Video Home Tour: Master Bedroom, Upstairs Landing, and, 3 Guest Bedrooms

Here is the 5th installment of my Video Home Tour series…Gosh, I’ve had a blast creating these little movies for y’all! 🙂  In this one I take you on a short tour of our master bedroom and bathroom, and then I head on upstairs and give you a tour of each of our guest bedrooms and show you the cozy little landing at the top of the stairs.  I laugh at myself a couple of times in this one because as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I now know what words and phrases I use WAY too much, i.e. “Anyway”, “My Hubby or Husband”, and “Actually”–to name a few. 😉 lol

SO, I will hush up here and give you a link to the video–Just in case you’d like to know more about a particular area, I will provide you links to all of my blog posts where I give you even more details about each space that I cover in this video. I hope you enjoy this one and giggle along with my repetitiveness too. 😉 🙂

~Master Bedroom & Bathroom

~Upstairs Landing

~Guest Bedroom #1 – The Happy Room

~Guest Bedroom #2 – The Turquoise Room

~Guest Bedroom #3 – The Purple Room


Until next time, y’all take good care!! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

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Video Home Tour: Family Room, Kitchen, & More

The back portion of our house is definitely the heart of our home, it is where most of the cooking is cooked, crafting is crafted, and chatting is chatted.  🙂  Memories are made here that will be cherished forever.  In this the 3rd installment of my home tour, I take you through the family room, kitchen, powder room, and laundry room.  I show you what I’ve created in each space and give you some details of how we came to make some of the choices that we made while building this home.  My hubby is mentioned *a lot* in this little film, he has done some very spiffy things–he is a jack of all trades as you will see.  I laugh at myself as well because I now know what words I use more than any others…”Love it” & “ANYway” are two phrases/words that come to mind…hahaha. 😉   I will not ramble along further here in the body of this blog post because, trust me, I chatter along enough in this video.  😉  I will leave you with links though just in case you want to check them out after you’ve watched my little tour.

~  The Pip Berry Barn – Where I get all things pip berries…

~  Paper Mart – Where I got the burlap and berry ribbon that you see in the family room. (Scroll down the linked page a bit to find my specific ribbon)

~ Kitchen Cabinet Kings – Where we got our Laundry Room cabinets

~ Kraftmaid Venetian Bronze Cabinet Pull – The handles that we have on our kitchen cabinets

~ Lighting Direct – Where we got all of our light fixtures for over the kitchen and dining room table, for in the living room, and also the foyer

Okie dokie, here’s that link…Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤

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Video Home Tour: Living & Dining Rooms

Well, I’ve been a videoing fiend over here in this house of ours. 🙂  I’ve really enjoyed working on this little project.  It is taking me a  while to edit and compile these videos, but, just like my crafting, I love the creative process.  Doing each of my Blog posts whether it be strictly through my words and pictures, or be it, as in this post, mostly with video, I still enjoy going through the creative steps to bring each blog post to life.  So, here is the 2nd installment in my new Video Home Tour series.  In this one I describe the living and dining rooms, these rooms sit on the front of our home and I’ve chosen to use a pretty green color as my main accent color because I adore the color and the way these rooms are situated in our house, they lend themselves quite nicely to a softer look.  I will not ramble on in the body of this blog post as I do enough rambling along in the video…lol…but, I did want to give you a couple of links to two specific things that I show you in this video.

This is the wreath hanger that I use–As I go through my tours you’ll see that I have several of these; they are nice and sturdy and can handle any heavy items you might want to hang upon them.  Here is a link from Grandin Road for my “Adjustable Wreath Hanger”

IMG_4596 (1)

Also, I talk about the table pad that I have on the dining room table.  Here is a link for Affordable Table Pads.    IMG_2564.JPG

And that is all I will say here in the body of this post.  I hope you enjoy this tour of two of my favorite rooms in the house. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤


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Video Home Tour: Out Front

Here is the very first video in a new Series that I’m in the process of creating.  I’m going to attempt to give y’all a little video tour around our home.  Hopefully, this will aid in further introducing myself to all of you sweet folks who’ve been so generous in your comments and love! I will try to show you some of the things I’ve created for each room and to explain more about how I pull decor accents together to make one cohesive design. 🙂

First up, I give you a little tour of the front of our home, flower bed, etc… I genuinely hope you enjoy this new little venture–my mind is always working to try to make this little blog of mine better and to make a trip here pleasing to the eye (and hopefully to the ear in this grouping of videos). 🙂

~Arlynn ❤


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