YouTube Channel Info, Car Chit-Chat, & Hobby Lobby Haul

***NOTE***– My YouTube Channel is now back up and running! YaY!!!  Here is a link:  Arlynn’s Country Craft Corner

Hi Everyone!!! Arlynn here! Welcome back to my Country Craft Corner! Thank you all for sticking with me and following me on over here on my Blog site, this is where I will be if and until YouTube restarts my channel.  In the video below, I explain what happened to my YouTube Channel.  I also include a car chit-chat from yesterday and my haul from Hobby Lobby.  I am moving forward and not allowing this little hiccup to get in my way.  Y’all mean way too much for me to give up and stick my head in the sand…not gonna happen.  ANYway, here is that video!! ❤



Thank you all so much for following me on over here for the time being.  I will keep y’all informed regarding my YouTube Country Craft Corner channel.

MUCH LOVE to you ALL!!

~Until next time, y’all take GOOD care!

~Arlynn ❤

24 thoughts on “YouTube Channel Info, Car Chit-Chat, & Hobby Lobby Haul

  1. Donna

    Hi Arlynn!! This has got to be a mistake. I can’t believe this is happening to you. I thought something was wrong with my phone when I couldn’t find you. Then I looked at your Instagram, even though I don’t have Instagram, I can still see what you post. It’s a good thing I looked. Unfortunately I’m not able to see the video you have posted here. For some reason the picture is blurry and there’s no play button. I’ll try again later to see if it works. I hope it does, I’ll let you know by leaving another comment. I pray that everything works out with YouTube. You do not deserve this! Hang in there!!


    1. hey there Donna! Bless your heart… Thank you so much for searching me out… On the video is probably not playing quite yet on your computer… It may play on your phone it is playing on mine but not on my laptop quite yet. It should play later once it gets completely loaded I just got it up there about a half an hour ago and it isn’t quite as fast of the loading process as it is on YouTube. Thank you so much for all of your sweet words! Hugs to you! ❤️❤️


  2. Donna

    Hi Arlynn…it’s me again. Ok so I noticed that I was able to watch the video after I left my last comment : ). Thank goodness!! I love all the things you got. Can’t believe it’s almost time to change out your 4th of July decor. I’m glad you’re appealing youtube. Even if you choose not to go back there, the very least they could do is give you an explanation. Well wherever you decide to post…here or there…I’ll be with you : ). Have a nice evening!!


    1. Hey there sweet Kathleen!!! Thanks a bunch sweet lady!! AND wouldn’t that be awesome if you and Bob and us would be on the same cruise…OMGosh, I think I’d faint!! ❤ ❤


  3. Arlynn, I am so sorry to hear this!!! I can’t believe, they did that to you!! You’re one of my favorite people to watch. I enjoy your chats and crafts!!! U haven’t done anything wrong.. smh.. stay strong and I’m sure it well all work out for u!!!! Us followers will follow you whichever media you choose. Hugs ☺😘

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    1. Hey, hey, hey Jennifer!! Thank you so much for your sweet words!! It has been a crazy 24 hours over here…but, I will not stop sharing my stuff…as they say, if there is a will there is a way. 🙂 So here I am for the time being…not too sure what will happen in the future, but, I’m safe here…that might sound strange, but, I feel safer here than on YouTube, and no one can still my stuff. 🙂 ANYway, thanks for sticking with me! (((Hugs))) ❤


  4. Hey girl… I’ve been following you since last October. Because of you, I learned to created several wreaths of my own for my home and as gifts to friends. I thank u for all your help and encouragement!!!! U Rock !! 😇👍👍👍

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  5. Tracey

    I’m loving the colors of the flowers you picked up- I agree they’re more summery to me! The plaque will look great with your wagon decor- I can’t believe I’m saying this but I almost can’t wait for fall decor!
    I know YT will work itself out- love ya, Girl!

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    1. Hey sweet Tracey, I couldn’t agree more with all that you said about those flowers and I love that little plaque. 🙂 AND, I’m with you, I can definitely wrap my brain around some Fall decor. 🙂 Thanks a bunch about YouTube…My country craft corner email (google) is working again, it hasn’t worked since yesterday, so who knows…maybe something is happening. Fingers crossed!! Love ya gf!!!! Thanks for sticking with me! ❤


  6. Shatzy

    Arlynn, You Tubes loss. I don’t know what they could possibly be talking about but we will stick with you no matter where you end up. Love watching you, Chris and the pups


  7. Nancy Jeffrey

    I am under my daughters name Jennifer jeffrey my name is Nancy and I have talked to you a couple of times one was about how to get some of your black metal decorative things !! I am from Canada and I watched you every day on tube I don’t how I managed to connect with you on this new place but I don’t want to loose my connection to your wonderful channel !! I would appreciate getting that info .!! Please keep your spirits up and you know you have lots and lots of friends out here !!!


    1. Hi Nancy!! I remember you girl!! My YouTube channel is up and running again…yay!!! But, the address of my blog site here is, and you can follow me here if you’d like (bottom righthand corner there is a follow button). 🙂 ❤


  8. Barbara

    Hi Arlynn,
    I was shocked to hear about you tube! They have to have you mixed up with someone else! Well don’t worry, I look forward to your posts and will follow where ever you decide to post from. I didn’t know you were on instagram. I will put in a request to follow you! I’m sure when all your followers find out where you are they will be right there! Well you take care and I’ll be on the lookout for your next video.Barbar💞


    1. Hey there Barbara!! Thank you so much gf!! 🙂 I’m back up and running on YouTube now…shew!! I just now put up a video on my Arlynn’s Country Craft Corner Youtube explaining all that happened. 🙂 ❤


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