Floating Frame Hymn Art Tutorial & Decal Offer

Good Day Everyone! It has been forever since I took the time to write a blog; these days most of my time is spent over at my Arlynn’s Country Craft Corner YouTube channel. I hope everyone has been great and has weathered this last harrowing year okay! We will get through this y’all; this too shall pass, we just need to keep looking up and having faith.

Let me introduce you to my beautiful 1st cousin Stacey, we are actually more like sisters. (She is wearing the striped sweater)

Here is the thumbnail that you will see on my YouTube channel that goes hand in hand with this video:

Stacey has a very special offer for you! I have shared Stacey’s “FLOATING FRAME HYMN ART TUTORIAL & DECAL OFFER” video on my YouTube channel today, she guest stars on my channel sometimes and as I just mentioned, she has shared a wonderful offer with my Subscribers. She can work wonders with her Cricut machine and she is offering to make lovely decals that you can order from her and that will go hand in hand with hymn sheet music. You can print off the hymns that I have available below (or you can email Stacey and she will be glad to email you the jpeg) and place them in a floating frame. Speaking of a floating frame, here is a link to a floating frame that would work beautifully for this project, it is available from my Amazon Storefront. Just click here FLOATING FRAME and it should take you straight to the frame on Amazon. You would order the corresponding decal from Stacey (price list below—VERY reasonably priced) and place the decal that Stacey is offering on the outside glass as per her instructions in the video. Here is what the finished product looks like. 🙂

Here are jpegs of all of the hymns that she is offering for download. You can either drag and drop these pictures onto the desktop on your computer or into your photo program, or you can right click and share them to wherever it would be easiest for you so that you can utilize them for printing. When you print these off, use an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper and use the “fit to size” setting on your printer, in other words fill as much as the sheet of paper that you can with the music. An old 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper will look the best in the 11″ x 14″ frame that I’m offering in my Amazon Storefront.

IN ADDITION, Stacey also is offering decals that you can place on the front of any lantern that you may have, she created a video for my YouTube channel where she explains and give another fantastic tutorial where she shows how to put this project together. Here is a link to that video: MEET MY COUSIN STACEY & CHECK OUT HER SPECIAL LANTERN DECAL OFFER! MADE WITH LOVE FOR YOU! Here is one of her lanterns adorned with said decal (the beautiful white lab is Stacey’s pup Piper 💗):

Aren’t they AMAZING?!! NOW for the best part of all! Stacey is offering to sell you her decals for a fantastic price y’all! Here we go with all of the pertinent information. Please feel free to reach out to Stacey via her email “Porchswingcraftables@gmail.com” and order yourselves up some of her gorgeous decals to help to enhance your lanterns and/or try your hand at creating one of her floating frame projects, I think you’ll be super happy with the results of both!!

Here is that price list and Stacey’s pertinent information, please email Stacey with any requests (please do not request via a comment, comments may get lost in the shuffle):

THANK you all so much for stopping by today! MUCH love and tons of hugs all around!! Y’all take good, good care!


3 thoughts on “Floating Frame Hymn Art Tutorial & Decal Offer

  1. I just “happened” on your You Tube site this afternoon….as you would say “ It made my soul sing”! So refreshing to see such a welcoming home with a host that doesn’t hide her Christianity!
    I am redecorating my bedroom with blue/white with the walls to be painted the palest yellow( think buttercream)… just wanted any suggestions.
    May God bless you and your family!
    Connie K in South Carolina


    1. Aww, you are very sweet Connie! Thank you so much for your sweet words!! Your bedroom sounds like it is going to be lovely. I think the easiest way that I might be able to help you is to give you a link to my “Blue and White” Amazon Storefront idea list. Yes, of course you are welcome to purchase from there, but, I want to show it to you just for some ideas for your room. Also, I have several Blue and Home Tours on my Arlynn’s Country Craft YouTube channel, there are many ideas located there. 🙂 God Bless you and yours! And thank you again for your sweet words!


      Also, here is a link to my Blue and White Powder Room accents:

      And one more, here is a link to my latest Blue and White Decor Home Tour:


      1. Connie Knight

        Many thanks for your recommendations and links!
        I am not on Facebook(yet), so I wasn’t sure the best way to connect to you. I am retiring
        soon from 39 years as a Pharmacist and looking forward to this next chapter in my life as a first time “Noni”…spoiling him whenever I can🥰 and doing some redecorating!
        I enjoy the respite and inspiration I get ( decor and kind words) from your videos.
        God bless you and your family!
        Connie Knight


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