Hawaii Cruise Wardrobe Choices

And here is the Hawaii Wardrobe Choices post. I have updated it as well with new links (to black stretchy pants and Skechers shoes) along with pictures of the outfits that I actually wore while on this cruise. 🙂

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I cannot believe that our Hawaiian cruise is now behind us…<sigh>.  We plan for months and months for our cruises, and then *poof* they’re over with way too soon.  OH well, there is always the next one in the queue huh?  I always like to have the next one to look forward to and to plan for.  Those of us in the cruising world keep a close eye on our “Countdown”…And I do have one of those sweet “Countdown’s'” clicking away at the moment…YaY!   We will once again be cruising with Princess Cruises; we are loyal to them and are now considered “Platinum” members of the “Captain’s Circle”…Woohoo, go us! 😉

Just as I mentioned in my Alaska Cruise Wardrobe Choices blog post, I am no fashionista, but, this plus sized girl does like to try her best to look put together and most importantly to *feel* pretty.  My wardrobe for Hawaii ended…

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4 thoughts on “Hawaii Cruise Wardrobe Choices

  1. Arlynn, regardless of whatever size you think or feel you are, you’re a great example for how to look put together, age-appropriate, and classy whether you’re dressed up or down. No sequinned sweatshirts with cats on them, no too-tight yoga pants, no stretchy tops that let us see your bellybutton, no butts. 🙂 You’re a real Southern lady! Mwah!

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      1. It’s true 🙂 And I’ve seen it in person! Also, you have amazing taste–the lovely scarf you gave me? My favourite. The softest, ever. I keep forgetting to take a pic and show you!

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  2. I read your comment to the hubby last night and he just grinned that big grin that he gives when he is touched an said “That Liz” <~~~Very sweetly. You touched my heart with your words up there…truly!! AND yes, you need to take a picture of your pretty self with that scarf on!!! MOST definitely girl! MWAH!! ❤


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