Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Hi All,

I would have to say that our bedroom is the least decorated of all of the rooms in the house, but, regardless, I’ll go ahead give you a little glimpse.  When we built this house, we had this room extended by 4 feet which makes this quite a large room–25′ x 16′ (or thereabouts).  We have a king-sized bed, two bedside tables, two dressers, a corner shelf, two chairs with a stand in between them, and my cedar chest and we still have tons of room.  We have two walk-in closets and master bath as well.

 IMG_6224 IMG_8860

The master bathroom is quite large as well, and I must admit that I do love it.  We had a master bathroom in our other house, but it was tiny (not complaining, at least we had one). We have a separate soaker tub in there, I’ve never had one of those in my life. 🙂 Also, we did special order those plantation shudders for on the bay window; I will admit, they are wonderful and I’m so very glad that we bit the bullet (they were pricey) and purchased them.


We each have our own vanity…Of course, I had to make a little something to sit on mine. 😉

IMG_8822 IMG_8864

A couple of extras are that the tiles in the shower go all the way up to the ceiling and the shower door is a very heavy piece of glass (devil to clean too…haha).


We also have a toilet room…goodness gracious! 😉 Of course I had to do a little decorating in there…




Well, that does it for the interior of our home, except for the basement and I’m not going to show that to you…haha.  Stay tuned for a couple more Home Tour entries describing our backyard patio and the front of the house lighting. 🙂

Sneak peek of the patio:


I must say one more time how blessed we feel to have this home; we waited and saved for a very long time to have it and we honestly will never build or move to another one. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤