Cozy Corner: With New Green Vase Arrangement Tutorial Video–Also, Links To My Local Craft Store Tour Videos

Big vases, my gracious I’ve been seeing them everywhere as of late…And when I went to visit my cousin Donita last week and I saw a couple in her home and was wowed by them, and then I remembered the large vase that my cousin Stacey has displayed in her home so prettily…Well, I was hooked, I needed to get myself one too! 🙂  So when I walked into our local Home Goods store the other day to do a tour for my YouTube channel, I eyed one that I knew would be perfect for our home and I immediately knew where I wanted to display it.


Here is a video of me arranging the flowers in that vase and getting it into place there in that Cozy Corner in my living room:

And while I’m at it here, I will go ahead and give y’all links to all of my Craft Store Videos that I’ve been working on this week:

Hobby Lobby:

Michaels and Home Goods:

And That:

All righty, as you can see, I’ve been a busy lady, I’ve been trying to fill up these winter months that admittedly are not my favorites of the year with being productive and creative. 🙂  Next, I will be working on doing some organizing of craft supplies and beyond (Lord help me) in our garage…I have several shelves out there that desperately need my attention.  I’ll be making a video of the process as well and when I’m finished I’ll share it here too. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take good care!! ❤

~Arlynn ❤