Transitioning: Outdoor Touches

I try to be a positive, upbeat person all of the time, I figure I have so much to be thankful for and I’m extremely grateful that I can put my feet on the floor each morning and traverse through my day with only a semblance of pain (in my knees…stupid things).  Regardless, I would be fibbing if I said that I am a lover of the winter months because honestly, looking at the trees devoid of leaves is not my favorite site to behold. 😉  SO, I try to brighten my world a bit by adding some pops of my favorite color red into my outdoor decor, nothing too over the top just a little bit of somethin’ somethin’ here and there.

This was the house all decked out for Christmas:


We had wreaths on all of the window, and I decorated the front porch with little lit trees flanking the front door, lit garland around the door, and with my little red wagon filled with Christmassy accents.  I also added that great “Let It Snow” Snowman:

I was completely thrilled with those decorations, and transitioning over to a more generic decor was going to create a less festive approach to the front door.  Regardless, I soldiered on…The first thing I did was make several bows to go on the front door wreath along with the light post wreath, wagon wheels wreath, and mailbox.  I didn’t want to go and buy new ribbon for this task, so I went to my honey hole (where I keep all things crafty) and found that I had enough of this white and burlap chevron ribbon:

IMG_3562 (1)

I didn’t change out all of the wreaths out from my pine wreaths, instead, I just changed out the bows:


I did hang up that snowman trio — I change out that sign with each season, I’ve gathered quite the collection of these signs over the years.  They are actually meant to hang on their own holder; I get them from Piper Classics, check out that link and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  I choose to hang my signs on my mailbox though as here in our neighborhood it is the *in* thing to decorate up one’s mailbox…well, I’m all over that! lol 😉

I changed out the decorative flags in the front flower bed to ones with a wintery scene and with cardinals <~~A pop of that red color that I mentioned above….


Then I set to the task of tweaking the little red wagon decor, I certainly didn’t recreate the wheel here, instead I did more removing of the Christmas decor.  I left the pine wreath and the lit pine garland (looks pretty in the evening), and I added back in my favorite doggie sign (pop of red), a bear (his bow is red), and a few other little items that add a bit of interest and they have touches of red as well–the little sign that is hanging on the crate and the red star ‘garland’ hanging on the front of the wagon. I really do love red and tend to gravitate toward it a lot. 🙂


I chose to leave the Snowman sign on the other side of the porch…


Gracie the Golden and Samson and Sophie the Newfoundlands approve. ❤


IMG_3473 (1)

Here is the wagon in the evening hours:


And here are a few pictures of the house in the evening hours.  My hubby worked really hard on all of the outdoor accent lighting, if you’d like to see what he did with up lights and wash lights, check out my blog entry entitled Special Outdoor Lighting.



So, now that everything is redecorated for the winter months, I think I might take a little break…uh huh, sure I will! 😉  Honestly though, I’m not positive what I’ll get into next, but, I’m sure it will have something to do with making something to add to this house that is gradually becoming a home filled with warmth, love, and cherished memories with each passing day.

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In decorating there are no mistakes, just unique creations!**

~Arlynn ❤


Special Outdoor Lighting

Good Day All!

I will be completing my “Home Tour” series of blog entries with this post describing the outdoor lighting that we chose to brighten up the front of our home.  My hubby and I worked in tandem to choose and arrange said lighting; he did do all of the installing though, but, I was definitely there for moral support. 😉

The first lights that I want to tell you about are the candles in the windows.


Here in the South, many of us leave lights lit in our windows throughout the entire year; I have done this for years and years now (even in our old house before we moved here).  Old traditions tell us that the candle was often placed in the window when a member of the family was away. The lit candle was also placed in the window as a sign of good news or as a welcome to weary travelers. Candles also represented friendship and were seen as a sign of welcome to others. One of my favorite schools of thought regarding placing candles in the window was that it served as a beacon to solders who were away at war, kept ever burning so that they could find their way back home to their loved ones.  For all of these reasons, we keep candles lit in all of the front windows day and night.  We took advantage of a spiffy lighting package that our builder offered, a “Holiday Light Package”, this package provided us with an extra outlet at each window and all of those outlets lead to one switch, so when on the rare occasion that I do turn out all of the candle lights all I need to do is flip that one switch.


I’ve always loved the look of a home subtly lit at night so we went on the hunt for lighting that would highlight the different rooflines and ‘sections’ of our home.  All of these lights are on a timer, they come on at dusk and remain on for 6 hours then magically turn out all on their own. 😉 🙂

We purchased pathway lights:



And “wash” lights, that softly light parts of the front of the house:


My hubby installed wash lights up on top of the porch and on the porch itself as well:

1V4A3045 1V4A3043

We chose “up” lights to highlight whatever decorative flag I have on the flag stand and some of the prettier trees and shrubs in the flowerbed.                                                (I purchased the flag stand from Plow and Hearth):

1V4A3034 IMG_7548

We even found a flag pole with a solar light attached, that way the flag that we have flying will always be lit as well.                                                                                                 This is especially important when we have the American Flag flying, it is not supposed to be flown at night without it being lit:

IMG_6129 IMG_0827

Last, but not least, we have several solar lights dotted throughout the flowerbed, they change colors very slowly and subtly and add a little touch of whimsy:



The lighting is pretty throughout the entire year, but it is especially pretty right after a snowfall:


Well, there we go, with the completion of this blog entry,  you’ve now had a tour of pretty much the entire house. My hubby and I work every day to turn this house into a home, a home that will provide a warm and cozy haven to family and friends. My greatest hope is that when folks stop by that they feel welcome and like they can sit down, put their feet up, relax, and enjoy their time here in our country home.


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤