2021 Fall Blue, White, & Burnt Orange Decor

Hi Everyone! Long time no see over here on my Blog! I thought I would take a little time today to show you what I’ve been up to here in our home. I’ve been working diligently at this year’s Fall decor and I am just about finished. All that I have left to do is to decorate our outdoor spaces. I will come back with another Blog showing pictures of what I come up for our front porch/sidewalk/mailbox designs when I finish those tasks.

Just to let y’all know, I do spend most of my time working over on my Arlynn’s Country Craft Corner YouTube channel, and there is where you’ll find my 2021 Fall Decor Playlist that is the holder of many decorate with me/tutorial videos that go hand in hand with the following pictures. I encourage you to join me and subscribe over there at my YouTube channel as that is where I am much more consistent with my content. 🙂 Here we go with some pictures. 🙂 I created every wreath, centerpiece, & vignette that you will see in these pictures.

This is the mantel & hearth, I always start my decorating here, this sets the tone for the rest of the decor for whatever season with which I’m working.

Well there we go with the indoor Fall decor for this year. I’m super happy with how it all worked out. I have really enjoyed working with my blue and white decor and in effect plugging in Fall simply by adding touches of Fall accents and a bit of burnt orange here and there.

Here is a little bonus picture for you, I created this funky bow topper for a lantern that sits out on our front porch, it will set the tone for where I’m going with our outdoor Fall decor. Can we say “traditional Fall colors”?! 🙂

Now, let me go into my final words that I always relay at the end of every video that I put up over there at my Arlynn’s Country Craft Corner YouTube channel.

Thank you all for stopping by today and I hope that all is well with everyone! For those of you who might be struggling or suffering a catastrophic illness or chronic pain, I hope that there is someone there with you, taking care of you, helping you make the best of each and every day. I hope that there is nothing weighing on your heart or mind pulling your attention away from where you want it to be or from where it should be. I love y’all to bits, to bits, to bits and I keep you in my thoughts and prayers every single day. AND with all of that said, I’ll just say, y’all take good, good care!! 💗


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