Fireplace: Mantel & Hearth

The fireplace is usually where I start when I’m transitioning my decor from one Season to the next.  I have to admit though, that I was so happy with how my Christmas decorations turned out that I almost hated to change it.  BUT, in the end, I’m *just* as happy with how it all turned out using my everyday accents pieces.

Here is how I had the fireplace decorated for Christmas:


The first task was to take all of Christmas decorations down and pack them away, that took 1/2 a day in and of itself…not kidding…:)  This is what I started with  IMG_3331

The first thing that I had replaced was the wreath on the mirror.  Here is a link to show you how I made that wreath, Burlap, Pip Berry, & Rod Iron Wreath


There it is in place…

IMG_3344 (1)

The next thing I tackled was the mantel…


I started with a pip berry garland that matches the staircase garland and I wrapped a set of 35 white lights around it;  I always purchase my pip berry garland from The Pip Berry Barn.  Then I made two burlap bows that I have on the staircase (here is a link for my Staircase: Lit Pip Berry Garland post). After that I added black wooden candlesticks and topped them with candles with metal stars wrapped around them.


I got the candlesticks and candles from Piper Classics

Next, I added a couple of Dickens houses, a few electric spool candles with silicone light bulbs, a couple more plain wooden candle sticks (that I tied a bit of the ribbon around), and some pieces from my Willow Tree collection.   I stood back and took a look see and was happy with what I’d created.

Then I moved on to the hearth, the first thing that I did was to recreate a basket decor that I’d had sitting next to the hearth at Christmas; here is a picture of how I had it decorated up for Christmas…


And here is how I recreated it using more generic accent pieces:


I found the “Happiness is Homemade” plaque at Hobby Lobby for 40% off, and I already owned the rest of the accents which included an old pip berry garland, metal stars, a little wooden heart, and a country themed towel that I tied to the basket.  I did add a set of lights to the very top.  I found these spiffy sparkl’ies’ at Michaels, they are battery operated and have a timer (although, I will say that my hubby rigged them up with a little transformer and mine are plugged in and never go off).


After that little project was complete, I moved to the hearth.  As I’ve explained in this How To Create Cozy Corners post, I started to build the decor on either side of the fireplace box.  If we want to have a fire these pieces are easily slid out of the way.

First, I took a moment to put together a quick little lantern centerpiece…

And then I just built the rest of the decor…I ended up with this.


Then I moved to the other side, here is what I came up with there…


See that “I Love You a Bushel and a Peck” lit canvas plaque? My cousin Stacey made that for me and gave it to me for Christmas (and yes, I cried like a baby when I opened it…that saying is very special to us because our Grandma used to say it to us all of the time).  If you’d like to see how she made that, here is a link to her Light Up Christmas Canvas blog entry.  Stacey is sweet enough to be a guest blogger for me every now and again. 🙂  I will cherish that piece forever and ever!! ❤

So when all was said and done, here is a look at how everything turned out…

IMG_3412 (1)

And how it looks in the evening hours…


Yes, I can honestly say that I am just as happy with this look as I was with the Christmas look.  And it was so much fun to create, I truly thrive on this sort of thing. 🙂  This fireplace design set the tone for what the rest of the decor would look like. In my next post, I’ll describe how I put together that cozy little corner to the right of the tv…along with a few other little creations…


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations**

Christmas 2015: Mantel & Hearth

The “Tis The Season” attitude is still in full swing around this Southern home. 😉  Yes, I know, it is *still* way early to be doing Christmas decorating, but, considering how long it took me to pull this mantel and hearth together, it’s a good thing I started early. 😉  I’m only half kidding, in years past, I’ve decorated with snowmen and only snowmen, and well, this year, in this new house, I wanted to do a little something different. I’ll still have snowmen scattered about here and there throughout the rest of my decorations because I’m not going to be recreating the entire wheel this year…which is what I had to do to the fireplace’s decor.

Every single thing you see on the mantel was newly purchased this year…

IMG_2407 (1)

That gorgeous lit garland and those candle rings came from Grandin Road and yes, they were a bit pricey, but I had a coupon and free shipping, so in the end, they weren’t all that expensive.

IMG_2405 (1) IMG_2407 (2)

I purchased the gold mercury glass candle ‘sticks’ (they are quite tall and very sturdy– one is 14.5″ and the other is 13.5″) at Hobby Lobby for half off and the candles are Luminara, they are 3-1/2″ x 9″, and yes, they were rather pricey too although we got them off of for a better price than the Luminara site offers.  It is worth a search around the Internet for the best price, they are amazing! I turn them on and off with a remote that came with them, if I chose to, I could set them to come on for 5 hours in the evenings as well and they’d automatically turn off. Those grapevine reindeer also came from Hobby Lobby for 50% off–they have fantastic sales on their Seasonal stuff.  I made two bows out of burgundy plaid wired ribbon, they match the staircase decor.

IMG_2406 (1)

I purchased this Nativity scene at Hobby Lobby (of course) for half off $80, I love it so much because let’s face it, Jesus *is* the reason for the Season.  I also love it because it mimics my Willow Tree angels and it completes the ‘feel’ that I was trying to accomplish on the mantel.

Now, the hearth, well that really presented me with another challenge because as I mentioned above, I didn’t want to recreate the entire wheel this year and my past years decorations were ALL snowmen.  SO, I did purchase a few things.


Working from back to front, which by the way is the way I create all my groupings, I wrapped that little rustic ladder with a small pip berry garland (I wrapped said garland with a 15 light strand).  I sat a little stuffed snowman on one of the rungs of the ladder, and sat that burlap tree in front of and beside the ladder.  See that grapevine angel in the back, well, I wanted her to stand up higher in the back to add interest, so I used a burgundy and cream colored country napkin and covered a box for her to stand upon. I made the lantern decor utilizing the ornament garland that I had left over from doing the Staircase & Ornament Garland and adding a few Christmas ornaments for interest.  I added a couple of snowmen, one burlap fella on the left and a wooden one that is just like the one that is up on the wreath on the mirror, and a couple of glittering reindeer.


Here is the right hand side of the hearth, I made the crock decor simply by filling it up with “filler” <~~~whatever I can find that will take up room like an old towel, then I  added a pip berry garland wrapped up in a bunch and stuck that on top. I took another pip berry garland and wrapped it around another rustic ladder.  I then added Willow Twig Garland mini lights around the ladder garland, and then placed the remaining lights into the top of the crock on top of the pip berry garland. I stuck a big metal star in at an angle, added some gold berry beads and a snowman on the crock and another up on the ladder and called it done. 🙂 Again, I built the rest of the grouping from the back to the front, tallest to shortest adding the burgundy candle stick and candle, angel, another wooden snowman that matches the one in the wreath on the mirror. I scattered cream colored metal stars around the entire hearth to help to pull everything together.

I am in love with the finished project and am quite pleased that it all came together so nicely.  I have to give some credit to my sweet cousin Stacey who was right there via text helping me choose accent pieces for the mantel while I was wandering around Hobby Lobby.  She has a great eye and she was very patient with me; I wanted to mix the fancy gold mercury glass candle holders with more woodland type accents and trust me, several options were picked up and put in my cart and then taken back out and replaced with other accents.  Eventually, this design came to fruition and I’m quite satisfied and happy with the result. 🙂

Daytime View:

IMG_2443 (1) IMG_2444

Nighttime View:IMG_2442 IMG_2441

And now, I continue on around the family room with my Christmas decorating…stay tuned…;) 🙂

For one thing, I’ll explain how I made this cute little sled & basket decoration:


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations**