Voyage of the Glaciers-Ketchikan (Day 7)

Hi All,

When I woke up and we were docked in Ketchikan I was full of mixed emotions.  On one hand, I was excited because I knew that the excursion that we had planned for the day was going to be amazing, we’d done it one other time a few years earlier so I knew what to expect.  Also, the weather was amazing! Ketchikan is located in the Tongass Rainforest, so it rains *a lot* throughout the year, but on this day, the sun was shining brightly and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky…how fortunate were we?! 🙂  But, on the other hand, I was kinda sad.  I knew that this might very well be the last time that we were going to see Ketchikan and its quirky beauty; it is a very colorful little city…

IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1349

My hubby and I spent the morning walking around the Coral Princess, eating breakfast, and just relaxing on our balcony…

DSCN0079 DSCN0078 DSCN00751V4A15531V4A15541V4A15551V4A15581V4A15591V4A15601V4A15611V4A1562

I enjoyed watching the floatplanes take off and land, there are tons of flight excursions that one can choose to take;  Misty Fjords is one of the major attractions out of Ketchikan and many choose to fly over it as opposed to taking a boat excursion.


Here are a few pictures that we took on our Misty Fjord’s boat excursion a few years ago:

IMG_1595 IMG_1618 IMG_1623 IMG_1635

After breakfast and lounging the morning away, it was time for us to head out for our excursion, we didn’t have to go too far, we literally stepped off of our cruise ship the Coral Princess and walked about 30 paces and climbed aboard the awaiting Aleutian Ballad for our Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour

1V4A2217 1V4A2216

As I mentioned above, we had done this tour one other time and enjoyed it so much that we had to do it again. I was glad we did because there were new crew members aboard and they told new and different stories of their adventures on the Bering Sea where they were doing one of the deadliest jobs on the planet…catching crab. The Aleutian Ballad was one of the crab boats featured on the 1st season of the Discovery channel’s Deadliest Catch.  It got hit by a rogue wave and was damaged quite badly; this is when they chose to start doing a tour out of Ketchikan, so when they had the boat refurbished, they had it refitted to accommodate covered tiered seating to make folks comfortable while sitting and listening to the crew’s amazing tales.

IMG_1278 IMG_1279 IMG_1284 IMG_1290

After they told a few stories we pulled into a little cove that was full of bald eagles, we caught some of the best pictures we’ve ever taken of those eagles–of course I knew this was coming so when they pulled into the cove, I practically dove for a front spot right at the railing…no, I wasn’t rude, just determined…haha. 😉  I think these pictures will speak for themselves…

IMG_1301 IMG_1306 IMG_1308 IMG_1313 IMG_1314 IMG_1318 1V4A2298 1V4A2331 1V4A2344 1V4A2350 1V4A2369

What a majestic bird!! I was amazed at their maneuvering ability and their accuracy when diving for the snacks that the crew was tossing into the water.

Here is a little video I took of our time on the Aleutian Ballad:

We then traveled around to some different crab and shrimp pots that the crew had dropped earlier and they explained the process of pulling/baiting/dropping said pot. We got to hold snow (or opilio) crabs, king crabs, shrimp, and other creatures from the sea. 🙂 I loved that part!

IMG_1429 IMG_1441 IMG_1443 IMG_1445 IMG_1454 IMG_1458

I was mesmerized by all of their stories and completely thrilled yet again with this amazing excursion. If y’all ever get to Ketchikan, I would highly recommend this tour (you can book it on your own, or through any of the cruise lines).

So, this was our last port of call, as we pulled out of Ketchikan I again got weepy, I so love Alaska, its sheer size, its grandeur, and its magnificent sites.  I do hope that we will be able to return one, or two, or three more times in the future, but I’m not sure that we will do so as we’ve chosen to set our sights on other parts of the world.

The next day would be a ‘sea’ day, and then we’d be pulling into Vancouver, B.C. We’d disembark our cruise ship, but our vacation wasn’t quite over…

Next up…Orca whale watching tour on our way to Vancouver Island and meeting up with a dear Facebook friend Liz (that I’d met through my Newfoundland dogs), her hubby Mike, and their awesome Newfoundland pup Jack…I couldn’t wait for this next part of our adventure!

***Update***  I’ve now completed all of my installments in the Voyage of the Glaciers Series and have included links to the next post in line (so to speak) at the end of each posting.  So, here is a link to the next post and it covers our time in Vancouver & Orca Whale Watching tour to Victoria… 🙂

Sneak Peek:



Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤


I’ve also written two other blog posts that go hand in hand with these blog entries.  Here is a link to my Alaskan Wardrobe Choices entry. And here is a link to my What’s In My Carry On, My Must Haves, and Packing Tips & Tricks entry.

9 thoughts on “Voyage of the Glaciers-Ketchikan (Day 7)

    1. Thank you so very much Nancy!! I’ve heard that the Ruby is a wonderful ship, one of our waiters in the Bayou Cafe & Steakhouse told us that that was his favorite ship to work on. 🙂 I hope y’all had a fabulous time in Alaska, we’ve done the Voyage of the Glaciers (Southbound) cruise 4 times, we just can’t get enough! We are heading in another direction on the Star Princess next Spring though…Hawaii! YaY! 🙂 (I’ve got a couple other posts with pictures included talking about Hubbard Glacier, Glacier Bay, and Skagway if you are interested). 🙂 🙂

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      1. I will stay tuned… and will look at your other posts as well! We have talked about the Hawaiin cruise… so please share your photos when that occurs!


  1. Thanks so much Nancy, most of my Blog posts center around my crafting and home decor, but, my interests lie elsewhere too…like on a cruise ship headed somewhere…haha. 😉 I will be sure to post the pictures of Hawaii when we get finished with that vacation. (We are taking the 15 night roundtrip cruise out of Vancouver…not sure how we’re going to do with all of those sea days–5 going and 5 coming back…but, one thing is for sure, it will be relaxing. 🙂 )

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    1. I love crafts and home decor! Stay tuned… my sweet, sweet man is building me a She Cave (a very fancy schmancy potting shed and gathering place.
      Oh and I forgot to mention… the Ruby Princess was lovely!

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  3. Arlynn what a wonderful story. Those eagles are so stunning and magestic. I see the orca excursion was in Vancouver and we aren’t stayingthere. I sure will lookminto this deadliest catch tour. Thanks for the story and wonderful photography. Peggy


    1. Hey there Peggy!! Aww, thank you so very much girl…Yes this eagles were something to behold for sure. 🙂 And yep, I highly recommend the Deadliest Catch Tour and if you have some extra time in Vancouver, that Orca whale watching excursion is wonderful!!! (((Hugs))) ❤


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