Big, Beautiful Christmas Bows (A New Kind For Me)!

Well, what do you know?!  This lady still has the capacity to learn how to do a new craft! YaY!! Go me! 😉  Seriously, I have been searching YouTube tutorials for a couple of weeks because I’ve been wanting to learn how to make a much bigger bow than the tiered bows that I’ve been making for literally decades.  For one thing, thanks to a couple of friends suggestions, I might want to make a bow tree topper for my Christmas tree and my little tiered bow wasn’t going to work in that capacity in any way, shape, or form. I was so happy that  I *finally* found the tutorial that helped the dim “I don’t know how to make a big, beautiful bow” bulb in my brain go off like a strobe light. 😉  I found a YouTube channel hosted by Nancy Alexander and here is a link to one of her bow tutorials.  She has a little trick where her first two loops form a “bow tie”, and then the next four loops form an “x”, and so on.  Those might seem like really simple explanations, but, I am not kidding when I say that I literally whooped out loud when I was successful at making a big, beautiful bow! 🙂

So, now that the “how to make a big, beautiful bow” light had come on, I had to do a little bit of practicing…Here are a couple of my trial run bows…IMG_9426 IMG_9433

Okay, they didn’t look bad, so I felt like I could try my hand at making the Christmas bows that would go on the staircase (because neither of those bows would match my planned burgundy and gold Christmas color scheme). I bet I find somewhere else to place them though. 🙂

I made 8 bows today out of this burgundy plaid and gold ribbon.  Both ribbons are wired ribbon (a must in my opinion) and I piled one on top of the other and created the bows; I fluffed the loops out when I finished. I got exactly 5 bows out of one (well one burgundy and one gold) bolt. I tied them together with chenille twist ties.  I didn’t use the ornament pictured, I thought I would glue it to the center of the bow, but, when I tried it I didn’t care for the look, so I will use the ornament elsewhere in the Christmas decor.


Here is one finished bow and me doing the “Happy Dance” behind the camera!!


After I saw that I could create exactly what I wanted, I went ahead and made 7 more big, beautiful bows and tied them onto my pip berry garland.  I will most likely replace the pip berry garland with the more traditional pine garland when I get to my Christmas decorating, but, for now, they sure look pretty hanging on that pip berry garland. 🙂

As I sit here and look at my creations for the day, I am patting myself on the back for taking the initiative to research and to learn a new craft! What a feeling of accomplishment such a thing can produce. 🙂

Here is how my stair railing looks this evening:

IMG_2334 1V4A3128 1V4A3130 1V4A3132

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations**

Staircase Railing Decor Ideas

Greetings Everyone!

As I have mentioned before, my hubby and I just moved into our retirement home a couple of years ago.  We went through the entire building process and waited 7+ months for our new home to be built.  The reason we went with the new build is because we found a pretty piece of property with a good many acres (hubby’s wish) in a neighborhood, in a cul-de-sac (my wish) and we were also able to make every single choice that would make it our own.  There were many reasons why we chose this model to build not the least of which was this pretty staircase.



I had had staircase railing decorating ideas flying around in my head for the entire time that the house was being built.  One of the first ideas that came to fruition was a burlap swag idea that I’d seen somewhere on Pinterest.  We did it our way and we started with a bolt of burlap fabric that I found at Joann’s Fabric.  My hubby and I laid out burlap on the floor (I wish I could remember how many yards I purchased, but I’m sorry to say that I cannot–we did use an entire bolt though) out into one long piece and folded it accordion style and wrapped masking tape around it every so often to keep it folded in place until we hung it up.  Once that was completed (no easy task honestly) we evenly draped it like you would a swag curtain between each post on the staircase and then took the masking tape off and tweaked each swag until it looked like we or I had envisioned.  I also made a flower arrangement and attached it to the bottom and on top of the bullnose section of the staircase; that pulled it all together nicely.  I then made bows and attached them to all of the swag points; I loved how it turned out and I kept it up for quite some time.


Then Fall rolled around and I decided that I would keep the burlap in place but make new Fall themed bows and a new arrangement for the bullnose.  This is how that turned out:

IMG_6660 IMG_6659

Of course Christmas decorating was next.  We removed the burlap and replaced it with pine garland wrapped in white lights, I made new Christmas bows, and a new arrangement for the bullnose.  I really loved how those lights looked, so, so pretty. My hubby also attached a remote control to the lights so that we could turn them on and off at will; that was so convenient.

IMG_7640 IMG_7639 IMG_7617 IMG_7613 IMG_5057

After Christmas my daughter and I were chatting and she reminded me of a new and different staircase railing idea that she and I had discussed around Christmastime. That idea is what my hubby and I brought to fruition and what we have hanging on the railing now. I purchased pip berry garlands from The Pip Berry Barn and this is the garland that I chose to pair with my everyday home decor, it has worked beautifully. (I highly recommend purchasing Pip Berry Garland from this online store; the strands were so full and beautifully made, absolutely awesome)  I also purchased strings of 100 white lights with a brown cord and plugs at both ends.  These are the white lights that I purchased. We used two strands to do the stair decor, but I purchased extra strands for the inevitable, eventual, and necessary replacement parts. My hubby has attached the same remote control to the lights so that we can turn them on and off at will (I usually turn them on after dark and turn them off when we go to bed)

IMG_8444 IMG_8529

Of course I made new bows out of  burgundy checked wired ribbon which matched the ribbon that I’ve used in many a centerpiece, arrangement, and wreath throughout our home.  I purchased the ribbon online too because I couldn’t find what I knew I wanted around here.  This is the ribbon that I purchased.  And then I made a new flower arrangement out of burgundy and burlap gerber daisies and pip berry picks, wrapped white lights around that arrangement and tied it all together with a bow. This is what hangs in our house for my “regular” or “generic” decor.  I only change out the bows and flower arrangements for Fall and Christmas now-a-days; I love the look *that* much!

IMG_8527 IMG_8524 IMG_8522

When I decorated for Fall, I simply changed out the bows and made a new arrangement for the bullnose.  Here is that finished project:

IMG_1786 IMG_1785 IMG_1774 IMG_1768

I came up with a different idea for the staircase decor for this Christmas (2015).  I’ve wanted to create an ornament and pine garland for a couple of years now, but, I knew that it was going to cost me a fortune to do so…not to mention give me a headache or two because yes, I’m a pretty patient person when I’m creating, but the patience required to create such a garland might just push my ‘envelope’ a bit. 😉  Anyway, here are some pictures of what I came up with this year.  If you’d like to see how my hubby and I put it together, you can check out my Blog entry entitled: Staircase Ornament and Pine Garland.  Here are some pictures of this year’s creation:


Keeping the staircase decorated throughout the year really helps to warm up our space. And with the addition of the lights in the evenings, it really feels comfy and cozy in here.  I’ve been so very happy with each and every change that I’ve made to the original idea and I’m sure I’ll continue to tweak and hopefully improve the look as time marches forward. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations**