Plaid and Burlap Wreath (Link to YouTube tutorial included)

My Aunt Barb, Cousin Stacey and I are going to be heading to my Dad’s place soon and we are going to be bringing a little bit of Christmas cheer to his new place.  Have I expressed before how much I love and adore my family–Uh, yeah, I think I have…haha…There are SO many reasons why I love them, doing things like decorating my dad’s place for Christmas is just one of many.  They and I have been gathering some items and we will pull our efforts together and bring them all to fruition at dad’s place helping to usher in the Season for him.

At first, I didn’t know what I wanted to contribute to this little project, so the first place I went was to my ‘store’…my basement.  My basement is the holder of many different treasures, items from the past, items that I currently use, and items that I discover when I’m down there searching for something totally different. So I collected a few little items that will go in the “What I’m taking to Dad’s to decorate for Christmas” bin.  Here are just a few little things that I collected:


My wheels started to turn when I put my hands on that plaid ribbon pictured below.  First let me say that one of the ladies in my wreath making class had used a very similar ribbon on her pretty wreath, and I remember thinking to myself when I saw her’s, wow, that looks so familiar and I love that!  So, when I was scouring around in my basement and when I  picked up that bolt of elusive ribbon, I then knew why I loved her’s so much—I had purchased some for myself–duh, I did *not* even remember that I had gone into Hobby Lobby after Christmas last year and grabbed up a bunch of ribbon when everything went on deep clearance. 🙂  I digress…


OH and one more thing, I also purchased Dad a small Christmas tree–His request, he didn’t want something huge, which I can totally understand. 🙂 So I picked him up one of those pretty little trees (4′) that one might put on their porch beside a front door…it is already in a ‘vase’ of sorts, and it is an easy up and down item and it came already decorated…perfect for him and us (easy for us to put up). Note the red ornaments and poinsettias on the tree in the picture…;) 🙂


Okay, as I was saying, my wheels started to turn when I put my hands on the ribbon because I knew that I wanted to make my Dad a burlap wreath and that ribbon would be perfect to utilize for that little project.  Not to mention the fact that I had already created this centerpiece to go on his coffee table, so I wanted to make something that would pair nicely with it and that little tree:


Here is the finished wreath:


And here is a picture of the wreath and the centerpiece together:


Here is a supply list just in case any of you might like to try making a wreath like this of your own:

  • 16″ Work Wreath
  • 1 Skien (and a little more) of 18″ x 15′ Burlap runner
  • 1 Roll (and a little more) of a colored coordinating burlap – 5.5″ x 15′
  • 1 Roll of wired craft ribbon (for bow)
  • 2 long pine branches
  • Rusty Christmas Bell
  • 2 Poinsettias
  • 4 Red Christmas ornaments
  • Pipe cleaner, Hot Glue Gun, & Craft Wire
  • Scissors & Wire Cutters


And here is my YouTube tutorial video that show you how I pulled this wreath together:

I can’t wait to travel to my dad’s place and pull all of our ideas and the items that we’ve collected and created together to help dad see and feel Christmas all around him–I know he will enjoy it all immensely as he was and is always the biggest Santa Claus in my life!! He makes Christmas special for us every single year, I hope that Barb, Stacey, and I can help make Christmas special for him this year. ❤

~Until next time, y’all take good care!

**In crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations**

~~Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…<3 ~~

~Arlynn ❤




6 thoughts on “Plaid and Burlap Wreath (Link to YouTube tutorial included)

    1. Hi Tina–Thank you so very much!! I’m so glad to hear that you are going to be making one of these wreaths for yourself!! That really just made my day to hear that. 🙂 🙂 YaY!! ❤


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