with everyone on shore with regards to excursions, they had to cancel many trips on this day because we truly were 4 hours late getting into Boston than was originally scheduled. This informational sheet was delivered to our Stateroom shortly after the Captain spoke to us, we were relieved to see that our tour was a go. 🙂


Here is what we had planned for the day with one slight change, we were not offered the “Optional drop off at Quincy Market”.


We didn’t do too much through the morning hours before Boston came into sight, of course, we headed to brunch and when we walked out of our Stateroom, we saw that Phillip (our stateroom Steward) had decorated up our door–celebrating Chris’ retirement…woohoo. 🙂


Yes, Msssss Smug had arranged for that via the Cruise Personalizer before we boarded…… 😉


We walked around the ship a bit, poked our heads into a couple of shops–and Chris got me this jacket (that is the Pilot Boat making its way to the ship to my left):




As we got closer to Boston the winds started to die down as did the seas.  We were then able to catch some pretty pictures off of our balcony as we were approaching…


1v4a7210 1v4a7221

Then, I tried something new, I went “Live” on Facebook—What a spiffy little option…Here is what I had to say as we were making our approach to Boston:

I had to do a little research when I got home and I actually figured out how to retrieve said live videos off of Facebook…OF course that is IF Facebook didn’t REMOVE them…More on that a little later…:/  Here are some pictures that Chris clicked off as I was chattering away into my iPhone. 🙂


There are those tug boats greeting us, they stuck with us all the way, I love to watch them work! 🙂1v4a7234


And we took time out for a selfie:


Once we were securely alongside, Chris and I headed down to disembark, it was time for us to head out to our excursion.  The Regal has signs like this at all of the elevators, they welcomed us to each port and gave other information on sea days…spiffy-diffy eh?!


And off of the ship we went:




I clicked off a real quick picture of the Seawalk from off of the ship (this was our first time off since we left New York):



Our mode of transportation:


We started heading toward the boat that would take us on our Harbor Tour—The Princess rep on the bus was as always full of fun facts and a plethora of information, unfortunately, I didn’t retain much info this time…haha…I do know that she said that they might open up this rusty bridge for crafters to sell their wares on the weekends…that was pretty cool. 🙂


Boston is a gorgeous city steeped in history and this is where I really got messed with by Facebook…Here is the boat that we went on for our tour:


And once aboard and on our way for our Harbor Tour, I had climbed up to the top deck and I started taking more “Live” Facebook videos–I took a ton of video, but, unfortunately it has since disappeared…been removed…been deleted (not by me), it is completely gone, gone, and gone—I am devastated because as y’all know, I love, love, love my facts to be correct and up-to-date–Sooooooooo, instead of trying to caption all of the following pictures, I will just show you what we saw because thank the good Lord, Chris was clicking off pictures the entire time that I was yammering away into my phone doing that ‘live’ and soon to be completely gone video.  Yeah, I’m a little miffed about that disappearance, I cannot tell a lie……



Here is the USS Constitution–Unfortunately, it was in dry dock:


If you would like to read up on what one could do while visiting Boston, here is a great link.  There is the Freedom Trail, the Old North Church, and a lot of other things to see…too many for me to mention, but it is a lovely city and as I mentioned steeped in history.

We really enjoyed that boat tour, and I am so so very upset that my video was lost…But, maybe one day you’ll be able to do it and you’ll get to see the wonderful sights that we did.  We climbed back aboard our motor coach and started heading back to the ship, we didn’t get back until after dark and right before the ship sailed. Yes, we normally do arrange our excursions through Princess because the ship will definitely wait if your tour is running late.  Unless I’ve been to a location before and I know first hand that a certain tour company is reputable (like for instance The Bering Sea Crab Fishermen’s Tour out of Ketchikan, Alaska–I trust them implicitly ) we will not book from an outside source.  Some might, but, we don’t…please don’t judge…that is just the way we choose to do things. 🙂

Here are some of the sights we saw as we meandered through the city on our way back ‘home’. 🙂


The Old State House:


Custom House Clock Tower:1v4a7364


And because I am an Apple user:


We were just about the last tour to climb back aboard the Regal Princess and we were rushing pretty quickly, but, I did manage to take a picture of the Seawalk at night while tripping on along to the tiny little metal (precarious…haha) stairs the lead back onto the ship…


Next stop…Dinner in the Horizon–We were famished!  <~~~Not really, but, it had been a long time since we had something to eat. 😉  After dinner, we were exploring Deck 16 and it was getting close to 8pm, the time that the Fountain Show begins every night.  Well, guess what I did?  Yep, I took a LIVE Facebook video, and Facebook messed with me *again*.  This time they were kind enough to leave my video in tact, but, they removed the sound…copyright worries and all of that (which I totally get and wasn’t too upset about).  Before I show you the video that I did salvage of the Fountain show, here I am on the Seawalk at night.  The reason I show you this is because I do want to mention something here for those of you who might be wanting to book a Stateroom near that Seawalk on the Regal or the Royal—The blue hue that emanates from that Seawalk is quite intense, I’m sure you could clip your room curtains shut and block it out, but, I did want you to be aware that it is quite intense (and yes, you can look through the floor and see right down into those balconies right under the walk).  Just a little info for y’all…


And before the show started, Chris and I clicked off a few more pictures of things on and around that deck and also the Boston night-scape—It was awesome!!


We had had a lovely day–And we really enjoyed this Fountain Show put to the music of Michael Jackson (in this video’s case though, I added some music so that we didn’t have to worry about infringing on anyone’s Copy-write…🙄…

So in calm seas and following winds, we started steaming toward Bar Harbor, Maine where we’d be disembarking the Regal again and heading out on a lovely Lighthouse boat tour and having a sweet lunch at a local restaurant…Here is a sneak peek and a link to my Bar Harbor–Lighthouse Boat Tour, Lunch at a Local Restaurant, The Crab Shack, & My Birthday Song post :


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Arlynn ❤

Canada & New England: Newport, Rhode Island

Chris and I hadn’t planned any special off-ship excursions for this our first Port of Call, Newport, Rhode Island, we just hadn’t seen anything that interested us too much when we perused around the different options online before our trip.  But, it turned out to be a God send that we didn’t have anything special planned as I woke up with a stupid migraine–yep, I’m a migraine sufferer, stupid headaches.  Thankfully, I do not get them as frequently now-a-days, and they are not nearly as intense as they were when I was younger…I can thank my ‘friend’ menopause for that.  Regardless, I took some Advil (I refuse to take prescription medication for my headaches–Advil works in a cumulative fashion for me, so I will definitely stick with what works) and went out onto the balcony to see what Newport looked like from a distance because we were anchored off shore. 🙂  Well, as it turns out, it wasn’t a very pretty day in Newport on that day, it was a bit windy and rainy and a smidge foggy–NOT that that bothered me that much, I was just so happy to be where I was in that moment in time; nothing, and I mean nothing, not a threatening hurricane, not a migraine, and certainly not a little rain was going to ruin my good spirits and positive attitude. 🙂  This is what I saw when I walked out onto the balcony…


What a cool schooner huh?! 🙂  I just love looking at old ships like that! 🙂  The next thing I did was to check our little mailbox for our Princess Patter, here is what it had to offer up on this day:


Princess also provides you with a map of the Port that also includes a list of shopping venues. This came tucked in with the Patter…


The day before, Chris had picked up some Excursion information just in case we wanted to sign up for something.  Yes, there was still room on many of the excursions (we are used to needing to book online when going to Alaska, those Excursions can fill up rather quickly).  We normally do take Princess Excursions, that said, we will and did this time venture out on our own as well.


Next up…Breakfast in the Horizon…Yum Yum!!  I chose to go to the Omelet making center on this morning…


It is obvious that I did not worry about my diet during this week—Nope, I truly didn’t—And honestly, that is something that is usually rather prominent on my mind on a daily basis, but, I wasn’t going to allow the thought of gaining a few pounds keep me from indulging in some great food on this cruise.

Before we left the Horizon Court, I stopped by one of their self-serve drink centers and clicked off some pictures of what they offer for free all day, every day.  They have several of these stations set up throughout the Horizon Court and Bistro. 🙂  This is where Chris came every morning with one of our thermos cups to gather hot water, tea bags, and Splenda for my cup of tea.  Bless his heart, he’d always have it back in the Stateroom for me to drink when I woke up every morning.


OH yeah, btw, this was my outfit for the day…And I ended up wearing my red jacket with it, it was quite chilly, windy, and wet in the morning and the weather worsened as the day moved on along. 🙂


We took some more time to walk around the ship and explore, I’ve got so many pictures of the ship and I am planning to share them all with y’all, here are just some…


We headed back to our Stateroom to hang out in there for a bit and here are some of the sights we saw as we looked off of our balcony.


We also had a bit of business to attend to…We needed to fill out our “Disembarkation Questionnaire”–Hated doing that honestly, after-all, we had just embarked on our journey…but, business is business, and Princess runs like a well-oiled machine, they are very organized in just about every aspect. 🙂  For the first time ever, we checked the box to say that we’d be “Walking Off”. 🙂  fullsizerender

Next up, well, guess what? It was time to eat again! YaY! LOL  This time we chose to go to the Italian restaurant that is located right of off the Piazza called Alfredo’s.  Boy oh boy was it ever good!!!! We greatly enjoyed our little pizzas.



Chris got “Pizza Capricciosa”—And he loved it! img_0305

I got Pizza Regal Princess, and I ate every last bite, it was delicious!


They prepare the food right there on site (instead of carrying from one of the other kitchens on board).


And of course, as always, the staff was so cordial and nice. 🙂img_0309

Next up, a bit more exploring…





We climbed aboard an elevator and headed on up to 16 to take a look outside from there…


It was just a tad windy…lol…


Then we headed to the very aft of the ship so that we could take some pictures, we passed the Outrigger Bar on our way…Check out the cute fella behind the bar…LOL. 😉 img_0240

We took these few pictures while we were fighting the windstorm, it truly was like a wind tunnel back there.


This was Fort Adam’s State Park–It has been in existence since July 4, 1799.  It was named after President John Adams.


We headed back to our Stateroom and had a little bit more business to attend to, we had this Custom’s form and letter waiting for us in our mailbox.  We needed to fill it out and hand it to our Steward (or leave it on the desk for him to retrieve), by that evening.


We then walked out onto our balcony and we noticed that there were several of the Tender boats bobbing around near the ship–it appeared that they were having some trouble navigating back to the ship.  It was quite the show and Princess as always was being extremely careful and they were ever mindful of the people on those Tenders.


The weather was definitely deteriorating as the hours were passing by, here are some of the other sights we saw while watching those Tenders and other boats maneuver through some waters that were getting quite kicked up…


And here is a little video that I took spanning the afternoon into the evening–It took them hours and hours to safely get all of those Tenders back on board.  But, in the end there were no injuries and all was well. Thank goodness…:) 🙂  The Captain came on often and kept us up-t0-date as to the happenings…

And that was our day in Newport, Rhode Island, we spoke to some folks who had been on those Tenders and they said that it was quite the harrowing experience, but, they always felt safe and well cared for. We ended up watching a couple of movies on the tv in our Stateroom and turning in a bit early (a ton of stuff is available on the Regal’s tvs…I’ll put up a little demonstration video that I made in another post–this one is long enough..haha).

As I said in my video up there…”And the saga continues”…Those seas didn’t let up and actually got much worse through the night, but, I will tell you all about that in my next post.  Here is a little sneak peek & link:  Canada & New England: Boston, Massachusetts


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Arlynn ❤

Canada & New England Cruise: Mini Suite Tour, Muster Drill, Sail Away, Princess Patter & More

My goodness gracious, somebody needed to pinch me, I could not believe that we were actually aboard the beautiful Regal Princess, and let me tell y’all, she surely is a gorgeous girl; I will be doing a collage picture tour of the Regal at the end of this Series so that you can see as many venues as we could find to photograph.

Onward we go with our adventure, last we left off, Chris and I were entering our Stateroom, so let me show you a few things that were waiting for us upon our arrival.  Here is a sneak peek of our Stateroom, Mini Suite A214:


Of course the Princess Patter (sort of like a calendar for that day’s events–you get one in your little mailbox for each day of your cruise) was waiting for us.


And I had ordered a “Soda & More” package online before the trip, the cup in the picture below was a gift from Princess and the sticker on my room card shows whoever I ask for a soda or more that I do not have to pay (onboard).  BTW, a Soda & More package costs $8.05 a day and look at all that you can get to drink with it…

***Indulge yourself with this premium Unlimited Soda & More Package, entitling you to unlimited fountain soft drinks, plus mocktails, juices, and complimentary hot chocolate throughout your cruise. Price includes service charge***


We also found this waiting for us…This was a new thing for us because this was the first cruise that we were at the Captain’s Circle “Platinum” Level.  Believe it or not, we never went and indulged in those spiffy treats–We were so busy, we just didn’t think to go…haha.  But, this is a nice little perk. 🙂


Also, Chris ordered a Coffee Card online before the cruise and waiting in the Stateroom was a white card (just like the one that I got with my cup up there ^^^).  The card instructed him to take it to the International Cafe and once turned in, he was given his Coffee Card.  He used that entire card, one punch per cup of specialty coffee and then he purchased another one later at the IC. 🙂 Note:  With the Coffee Card, you do get get unlimited brewed coffee (no punches utilized) which is a bit better than what they serve in the Horizon Court for free.  What can I say, Chris likes his coffee. 🙂


All right, now that we’ve seen all of the goodies that were awaiting us on our arrival into our room, here is a video tour that I created and narrated of our Mini Suite A214. 🙂

My goodness, that was such a nice room.  I will admit that I didn’t care for the pillows and I ended up asking for others which truthfully, weren’t too much better…haha.  I’m going to have to figure out how to take my nice, soft, fluffy, feather pillow on our next cruise. 😉

NOTE:  I need to make a couple of corrections from what I mentioned in my video.  I’ve been told that that couch does not pull out into a queen-sized bed, instead, the cushions come off and a mattress lifts up and covers the couch length-wise making it into a single bed; I didn’t pull it out when we were there…my apologies for the faux pas in the video. OH and one other thing, only one Princess tote bag is given per **Stateroom**, not per *Passenger*.


Next, we did a little bit of exploring around the ship–Here are just a smattering of pictures that I clicked off while we were zipping around:







All righty, it was time for my most favorite part of the cruise…The Muster Drill! 😉


I’m just kidding, it is certainly *not* my favorite part of the cruise, but, it is a necessary evil that comes with cruising, and I’m grateful to Princess that they do all of their Muster Drills indoors and this time around, our drill was held in the Princess Theater…And OH my gracious, take a look at the Regal’s beautiful Princess Theater:

img_1153  Here is a little video of our time at our drill. 🙂

Now that *that* loveliness was completed, we sure felt safe and we sure felt HUNGRY…So off we skipped to the buffet for a light meal.  I could NOT believe my eyes when we walked into the Horizon Court & Bistro–yep, they have a “Bistro” on the Regal too.  It was massive, there was SO much food to choose from and there was plenty of seating available.  Every single thing that we had at the Buffet throughout the entire week was scrumptious…no honesty, it was really, really good.  So good in fact that we didn’t step foot in a Dining Room (admittedly we usually don’t) or a Specialty Restaurant (that we always do on every cruise).  The only places we dined other than the buffet was The Crab Shack one evening and Alfredo’s–the pizza place in the Piazza–I’ll highlight both in a future post.  I was amazed at the variety of food available in the buffet, the presentations were spot on, and well, pfft, there was no need to go anywhere else. 🙂

The difference in the Bistro and Court? Easiest way to tell you about that is to copy and paste Princess’ explanation…Here we go:

Horizon Court – Buffet and Bistro

Horizon Court Buffet – One of Princess’ most popular casual dining options, the Horizon Court buffet on Regal Princess provides additional dining options, including action station choices such as Asian cuisine, Mediterranean dishes, a pasta corner and salad-tossing stations. For early risers on the go, new “Grab & Go” options are available, while healthy breakfast options offer the fuel guests need to make the most of a day at sea or ashore. Those who love to sleep in will even find a special “late, late risers” breakfast corner. At lunch, a variety of new live stations feature a regional flair, including a rotisserie, and Japanese Hibachi Grill.

Horizon Bistro – Dinner in the Horizon Court will offer an interactive experience with themed events and specialty dinners. On certain nights guests may find a Brazilian churrascaria, Argentine gaucho theme, German Beer Fest, a European bistro or British pub. Actions stations found here include a hibachi grill, rotisseries and carving stations, a taqueria, and a sandwich bar.”

Here are just a few pictures that I clicked off on that first day, I have plenty more that I will highlight in that collage post at the end of this Series…



After we were finished eating, we did a tiny bit more of exploring, it was almost time for sail-away, but, there was one thing that I wanted to check out first…

The Sea Walk!


And being the goober that I am, I had to take a walk right on across…;)

It was now time for Sail-Away–They moved the sail-away “party” into the Piazza because of the weather, but, Chris and I along with tons of other people stayed outside on deck as we sailed out of Brooklyn.  Yes, we were a bit damp as it was misting, but, that didn’t dampen my mood at all, I was one happy camper to be starting this new and fun adventure.  Here are a few pictures of our time on deck and then a video of our sail-away. 🙂




Governor’s Island:1v4a7059


The Statue of Liberty:


And a little video–I recorded the first part of the video where I’m talking right after we boarded, and then I switch on over to our sail-away. 🙂  Listen for The Love Boat themed horn at the end of the video. 😉 🙂  SO cool!!!

And we were on our way!! I know I am a menopausal woman in her mid-50’s, but, I was so touched at that sail-away that I actually did shed a tear or two.  I feel so lucky that we are able to go on these adventures.  Okay, enough sappiness from me!

Next up, our first port of call, Newport, Rhode Island–To say that we had some rough seas…well…Stay tuned!

A sneak peek & link:  Canada & New England: Newport, Rhode Island


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

***If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me…Psalm 139***

~Arlynn ❤







Canada & New England: Pre-Cruise Report

Good day to all of you happy travelers out there! Well, the tick, tick, tick of that clock that I mentioned in my Canada and New England Wardrobe Choices post has really started to move fast now! We are less than 20 days out from our cruise—I’m SO excited I can hardly stand it and I’ve been itching to write a little post to bring y’all up-to-date on what I’ve been working on to prepare for our next amazing journey on the Regal (what???) Princess.

Before I get started, I wanted to share that I’ve met a person online that will actually be on the cruise at the same time as us.  Her name is Jill and we met through a cruising forum on Facebook; we are going to be making arrangements to meet at the International Cafe while on board the Regal for a cup of coffee/tea <~~(in my case).  I can’t wait to meet this sweet lady as she and I have done a lot of conversing and she sounds like a wonderful woman!  I’m hoping that she’ll allow me to share a picture of the two of us in one of my trip blogs. 🙂

Here is what our Itinerary will be:

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 4.22.00 PM (1).jpg

We’ve made a few Excursion reservations through our Personalizer on, we will not be doing scheduled excursions out of every port, instead, we are going to venture out on our own renting cars when need be.  As a matter of fact, I’ve made arrangements to meet one of my dearest Facebook friends Nancy when we’re in Halifax.  I met her through our love for our Newfoundland pups…she is an amazing lady and I canNOT wait to give her  one of the biggest (((hugs))) ever!!

Here are the Excursions we’ve chosen (so far…we might definitely change these up, we’ve been known to do that once aboard):

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 4.18.13 PM.jpg

Anticipation!! A-N-T-I-C-I-P-A-T-I-O-N!!!  That feeling really ramped up when my travel agent Joy called and told us that she had printed off our boarding passes, travel insurance info, and luggage tags…yes, yes, I know, I had the ability to do that myself a while ago, but, it is always fun to go and pick our travel docs up from Joy and discuss any last minute items or ask any questions that we might have.  When I got those luggage tags home, we put them in our spiffy new luggage tag holders, and placed our paperwork into one of my folders. 🙂


Wow, that was exciting!! Okay, so maybe not all *that* exciting…lol…but, I was pretty happy to have taken one step forward that would bring us closer to heading out on our cruise. 🙂  For those of you who have gotten to know me, you know that I am a pretty organized person so it will not come as a surprise to you that the planning process for our trips is one that I embrace wholeheartedly.  I decided today that I would start to pack up what I could and those packed items would sit on my cedar chest for the next 20 days waiting for me to pick them up and carry them to our car on the day we debark on our adventure.

I’ve packed up my Carry-On bag, well as much as I can get it packed that is. 🙂


And I’ve gathered everything else that I think I might possibly need into a basket and have set it out on my cedar chest. Here is a shot of that basket:


As you can see, I have gathered our Princess thermos cups to be used for our morning coffee/tea (Chris carries mine up to the Horizon Court every morning and makes up my tea—bless his big heart).  Then next, I packed up my three Vera bags that I will use for various things:

My “Must Haves” in the first bag:

IMG_0193.JPG Our medications in the middle bag, and the last plastic bag will be used for my perfume/shampoo/hairspray/etc…I’ll wrap the breakable items in bubble wrap to pad them a bit:


I’ve also included my small Thirty-One jewelry case:


And I’ve set out my Make-up case, also from Thirty-One:


As I mentioned, all of these bags will sit right like this on my cedar chest until it is time to finish packing all of them:


Then I will place them into my large 29″ Spinner suitcase–and if need be, any overflow will go into this Vera Weekender bag:


As I’ve mentioned before, that Weekender bag has a sheath on the back of it and it will slide nicely down over the handle of my suitcase:


I placed our luggage tags on my luggage and I’ve put an extra one in the front pocket just in case the one on the handle is lost:


And one more thing that I’ve collected to take along is this magnet of my pups that my dear friend Liz gave to me as a gift when we were visiting with her and her hubby last April in Vancouver:


Also, I ordered myself up another magnet from Shutterfly, this one is of my human family to take along as well–Remember the walls in the Staterooms are metal:


OH one last thing, I’ve already picked out my outfit for the car ride up there…*This* outfit is definitely subject to change though, but, for now, this is what I’m planning to wear:


AND now, I will watch that time tick, tick, tick on down to GO TIME—Again, I’m not wishing my life away **^^Mom^^**, but, I wouldn’t be sad if that time would pass by quickly. 😉

Happy Traveling ALL!!

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

PS–Here is my Blog post covering my Canada & New England Cruise Wardrobe Choices

***And here are links to the posts that I’ve written since our return home***

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Canada & New England: Bar Harbor, Maine–Lighthouse Boat Tour, Lunch at a Local Restaurant, The Crab Shack, & My Birthday Song

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Canada & New England: Halifax, Nova Scotia–Arrival, Lunch With Dear Friend, & Peggy’s Cove

Canada & New England: Last Day On Board, Shopping, TV Tutorial, Disembarkation Morning, and Welcome Home

Canada & New England: Collage Picture Tour of the Regal Princess

Packing – 8 Day 7 Night Cruise Series: “Suitcase Packing Tips & Tricks”

Our Canada and New England cruise is getting closer and closer every day and it won’t be long before it is upon us which means it won’t be long before I try my very best to pack just *one* suitcase…albeit a large 29″ spinner suitcase, but just one none-the-less. 🙂  I do plan to have a Vera Bradley Weekender bag handy just in case I have any overage and if I don’t end up using it going, I know I’ll be able to fit it into my or Chris’s suitcase and will utilize it for souvenirs for our trip home.

Here are the bags I have set aside and am anxiously waiting to fill!! 🙂  (I’m excited, can you tell?) 😉


I know those of you who follow me know that I’m now a HUGE fan of packing cubes and packing folders. Here are links to the items that I use:  Shacke Pak  (packing cubes) & the Medium Eagle Creek Packing Folder.  I know that I will definitely, ***easily*** be able to fit every item of clothing into these spiffy packing mechanisms because I am taking literally half of the clothes that I took on our 15-Night Hawaiian cruise…Here is the packing folder filled up nicely with over 20 tops that I took to Hawaii; I will take less than half of that amount on the 8-Day Canada and New England cruise.


And here is what my suitcase looked like filled to the brim with my packing folder and cubes:


–I needed that ^^ entire suitcase just for clothes–I used another smaller suitcase (below) for all of my “Must Haves” for that trip.


I am bound and determined to fit all of my clothes and must haves into my one large suitcase…..a-n-d yes ***IF*** I absolutely cannot fit everything into that one suitcase, my Weekender bag will be there ready and waiting for me–As y’all saw, it has a lovely sheath that fits over the suitcase’s handle which will make it easy to maneuver (I only have to get it from the car to the Princess folks on the dock–We are driving to NY and parking in a close, secure parking lot).


I will be packing 5 other small bags to go into that large suitcase as well, one for my cosmetics, this Thirty-One bag:


One very small Thirty-One bag for my jewelry:


And the other three bags will hold my hair products and perfume, my Must Haves, and my hair brushes and accessories:


Fingers crossed that I will be able to fit everything into that one suitcase. 🙂  I’m ready to roll now, and as I said in my other post…I’m trying NOT to wish my life away…BUT, I just need for the time to pass so that we can once again be off on an amazing adventure.  One that will collect memories for us to cherish and relive for the rest of our lives. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

Happy Fall Y’all 2016 Series: Kitchen, Centerpieces, & More – Video Included

As you all know by now, I love to redecorate and create new cozy corners and more, so I’ve really enjoyed switching things out and transforming the house so that we’re ready to greet those cool, crisp morning and usher in the changing of the leaves.  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, the warm colors speak to me and help me get inspired to create. I will admit that I was well-prepared for this year’s decorating, I had organized myself pretty well when I packed away all of my Fall stuff last year so this year’s decor went together rather easily—*except* that I had to dig into my bins a little too much.  When it is time to put this decor away this year, I am going to try to make myself a label and a sketch of what is where in each bin…that way I won’t spend half of my time digging and grumbling to myself that I can’t find this or that. 😉

Let’s get started, I did make a little video to accompany my explanations in this the body of the blog, it is located down below.  The first thing that I started working on was this cozy corner that sits to the right of the family room’s credenza:


Next, I moved on around and put up a wreath that I made last year–It truly was so easy to make…It is nothing more than an oval grapevine wreath with a leaf garland glued on, a plaid bow, some pumpkins, some acorns, and a welcome sign:


Next was the “Ivy Table” so named because it used to have ivy stenciled on the door fronts before Chris repainted it a distressed black to match the black Hooker furniture that sit in the rest of this portion of the house.  I got the shelf above it at one of our local craft stores.


I moved on into the kitchen next, the first thing I did was to make a quick centerpiece for the Island by using a tray, a Yankee Candle and rod-iron holder, and accent pieces that I had saved from last year:


Next I tackled the windows–Let me let those of you who might have just found my crafting blog know that I typically will keep “staple” <~~generic decor such as lanterns, tins, vases, ladders, and the like ~~ in place and just switch out the accent pieces to bring in whatever Season/look for which I’m going.  In the kitchen windows, I leave two plate holders, two tins and a vase in which I make small flower arrangements.  You’ll see below what I’m speaking about–And I explain further in the video:


And the kitchen was completed:


Next, I worked on the kitchen table.  I switched out the tablecloth for one with a fall motif, then I made up the lantern centerpiece for Fall.  I replaced the candles on the flanking candle sticks and added Fall candle rings and called it finished. 🙂  Here is a link to my blog where I explain how I create my lantern centerpieces:  A Lantern Centerpiece For All Seasons



To finish up the kitchen eating area, I created a cozy corner, changed out the decor on the kitchen hutch, and on a corner cabinet:


I switched out a few things in the Powder Room:


I then took a moment to take a few pictures of what I had accomplished:


AND then I literally collapsed for the rest of the evening…haha.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, this is not hard physical work for me, but, boy oh boy does it take some brain power.  I’m a creative person by nature, but, it is still a challenge to do so many things in one day—BUT, of course, I’m anal retentive and want it all done sooner than later. 😉

One more thing that I show you and talk about in the video below is this spiffy little remote controlled outlet package that Chris installed for me–I show you how it works in the video. Here is a picture:


And here is that little video:

Next up, I’ll be showing and telling you how I transformed the living and dining rooms over to Fall—I utilized that pretty green color that I have been using in those rooms to bring Fall to life in a softer and gentler way.

*In decorating there are no mistakes, just unique creations!*

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

Happy Fall Y’all 2016 Series: Family Room Fireplace/Mantel & more–Video Included

Happy Fall Y’all!! Yeah, I know, it’s not quite Fall *yet*, BUT, it is September, so that is close enough for me. 😉  I love Fall decor, the warm and cozy feeling that comes with this sweet decor is something that I so enjoy creating each and every Autumn. 🙂  This year is no different, although, now-a-days, in our new home, it takes me a bit longer to get everything accomplished. 🙂 I always start with the fireplace hearth and mantel, and this year was no different.  I was so excited get started too because I had broken down and purchased a gorgeous new mantel swag and candle rings from Grandin Road–They are so pretty and wow, do they ever make a huge statement!  I LOVE the final look. I also purchased 3 new black candle sticks (only because they come in a set of 3–and I already owned 3 but needed more to accommodate those lovely candle rings)… Here is a link for those candle stick holders.

I created a little video to go along with this post…And will more videos as I work my way around the house in my decorating frenzy…Here are some pictures of what I highlight in the video:

IMG_0055 (1)

As I tell y’all in the video that I always replace most of my generic decorations with my Seasonal decor.  I do leave some of the “staple pieces” (for lack of better descriptive words) in place…like the Dickens houses and the clock on the mantel, and the ladders w/pip berries and just a few other items on the hearth.  So basically, I truly do recreate the wheel for Fall and then for Christmas.  And this year, I had to go out and purchase a couple extra bins to accommodate the generic decor that I remove I won’t use again until January–All of the Fall decor will be replaced by Christmas decor and that will stay up till the end of December. 🙂  It took me quite a few years to collect all of this decor for both Seasons; I’ve done it a little bit at a time.

Here is the fireplace completely changed over to Fall. Whew, I was bushed after doing just this…No, it’s not hard physical work, but, I use a lot of whatever brain power I have left to create this look…haha. 😉  JUST kidding, y’all know that I LOVE this sort of thing…I honestly do thrive on the creative process.

IMG_0054 (1)IMG_0046IMG_0048IMG_0049

Another one of my staple pieces that stays in place and that I use as a base for my Seasonal decor is this large Longaberger basket.  Here is how I decorated it up for Fall this year:


And the last thing that I highlight in the video is the staircase–I made all new plaid bows for the swag points this year as well as a new “spray” for the bullnose.  I also added a little fall wreath to the bullnose…I had written a blog about that little grapevine wreath showing you many different ways in which it could be used…Here is a link to my blog post highlighting that little wreath:  “Not Just a Fall Grapevine Wreath”.


As you’ll see in the video, I did trim down those crazy bow tails…hahaIMG_0041


Here is the top of the Credenza that sits under the tv; I did create the centerpiece:


One last thing, I mention in my video are some quilted Fall placemats that I utilize on the family room end tables, and then they also sell a runner that I purchased, one for the kitchen’s Island and one for one other table.  I purchased them last year, but, here is a link for a set of four quilted placemats–UNfortunately, they are not available at this moment in time but, if you check back, they might come available later in the Season.

ANYway, I plan on trying to finish the rest of the back portion of the house today and I will do a walk-thru video of everything in this part of the house. And then I’ll transition into the living and dining rooms and use some of that pretty green color to create the Fall decor  in those rooms.  For now, here is a video of what I’ve created up to this point. 🙂


*In decorating there are no mistakes, just unique creations!*

Until next time, y’all take good care!! ❤

~Arlynn ❤


Packing – 8 Day 7 Night Series: “What’s In My Carry-On”

Continuing on with my 8 Day 7 Night Series of blogs here with my What’s in my Carry-On entry.  Truly, I do not take any less in my Carry-on bag on an 8 day cruise than I would on a longer cruise; but, I’m going ahead and writing this post so that folks don’t have to peruse through that massive-all encompassing-rather overwhelming other post of mine…haha. 😉

Let’s get started.  This is one of my most important pieces of luggage and one that stays with me from the moment we leave the house until the moment we arrive at our destination and beyond because I will use this on Excursions and such as well.  It is never out of my sight.  Now for a little discussion about the type of bag I prefer to carry.  On our last cruise to Hawaii, I took a Vera Bradley Campus Backpack <~~~That is a link to Amazon as it seems that the Vera Bradley website isn’t carrying this particular bag in the pattern that I have.  Regardless, this bag worked out perfectly:


And yes, I have placed all of my Captain Circle Pin’s on my bag:


This is also the bag that I will be taking on our next cruise to Canada and New England–We will be driving to that port thank goodness–I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that we don’t have to fly–my long legs do not care for that attribute of traveling–flying that is.  You know when we were kids and it was an exciting adventure to get on a plane and jet off to wonderfully fun places.  Yeah, well, I still love to go to the wonderfully fun places, I just wish I could do it without being made to feel like a sardine smashed in a can…lol. 😉 (I will admit that the last couple of times we’ve flown, Chris, bless his sweet heart, has upgraded us to 1st class for a nominal fee (he watched the price of the seats each day and when he saw them drop, he jumped on them and moved us—I was SO grateful!!)

ANYway, I digress, I loved that ^^^ bag when I carried it to Hawaii, but, I do want to show you one other type of bag that I will utilize as a Carry-On every now and again.  This bag is a Trimmed Vera Tote <~~ Again an Amazon link to a different pattern than I have.  Here is a picture of my bag in Parisian Paisley–IF you go to order this bag, please, please, please be careful and be sure to get the Vera Tote that measures: 18″ Wide, 15″ High, & has a 12″ Strap drop (Vera has many totes, most of which are smaller than this one).  Here is mine:


As you can see, it has tons of pockets inside to hold all of your goodies and beyond. 🙂 IMG_0221

This bag also holds my 13″ MacBook Pro very easily and that is always my consideration when choosing a Carry-On bag. Don’t judge please…:)


Here are the other things that I routinely take in my Carry-On, I’m sure your list will vary slightly to meet your needs. 🙂

When flying  we all have to adhere to the TSA’s liquids rules, so I always take a quart-size ziplock bag to utilize for our liquids:


This is the bag I use for my computer and iPhone chargers, it is a Vera Bradley Double Zip Cosmetic Bag:


I take a catch-all bag to carry small possible necessities. 🙂 The bag I use is a Vera Bradley Medium Zip Cosmetic Bag:


Of course I take a wallet with cash, credit cards, ID, and Passport…This is a Vera Bradley Kisslock Wallet:


My Kindle Paperwhite:




A crossword puzzle book—I’m always trying to do something to stimulate my brain, I really love doing crosswords and I even play a game on my iPhone called Words With Friends…I’m constantly working on expanding my vocabulary and challenging myself–a girl is never too old to do that right? 😉 🙂


I take one of these Pocket Folders with me to carry all of our travel documents, i.e. travel insurance papers, boarding passes, and the like.  I do carry the other couple of folders in my checked baggage and I use them to save our daily cruise paperwork like the Princess Patter, port informational sheets, etc…


I take a pencil case…Vera Bradley Brush and Pencil:



Let’s face it, we all could use a little something to freshen our breath and clean our teeth when traveling…I try to take something like this along:


And that about does it…Other than I will throw in a small packing cube with some unmentionables—*just* in case we have any flight delays and such.  I don’t usually take an entire outfit though–unless we’re heading somewhere where I couldn’t go and buy a quick outfit if absolutely necessary.

I hope that this little post will help those of you who are getting ready to head out on a trip. Whether it be by plane, train, or automobile, these little items should suffice nicely to help get you to your destination.

Happy Traveling ALL!!

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤