Christmas 2016: Home Tour-Episode #3 (Thanksgiving too)

I am now officially finished decorating for Christmas–Woohoo! And, I am going to enjoy a couple of days of rest before attacking my Christmas shopping with a fervor. And if truth be told, I am one tuckered out lady at the moment. I feel like I have been working on this for weeks…OH wait, I *have* been working on this for weeks…haha. 😉  BUT, it is a labor of love to be sure–I absolutely love to create and decorate, as I told someone the other day, it is my “wheelhouse” and I’m never more happy when I can see what is in my mind’s-eye come to fruition. 🙂

Before I start with my last home tour in this Series, let me tell you a little bit about our Thanksgiving.  We had a lovely time of it here, both of our girls were here and my Dad was also here.  In addition, we had our daughter’s beau and their pup here as well. Candace (our youngest) cooked us a wonderful dinner one evening, we played trivia games, we trimmed a Christmas tree, we laughed, hugged, and did all of those things that close families do–We are blessed. 🙂 Here are a few pictures of our time together:

Candace and Dustin’s pup Valentino!


Candace cooking up some dinner one night…YUM!!


We all trimmed the big family room Christmas tree together:




And here is the finished tree that evening:





And the pups posed prettily for me…Left to right– Gracie, Samson, & Sophie:IMG_5893.jpg


IMG_5894 (1).jpg

And then Thanksgiving morning dawned–Here are a smattering of pictures of our time on that most special of days–I definitely have so much to be thankful for:

Here I am with my handsome hubby Chris:



And these two beauties are our daughters Christin & Candace:


Here are the girls with my sweet Dad Dave…



Here is Candace with her beau Dustin…



It was a ***wonderful*** day!! ❤  Everyone headed home on Thanksgiving evening…So sad to see them go; there is nothing more important than family!

So the day after Thanksgiving dawned, and honestly, I didn’t have a whole lot of energy…lol…BUT, Chris and I were bound and determined to get our outdoor decorating completed.  So we went into attack mode and by the end of the day, we had everything created, hung, blinged out, and in place. 🙂  I will post my YouTube video below that will give you a quick ornament and pine garland tutorial.  I found more of that ornament garland at Walmart and I attached it to the garland that goes around the front door and I put some on the lit wreath that hangs on the front door…

IMG_2873.jpgIMG_2875.jpgAnd then I give you a tour of the outdoor decorations…



1V4A8485.jpg1V4A8482.jpg1V4A8480 (1).jpg

And here is a link to my YouTube video:


I am completely content and pretty happy with the end result of my decorating efforts this Christmas.  It took me several years to gather all of the parts and pieces together and this year, I feel as if I have one cohesive design happening throughout the house. 🙂

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, as well as good food, tons of hugs and unconditional love–I know that we sure did. 🙂  And I am completely and totally glad that my decorating is totally finished on this day, just two days after Thanksgiving. 🙂

All righty—I will close this one out by saying…

~Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

~Arlynn ❤





Christmas 2016: Quick Accent Centerpieces

I’m continuing on with my decorating frenzy over here…lol…I’m just about a blithering idiot now. 😉  Of course I’m just kidding, and y’all know how I love to create.  I have now finished the back portion of our house–the family room, kitchen, kitchen eating area, and powder room and I will be posting a tour of said areas after I get finished with this little ditty. 🙂  So many folks ask me about my little accent arrangements and how I put them together, in the video below, I explain and show you how I put together my kitchen window arrangements:


A little basket creation that goes on a shelf:


One that goes on the kitchen hutch:


An arrangement centerpiece that I did around a lamp (like I do my lanterns) that sits in the corner of the kitchen:


And lastly, an arrangement that sits on the sink in the Powder Room:


These little arrangements don’t stand alone very well, but, when they are combined with all of the other decor surrounding them, I feel as if they bring the entire grouping/idea together and to fruition.  These were all fun and easy to put together and as always, I completely enjoyed submersing myself in the project’s’. 🙂

Here is a link to my YouTube Tutorial:

Christmas 2016: Accent Centerpieces

As I mentioned above, I have now finished decorating the back portion of our home, so my next project is to write a blog that will include tons of pictures and I will pair it with a video that will give a tour of the spaces that I’ve completed.  Still to decorate—The living and dining rooms incorporating a beautiful light green color, silvers, and whites–hopefully creating a soft and cozy atmosphere. 🙂

Here is a sneak peak of the back portion of our house all decked out for Christmas (minus the Christmas Tree that won’t go up until Thanksgiving evening). 🙂


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations** 

~Arlynn ❤

Christmas 2016: Staircase Ornament Garland, Mantel, & Hearth

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…around here anyway…haha. 🙂  I have again started to decorate for Christmas way earlier than most probably do, but, I have found that it takes me quite a while to get everything into its place and all prettied up.  In addition, my Dad who will be here for Thanksgiving, love, love, loves Christmas decorations, so I wanted to get them up for him–And one of our daughters and her beau will be on a cruise over Christmas and we are going to celebrate Christmas with them on Thanksgiving–all good reasons to decorate a wee bit early this year. 😉   I started working on the staircase bannister today—actually, Chris started working on it before I did…by the time I even opened up one of my peepers this morning, he had attached the garland that we had put together last year, all I had to do was a bit of tweaking and adding of big, beautiful bows.  I wrote a long blog about the process that we went through last year, so I will link that here, but, before I give you that link, here are a few pictures of the finished project–We didn’t change a thing from last year’s creation:


Here’s that link:

Staircase Pine and Ornament Garland

Another link from last year, because I did have to teach myself how to make those big bows:

Big, Beautiful, Christmas Bows

I’ve also created a little video tutorial of sorts and along with my blog explanations, if you’d ever want to try something like this, it should be a snap for you. 🙂  In this video, I also show you how I decorated up my mantel, hearth, and credenza today.  Here is my blog post from last year giving you all of those particulars–I didn’t really do too much differently this year…If it ain’t broke don’t fix it and all of that huh? 😉 😉  And before I give you that link, here are today’s mantel and hearth creations:




IMG_0747.jpgHere is the link to last year’s blog post where I explain all about the mantel and hearth:

Mantel & Hearth

And last but not least, here is a link to my YouTube Video Tutorial that I created today (11/10/16):

Christmas 2016: Pine & Ornament Garland, Mantel, & Hearth Decor

Until next time, y’all take good care!! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes, only unique creations**

~Arlynn ❤



Christmas 2015: My 12′ Slim Christmas Tree

Meet my nemesis, my 12′ Christmas tree…


I have to be honest and tell you that decorating this puppy is not my very favorite thing to do.  I’ve seen many fancy Christmas trees on Pinterest and YouTube and I’m sure if I set my mind to it, that I could certainly create an over the top, very elaborate tree. I have decided against doing that though because this tree, when finished, exhibits many cherished memories.  A lot of the ornaments are ones that my kids made when they were little, there are some that were given to me as gifts, some to remember our past pets, some to commemorate trips, alma maters, well I could add to this list all day long.  Bottom line, I’ve chosen to keep this tree more simple and let it speak for itself instead of making some grand design and having all of our cherished ornaments get lost in the “foo-foo”.

IMG_2957 (1)

We purchased this “slim” tree when we moved into this home, I wanted it to make a statement, but, I didn’t want it to encompass the entire room.  It is quite tall at 12′ and it definitely requires a ladder when decorating.  I also chose to put colored lights on this tree because the family likes the colored lights and I love how it looks when it is complete…the colored lights set it apart from everything else in the room.

We started putting it up on Thanksgiving evening, a tradition that was started when our girls were born.  They were both here to help, here is our youngest up on a ladder hanging ornaments…


Here is her older sister, she was sitting on the floor handing her the ornaments…They make quite a good team! ❤


My hubby had already fluffed the tree, put the lights on it, and wrapped those wooden beads around the it.  I had made that bow topper earlier in the day and tied it on…The tree was a work in progress…This is how it looked on Thanksgiving evening…


Very pretty, but, *something* was bothering me, there weren’t enough lights on it for one thing (hubby had already put 500 in place). And it didn’t have enough ornaments and that stinkin bow was driving me crazy…from a distance, it looked like a big dark blob was on the tree.  Why oh why did I make that bow out of that plaid ribbon (as opposed to a sheer deco mesh ribbon that the lights would shine through)? Well, because I’m anal retentive and that bow *had* to be made out of the same ribbon that I had made for the bannister bows (not to mention the bows that I’d added to every other grouping in this part of the house).

So yesterday, I went about solving this little “tree needs help” problem.  I took a trip to Target and I purchased 300 more lights, and then I went down into my ‘store’ <~~~ basement, and I rummaged around and found about 30 more ornaments.  I went and gathered the step ladder out of the garage–and I tried not to knock anything down as I was muscling that stupid thing to the tree…sheesh, that thing was awkward and a bit heavy. 😉

This is what I came up with by yesterday evening…

IMG_2981 (1)

Here is a before (left picture) and after..


I intertwined lights through the bow hoping that that would help it stand out and not be so much of a blob…and it worked! YaY!!


Subtle differences, but those simple additions made a world of difference to me. I was finally happy with the tree.  Here are some more pictures of the ornaments…

And one more shot of a very special ornament that we purchased this year…to remember those lost in France…


I took some time yesterday evening to walk around this section of the house and take pictures from different angles, I’m quite happy with how everything turned out.  All of the Christmas decor flows together quite nicely…









I fixed that big “lit-less” ^^^ gap at the top of the tree this morning after I downloaded these pictures onto my computer…haha…

I am definitely breathing a bit easier now that I know that all of my decorating is finished.  I’ve also been doing a bit (meaning a good bit) of shopping, so my ***least*** favorite task is ahead of me and that is wrapping gifts.  Yes, I love to create decor, I do not like to wrap presents…bah hum-bug to me eh?! 😉

I will close this blog post by quoting what I feel *is* the reason for this most glorious of Seasons…

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder. And His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace” …Isaiah 6:9

God Bless you all!

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤



Christmas 2015: Outdoor Decorations

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, good food, and tons of love! We had a great time here, I ate way too much so I’m now back on my “regular diet” as opposed to my “see it eat it diet” that I was partaking in for too many days straight. 😉 I am forever working on my weight, maybe someday I’ll write a post about that part of my life.  ANYway, I waited until Thanksgiving was over to decorate outside, I *think* I’m *finally* finished all of my decorating…wow, it took me 2 solid weeks to decorate the inside spaces and 2 days to decorate the outside — obviously, I do a lot less outdoors…haha. 😉

I love the look of lights in the windows, and as y’all know, I keep window lights on all year round.  Also, my hubby installed wash lights, up lights, and walkway lights to illuminate the front of the house and the walkway. These lights go on and off every night controlled by a timer that turns them on at dusk and then off 6 hours later. If you’d like to see more about our outdoor special lighting, I’ve written this Special Outdoor Lighting blog.  All of these lights worked in our favor when decorating for Christmas.

I will be highlighting the windows, front porch, front flowerbed, lamp post, wagon wheels, and a fence gate that leads to our backyard.

Okay, so here we go…

The hubby started the process by putting up wreaths on all 15 front windows, including the large palladium window above the little porch.  We used 24″ pine wreaths, we purchased them at Michaels last year for 1/2 price. Here is a link. The wreath on the palladium window was quite a bit larger and I honestly can’t remember where we got that one.  I did not make those bows! What? Nope, I purchased the bows last year at our local “And That” (Christmas Shop) store.  They are pretty large and full though and that’s why I chose to go ahead and purchase them as opposed to making 15 bows…OH the hand cramps that would have ensued had I done that. 😉




As the hubby was working on the windows, I was working on the front porch decorations.  Sometimes less is more you know? So we chose to only put a lit pine garland over the door and let it drape down the sides of the transom windows.  We added a big lit pine wreath to the front door as well as little lit potted trees on either side of the door.  I made bows to add to each corner of the garland, one for the wreath, and 2 to go on the little trees.


Now onto my little red wagon decor.  For those of you who might not have seen my post about my little red wagon and all of the different looks that I’ve created to go inside of it, check out my Little Red Wagon Decor post. 🙂

I decided to move the wagon to the other side of the front porch because we have a spotlight mounted on the railing that illuminates the front door and the wagon had been blocking it, so I moved it out of the way.  Here is the wagon stripped nekkid of all decor…I purchased it at our local Plow and Hearth outlet store last winter. I added that white crate that you see in the back and I have it sitting on top of my grandmother’s old milk can.


I had gone down into our basement and spent quite a while rifling through Christmas bins full of unused decorations.  I knew I’d be able to find *something* to use in this wagon.  I started with an old piece of pine garland.  I wrapped a 35 Christmas light strand around it and placed it on top of the white crate and inside of the wagon; this garland would serve as a nice anchor for the rest of the grouping.



Next, I found an old pine wreath and wrapped lights around it as well and I made a bow out of the same plaid that I used for the over the door garland, front door wreath, and flanking potted trees.


I placed the wreath in the left hand corner and then started to build the rest of the grouping working from the top of the white crate down and from the wreath over.  I added 2 solar powered lanterns (the white ones), a  red lantern with a battery operated candle, a large burgundy candle stick with a battery operated candle, some poinsettias, a few sprigs of pine (placed inside of the white crate to add depth and interest).  I found those sets of bells at Michaels for 1/2 price, so I hung them on the one side of the white crate and on the front center of the wagon–I used sprigs of the pine garland like twist ties and that worked beautifully to hold them in place.  Lastly, I sat a pretty red and white snowman on a little red stool, and added a couple of wooden candy canes and called it done. 🙂  I got the big wooden snowman at Kirkland’s several years ago, I snugged him in beside the wagon.  I stood back, took a look, and was satisfied with how it turned out. 🙂

Here it is all lit up at night:


And from a distance…




I found this large wooden snowman at The Christmas Mouse and I placed him on the other side of the porch beside the other potted tree…


Here he is at night, the spotlight shines on him too…


So, the hard part was done, now it was just a matter of changing out the decorative flags in the flower bed, switching out my gazing ball for a red one, adding a nice pine wreath to the light post & wagon wheels…






Yes, I made several of those plaid bows, and yes, my hands were so stinkin sore after doing so, but, I love that ribbon and I wanted something that would contrast nicely with the burgundy velvet window bows.

I finished up my outdoor decor by doing just a couple more little things.  My dear friend Karen had given me 2 snowman wreaths years ago, at that time they had bright red ribbon bows and ribbon tied around the snowmen’s necks.  I did a little repurposing to the wreaths…IMG_9625I decided to make new bows out of that plaid and use the same ribbon to tie around the snowmen’s necks…I hung them on either side of our “Newfie” gate (where silhouettes of our pups are located)… I also tied ribbon around the Newfs necks. 😉


It has been raining buckets here for the last few days, so I went on the search for something that I could spray on those fabric snowmen and on all of my bows that would be exposed to the weather.  I found this at Home Depot…fingers crossed that it works!


To finish off my outdoor decor, I decorated up our mailbox…Here is that little design…


See that wooden candy canes sign hanging under the mailbox? That is actually meant to be hung on a little decorative pole (I had it hanging on the front porch of our other home).  I didn’t have a place that I wanted to hang it here at this house, but, I’ve been using all of the “signs” that I collected throughout the years to augment my mailbox decor.  I really need to do a post describing how I change out my mailbox decorations…I’ll get to that soon. 🙂 I get the signs from Piper Classics.


I can definitely say that I am completely (and finally) finished decorating for Christmas! I plan on writing one more Christmas themed entry showing y’all our large Christmas tree in our family room (honestly, nothing all that interesting crafting wise…but it sure is filled with all sorts of sentimental ornaments) and an all-over look-see around the house. I have really enjoyed doing my decorating this year and I’m glad that I started way before Christmas, I’d be a crazy lady now trying to get ‘er all done along with all of the shopping and wrapping.


I hope that this rain stops soon, I’m not complaining about the rain, I realize that we can always use the rain, but, I think I’d rather be seeing snow! 😉

Here is one last picture of our home all decked out for Christmas…


“Merry Christmas to ALL and to all a goodnight”. 😉

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤




Christmas 2015: Light Up Christmas Canvas (With Guest Blogger My Cousin Stacey)

It’s time for another post from my awesomely talented cousin Stacey! Wait till you see what she has in store for y’all today! OMGosh, she is so inspiring, I think I want to give this “Light Up Christmas Canvas” a try!!

Here is a picture of Stacey and me taken a couple of months ago, she is the one on the left and I’m sort of behind her and on the right. 🙂


Take it away Stacey!

Hello!! It’s Arlynn’s cousin Stacey again!! A big THANK YOU to Arlynn for allowing me another guest spot!!

I’m going to show you how to make this light up Christmas canvas!!



AWESOME RIGHT?!?!  The best part; YOU can totally do this too!!!

First, let’s get all our supplies together.  You need a canvas, (I chose a rather large canvas of 24X36) graphite paper, some battery powered lights, paint, paint pen, brushes, glue gun, and your imagination!  I also used some glitter glue to add a little extra sparkle around the lights.  You can NEVER have too much sparkle!



The hardest part of this whole craft is deciding on what you want your image to say.  I knew I wanted my canvas to light up so I wanted something that alluded to “light”.

Some other ideas I kicked around were “The Stars Were Brightly Shining” and “O Star of Wonder, Star of Night”, “All is Calm, All is Bright”.   But, I also liked “Joy to the World”, “ O Holy Night”, “Come Let Us Adore Him” and “Merry Christmas”.  You may choose whatever makes your Christmas heart sing with joy!

Again, I chose a large canvas but you may choose whatever size will work best in your home.  I bought a computer program called Mindcad Tiler.  This will take a picture file and turn it into a banner or several page poster.  This is what I use to create my template. I can only imagine there are hundreds of these types of applications online.  Whatever works best for you.  I printed my template and added the stars where I thought my lights would work best.



My next step was to paint my canvas.  Since it’s a Christmas canvas, sparkle and shine was a MUST!! I chose some glitter acrylic paint from Target.  I’m sure there is better paint to use, but I was there, and I’m lazy and didn’t want to run all over town looking for “special” paint for canvas.  (If you have read some of my earlier entries, you may remember my laziness)


OoOoOohhhh!! SPARKLE SPARKLE!!  Get those brushes out and paint that whole canvas!! Don’t forget the sides!!


At first I was kinda bummed about the splotchy, patchy look of the paint. But, after I let it dry, I realized it was a happy accident! It really adds texture and interest instead of just being flat. Nice!!  Laziness to the rescue! I decided to roll with it.

OK, your canvas is all painted and ready! Grab your template and graphite paper.  Lay your graphite paper ink side down towards the canvas and your template on top.


Then, trace your image! The graphite paper will leave an outline and all you will need to do is fill it in with your paint!


Two game changing words for you…PAINT PEN!!  These things are seriously awesome!! It’s exactly what it calls itself! A pen filled with paint!! YES!


I did all the script with this paint pen. I love you Sharpie.  I used the water based paint pen with a medium tip. I found it with the painting supplies at Michaels when I bought my canvas.  I’m sure all the craft supply stores sell them.  Seriously, this is the best thing ever!


YEA!! All filled in!!


As you can see, I included the little stars with my template. I knew this is where I wanted my lights to go. I didn’t outline them in black. I just left the graphite outline. I allowed them to kind of fade into the background. I didn’t want to draw the eye away from the script.

You can also wait until after you have your script on the canvas and lay out how you would like your lights that way.  Just be sure you space your lights in such a way that the strand will reach.  I found a string of 20 battery-powered lights with a timer at Wal-Mart! You could also reuse some leftover plug in lights and up-cycle them and give them a new life. I didn’t want to have to plug in my canvas every night (hello laziness) so I went with battery powered timed lights.12321114_10206707062949040_1611213411582997669_n

Before I poked the holes for the lights, I embellished the stars with some glitter glue. Love this stuff.  Found it at Michaels with the craft paints.




It has some really pretty iridescent glitter already in the glue.  I thought that would be really reflective and the glue adds a 3D element.  I used the glue to make some little dots just to add a little more interest.


Time to poke some holes.  I used some screwdrivers to poke my holes.  I think an awl would work great too. I would recommend not using a knife or blade to make your holes.  I think a slit would split and not give a finished look to your holes.  I also went with a smaller screwdriver to start so that the hole wouldn’t be too large and the entire light would push through! You only want the glass part of the light to come through the canvas.  I used the larger screwdriver to widen the holes just enough for the top of the light to poke through.


Poke, poke, poke! All your holes are poked, time to push in your lights.  I ran a ring of hot glue around the light to hold them in place.

From the back of the canvas, push just the glass light part through the canvas.



Here you can see what the front of the canvas will look like with just the little light sticking through.


Here’s the back of my canvas with the lights glued in place.


I realized, too late, that I didn’t plan on how I would attach my battery pack. Sooo, I got crazy creative and came up with this.  I used a saw tooth picture hanger and a doubled up heavy-duty rubber band! Sometimes, I even impress myself! LOL! (wow, Stacey, nice. Lazy and humble? SMH) Anyway, this does double duty.  It immobilizes the battery pack AND allows you to still reach the batteries so you can change them.   (You could also just use some tape, or Velcro etc. to hold yours in place)



All that’s left is to hang that glorious canvas and turn on those lights!! AMAZING!! Look at what you created!! Time to bask in all the Christmas Spirit your canvas will inspire!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS and GOD BLESS!!



**Arlynn here again…Wasn’t that amazing?!!  I LOVE it!! And Stacey makes it look so easy, she is absolutely awesome!!!

**Thank you Stacey…LOVE you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck Sweetie!! MWAH!!**

I am so grateful to Stacey for taking some time out of her busy schedule to contribute her talents to my Blog, especially today as I had planned on writing an entry describing my outdoor Christmas decor.  I still have a few things to accomplish today, but, I promise that I’ll get that post up tomorrow. 🙂

Until then, here is a sneak peak at the front of my house all decorated up for Christmas:


Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations**



Christmas Decorations 2015: Merry & Bright With Battery Operated Lights

The one thing good about getting the Christmas decorations in place a little early is that between now and Christmas I can continue to add to, mess with, and tweak things…<rolling eyes>. 😉  Just kidding, once things are in place, I normally don’t mess with the creation too, too much.  But, I have to say that I’ve discovered these wonderful little battery operated mini light strands at Walmart this year, so some tweaking I did yesterday.  I’ve used battery operated strands in the past and they lasted for all of a day before they burned out and I got frustrated with them. Like everything else in the world, *they* <~~~those people who tweak these sorts of things~~~ must have improved the workability of these spiffy lights as they perform a ton better now-a-days and I’ve found that they add just a touch of ‘somethin’ somethin’ to a few of my wreaths and centerpieces. They add a subtle glow in the evening hours that just calms my very being. 🙂  I’m always all about accent lighting and how it warms a room right up. So here we go…

Here are the two types of lights that I found, they come in “Warm White”, “Multi-Colored”, and a array of solid colors, i.e. red, green, and blue. Also, there are different bulb counts, I used 18, 36, and on the larger bulbs, 20 count.  They range in price from $4 to $6 (for the larger bulb variety)…


They come with a battery pack which is easily hidden in wreaths and centerpieces. They also have built in timers and once they are turned on they automatically turn off after 6 hours. (So I put them in place and waited for it to get dark outside before turning them on)

Also,  the timer has 3 different options…”Timer Fading”, Timer Flashing”, or “Timer Steady On”–I set mine to “Timer Steady On” just because ‘fading’ or ‘flashing’ would drive me bonkers:


Here are some examples of how I’ve utilized these little lights…

This wreath hangs up on the mirror above the fireplace, I have a set of the “Ultra Slim” lights (36 count) on that wreath.


I used a set of 18 multi-colored lights for this little arrangement…



I used a set of 18 warm white lights for this arrangement…



I used two sets of 18 warm white for this arrangement…



One set of 18 warm white lights brightened up this little centerpiece nicely…


I used 2 sets of 18 multi-colored lights for this centerpiece that sits on the kitchen island…



I added one strand of 18 warm white lights to this little arrangement that sits in the powder room.  It sure brightens up a room that has no natural light…love it!



I wanted to brighten up a couple of my wreaths as well, again, I just snugged the battery pack down into the wreaths and actually caught the wire into one of the twist ties on the work wreath.  It worked like a charm.



And I used two sets of 20 warm white bulbs on this next wreath.  This wreath is huge, over 30+ inches around…


So, there we go, I only tweaked a few things, but the warmth that a silly little battery operated light strand brings to a room is just amazing. 🙂

Until next time, y’all take good care! ❤

**In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations**