My Blue & White Cottage Decor

Hi Everyone! First, let me apologize for my absence here at my Blog! My YouTube channel “Arlynn’s Country Craft Corner” kind of took off on me, so I have turned most of my attention over there; I so love to Blog though, so let’s go with this post. 🙂


We moved into our home over 6 years ago and since then I’ve been searching for a decor genre that I could call my “every-day decor”.  For a long time, one “side” of our home was decorated in a bit of a country sheek sort of way while the other side leaned more toward the primitive country style. I’ve outgrown both styles if I’m honest and I really wanted to find a more grown up, soft, yet, interesting style in which I could add my Seasonal decor without having to recreate the wheel every time we had a Season or Holiday change. The only time that that will not be the case will be for my Christmas decor, I will continue to switch pretty much everything out.  But, for the rest of the year I will be working with this new decor, my “Blue and White Cottage” feeling decor. OH BTW, Chris, my hubby, repainted the entire main level for us last Spring. I wanted a paint color that I could pair with grays as well as with beiges, so we chose “Perfect Greige”. It is a Sherwin Williams color that we had mixed at Home Depot in their best Behr paint with primer. I feel it has warmed our space up and my accents just pop against the new color. I LOVE IT! ANYway, getting back to my new decor I had been collecting accent pieces for months and I already had some vintage pieces that were passed down to me from my grandma. After Christmas I started to switch this house’s decor over to my new vision in earnest. I will show y’all some pictures of what I’ve created here, but, please do take a peek at my Playlist of “Decorate with Me” videos that I shared on my YouTube channel as I worked my way though the entire main level of our home. That playlist can be found here on my “Arlynn’s Country Craft Corner” YouTube Channel: Blue and White Cottage Decor Series

Here are some pictures for you to peruse through so you can see where I’ve gone with my decorating. I am super happy with every single centerpiece, vignette, & room’s decor;


Here is a link for the video where I created this huge burlap wreath (this particular wreath’s tutorial is not in the Playlist that I shared above):

Blue and White Burlap Wreath


Stacey, my first cousin came to visit me and brought her Cricut along with her, she made that sign and I hung it on a grapevine wreath form and created that big swag to hang on it. This tutorial is not included in that main link for my decor Playlist. But, I will share the wreath tutorial for this creation here:

Blue and White “Because He Lives” Grapevine Wreath Tutorial




For the first time in my life in any home that we’ve been fortunate enough to own, I finally have a decor that is coherent and runs throughout the main level of our home. I cannot tell you the feeling of accomplishment that I obtained when I was finally finished. I worked super hard on this, physically and I also worked my creative juices as it was a challenge to be using the same color scheme yet make it look and feel just a little different in each vignette/room.

Thank you all so very much for stopping by here at my blog!  I will share with y’all some “final words” that I say in every video that I put up on my YouTube Channel. Over a year ago, I felt as if these words were given to me from above, honestly guys, I feel like I can almost read these words on a chalkboard in front of me. 🙂 So here goes. I hope that all is well with everyone! For those of you who might be struggling or suffering with a catastrophic illness or chronic pain, I hope that you have someone there with you, taking care of you, helping you get through each day, making the very best out of each day. I hope that there is nothing weighing on your minds or your hearts, pulling your attention away from where it should be or from where you want it to be. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers every single day and I love y’all to bits, to bits, to bits! So with all of that said,  I’ll just say, until next time, y’all take good, good care! 💗

7 thoughts on “My Blue & White Cottage Decor

  1. Susan K Barton

    I am beyond thrilled that I found you on YouTube! I’m a 67 yr old grandma and I have just made my first bow because of you!! I love watching you and I feel like I have made a new friend! Your sweet caring personality comes through the tv screen so much. Currently watching Bow Making 101. Thank you and God Bless you for making this scary time in our lives a little less scary!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Daryl Buck

    Your home is BEAUTIFUL. So Fancy! I’ve heard someone describe you as Fancy before. Oh now I remember! It was Bobbi. She is my big sister and she just adores you.
    Good luck to you and keep on making those video tutorials. They’ve helped me!


    1. Awww, Daryl, thank you so, so, so much for your sweet words!! And the feeling is mutual about your sister Bobbi, I think she is a very sweet, honest, and giving lady. ❤ ❤


  3. Charlene Steverson

    Hey Arlynn, Today November 10th Is My Mother’s Birthday, She Would Of Been 79! She Passed Away On July 9th, 2005; The Next Day Was My Birthday July 10th! She Was My Best Friend! I Know That She Is In Heaven, But I Miss Her So Much! When U Were Talking About Ur Mother & Grandma & Crying; I Was Crying With U! My Grandma Passed On November The 17th, 2017 She Would Of Been 96! Ur YouTube Channel Is Awesome & So Uplifting! My God Continue To Bless U! U Have A Beautiful House!

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  4. alma thomas

    First let me tell you that your home is beyond beautiful but I often wonder what people do for a living when they have homes so big and beautiful.. Yes I know a nosey question but I think a lot of people would like to know. Do you mind terribly.. Thanks so much your home is such a dream


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